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Jacob: I cinta her *pulls her arm*
Edward:but I cinta her lebih *pulls her arm harder*
Bella:ow that hurts ya know. *winces*
Edward and jacob: SHUT UP BITCH!
Bella:well ya know what If youz are gonnae be like this then a dinnae want tae be wae either ae ye so FUCK OFF!
Edward: I am soo sorry bella please forgive me... if yoo don't a wull go tae the volturi and ask to die.
Bella: I am gonnae memukul seven shades of shit out of anda anda sonovabitch- your dead anda hear me dead.
Jacob: bella wanna go have sex? anda are one fiiiiine peice of ass.
Bella yeah okay. *edward drops her arm like he has been tasered*...
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I haven't seen the movie yet sadly...im waiting to go with my friend but she hasn't been able to go...so I want to hear anda komentar but PLEASE do not say anything that will spoil the movie for me atau anyone else that have not seen it yet.:]]

I heard good and bad things...

It was AMAZING! that is pretty much it ahah but I did mostly hear good things I think I only heard like two people say some bad things...
I heard that they did a really good job with making the movie pretyy much like the book

I heard that there was bad acting...like Rob and Kristen overreacted on some scenes...
Also i heard they took out some parts...
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