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pilihan fans: the alpha and omega pack
That sounds cool.
No, that would just ruin it.
pilihan fans: Noctis
pilihan fans: Yes
pilihan fans: It's really good.
It&# 39; s really good.
It&# 39; s great!
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PurpleDragon02 berkata …
Script for scene 2 is done.
link diposting ·13 jam yang lalu
QueenWhiskey berkata …
Describe The 4 Original Character In The A&O Sequels.

Kate: Took To The Vet oleh Park Rangers To Get 'Fixed'.
Humphrey: Well Nudered oleh Them too.

Lily & Garth:...........WolfNapped? diposting kemarin
QueenWhiskey komentar…
Are Lily And Garth.........Getting It On Like Rabbits? Behind The Bushes? kemarin
PurpleDragon02 komentar…
Okay, Chapter 2 is done if anda want to read it. ·8 jam yang lalu
PurpleDragon02 berkata …
Okay, script for the opening scene is done. Feel free to check it out. diposting ·2 hari yang lalu
PurpleDragon02 komentar…
But I still need names for his parents. ·2 hari yang lalu
PurpleDragon02 komentar…
HO-LY CRAP!!!! I just heard a song that would go perfectly for the climax where Humphrey remembers what happened the hari he lost his parents. Then they get trapped oleh the humans and the pups are calling out the same words that Humphrey called out to his parents. Hearing these words motivates him and awakens his protective father side and he headbutts the cage door, trying to break it open. He finally succeeds around time 2:20 in the song and he attacks one of the humans. The other one pulls out a gun and shoots Humphrey in the side at around 2:30 in the video that I'm leaving the link to. link ·2 hari yang lalu