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First Look at Jackson Rathbone on Set of Criminal Minds
April 6, 2009 · Comments

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Jackson Rathbone has been spotted filming his episode of Criminal Minds, which the Auseillo Files reported on back in February–

Someone better make room on the crowded Twilight bandwagon, ’cause Criminal Minds is jumping on.

The CBS procedural has tapped Jackson Rathbone — a.k.a. Twilight vamp Jasper Hale — to guest bintang in an upcoming episode directed oleh Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander.

Rathbone will play a college student on spring break who may atau may not be the target of a serial killer.

His episode is slated to air in April.

I’m not so sure he looks like a “college student on spring break” here–more like a maintenance guy, atau handyman?
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Ashley Greene has told Extra that she’s seen the script for New Moon, and it’s even better than the script for Twilight!–

“I’m so excited. I finally, finally got the script… and it’s good,” she revealed. “It’s really good… I’m really excited to work with Chris [Wentz, director]. I finally spoke to him the other day.” She added, “I like it better than the first one. I might be biased because I have a bigger part.”

She also compared her success from the film with that of Robert Pattinson’s–

When asked how the success of “Twilight” has affected Greene, she said,...
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