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Just a bit of saran to all new fans.
I'm possibly the shyest person when it comes to joining a new website, complete opposite in person, so I know what it's like. It took me a couple of days to finally add a comment, it's likely that it was in the Twilight club because I knew that there would be people there that would have near the same tampilan as me there, so find a club that anda feel comfortable with and just post komentar there, make sure that the club has enough activity so that anda won't feel that people are ignoring you. After a couple of komentar your confidence will grow and you'll...
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Thanks Cammie for helping me out and interviewing me! anda had such amazing questions. Sorry I babbled on for hours :P
PS: I was encouraged to post this here oleh Cammie, so before anyone jumps me...

1.) Congratulations, you've just won fan Of The bulan in the Horror film spot! I think you're very deserving of this judul but anda wanted to re-do the pick - why?
Firstly, thanks so much! That means a lot coming from you, atau anyone for that matter! But I asked about re-doing the pick because I mainly felt that it was unfair. Only 10 users voted, and it's not like I exactly gave them a ton of time...
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 *Fanpoppers: Earn Your fan ~ Don't Bribe For Them!
*Fanpoppers: Earn Your Fans ~ Don't Bribe For Them!
G'day awesome Fanpoppers!
This can either be considered as a rambling rant atau as something of concern oleh a fellow Fanpopper. Over the last few days I have noticed that so many pertanyaan asked in the jawaban feature is in relation to users trying to increase their fanlist. I have come across at least half a dozen pertanyaan in various spots where users are asking other users to fan them and promising to reward them with props.
To me that just is not the appropriate way to increase one's fanlist. Your fans, just like your props, should be earned!
What bothers me is just how many people are requesting...
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just thought I would pop back in and say hi (long time I know) anyways thought I would share with some of anda guys that im still up to crazy antics and say howdy to any of the oldies that remember me :D
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