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Footloose.. Donk edition Enough berkata
kevin daging babi asap, bacon
soulja boy
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Aidan Meacham, a.k.a. DoctorSpud, was born into a non religious family of three, consisting of him and his parents. I instantly showed a passion for art and drawing, and drew "comic books" since I was around 5. I hate to brag, but I also showed a strength in membaca and grammar, and despite only being in middle school, tests tampil that I have post high school student membaca skills.

I lived the beginning of my life in a small development in Pennsylvania (where in PA I have no idea today) and we slept on simple matresses. (Not to make us sound poor atau anything.)

We later moved to a humble town...
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posted by dazl
 The lovely Eden!
The lovely Eden!
Get your minds out of the gutter!

Two credits for this:

-Harold for coming up with the idea of interviewing a Fanpopper.
-Edennirvana for agreeing to menyerahkan herself to my degrading nosiness.

Interview with Edennirvana, coming to us from Puerto Rico.

1)When did anda first discover fanpop and how?

1. I'd say mid september of last year, a friend of mine wanted me to open a myspace account, so she asked me to check out her account. I was obsessed with the song that was used for the csi promo of season 8 so as I was checking out her account I started browsing through some myspace groups about csi and...
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So, yeah. I'm really awkward and I think this video proves that a huge amount. I was kinda nervous about putting this up to, so if anda actually watched it please leave me a komentar :)
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This is the ad for the 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' film, which I had a role as an extra in. If anda look at 0:40 to 0:42 anda can see me running across the bottom left wearing a red kemeja =D
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hitchhiker's guide
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