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pilihan fans: Kate
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pilihan fans: Banjo - From Banjo Kazooie
Banjo - From Banjo Kazooie
Norm - From Norm of the North
pilihan fans: No
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big smile
SentinelPrime89 berkata …
Kate LOVES tacos. diposting 1 jam yang lalu
Chidori1334 komentar…
I cinta tacos ·45 menit yang lalu
TimberHumphrey berkata …
honestly, the only truly cringe moment in A&O 7 - at least, to me - was when they found Brent covered in snow diposting ·2 jam yang lalu
Kishin_Kira komentar…
lol no it was when his phased through the ice I thought xD 1 jam yang lalu
SentinelPrime89 komentar…
Ceramic snow, ceramic ice lol 1 jam yang lalu
TimberHumphrey berkata …
Tom, whatever anda were smoking to come up with the idea of having actual living dinosaurus in this franchise, anda should've berkata no to it! diposting kemarin
QueenWhiskey komentar…
Not Just No. But HELL NO! lol XD kemarin