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    Favorite Movie: To much to daftar but I do cinta Alpha and Omega
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Chidori1334 berkata tentang Balto
Balto 1 is now at its 23rd anniversary diposting ·24 hari yang lalu
Chidori1334 berkata tentang alpha and omega
got 3 chapters (prologue & 2 chapters) recorded on my voice memo on making the audio drama video on membaca the actual A&O novel diposting sebulan yang lalu
Chidori1334 komentar…
heres alittle spoiler on what I read so far: remember Rebia & Janice? they actually got speaking roles at the scene when they were eating berries in the beginning sebulan yang lalu
Chidori1334 komentar…
in the movie: they don’t speak they just smile sebulan yang lalu
KnudsonBlitz komentar…
I forgot about the novel sebulan yang lalu
Chidori1334 komentar…
I ordered the 3 novels from amazon ·28 hari yang lalu
Chidori1334 berkata tentang alpha and omega
happy thanksgiving fellow A&O fan diposting sebulan yang lalu
KnudsonBlitz komentar…
anda too! sebulan yang lalu