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pilihan fans: BROKE MY SCALE!
pilihan fans: Kate
pilihan fans: Yes
pilihan fans: Kate and Humphrey on the night train
pilihan fans: Kate
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TimberHumphrey berkata …
thankfully, it's been pretty quiet here in the past bulan atau so. no fights, no drama, no trolls. sure, the club's barely active now, but at least it's peace and quiet diposting 1 jam yang lalu
TimberHumphrey berkata …
what was with Runt's sprained paw in A&O 5? there was no reason for that at all! it wasn't important, it didn't add anything to the plot, and if anda look closely at the end when the pups run up and hug Kate and Humphrey, Runt's magically not limping anymore. so again: Runt's sprained paw was 100% pointless diposting ·17 jam yang lalu
AlphaGirl55 berkata …
Wonder why the screencaps r disabled diposting ·17 jam yang lalu
Kishin_Kira komentar…
I cant remember why - there was a specific reason they did it though. I think it had to do with a massive troll attack a long time ago. ·17 jam yang lalu
NemesisPrime92 komentar…
PM an admin and find out! Oddly enough, I was the last person to post a batch here under my old account years ago. lol ·10 jam yang lalu