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posted by Yoss
[i]It always started with the last horrible menit of being trapped inside the front of my dad’s wrecked car. Only in my dreams, I wasn’t the frightened eleven tahun old girl screaming and twisting vehemently to free herself from the restraining hold of the seatbelt while trying to shake her bloodied father awake. In my nightmares, I was my present seventeen tahun old self and instead of being trapped oleh the kursi belt, I was outside our totaled car watching through the windshield as my father heave his last breath. I knew what would be next, as if I have engraved this in my memory, I would...
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Poem oleh me!
after alijandro was pulling his little stunts on me!

To most ppl,
these 3 words just flow and come naturally!
I find them hard to say,
unless i really cinta that person!
He dont relize it,
All i hear is "Come on babe tell me anda cinta me"!
I sit there and think what i did to have him cinta me when i dont cinta him,
"Im not ur babe, im just ur freind, im already taken" i mutter!
He struggles to remain calm,
I look into his eyes!
He's about to cry,
He can't take no more!
"Say them please Jammi",
I struggle to find my voice,
i mouth the words "No ur hurting me oleh doing this!"!
I watch...
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posted by VMars4ever
So here's the beginning of what I've got for the short story I'm menulis as my mother's natal short story. I'd appreciate any comments, questions, atau reviews you've got! Also, ideas for the judul would greatly be appreciated too.

    There has never been a story such as mine. I speak the truth when I say that the events that follow actually occurred as they have been written, as susah dipercaya as they may be. This written journal of sorts is for all those people out there that might not believe me otherwise, except for an account in documented form. But the truth is a rather...
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Danni, Alec and I stumbled around the sideways bus, stepping on glass, before we came across Cassie Brookes bleeding profusely out through a head wound in the back of her skull. Leaning over her cooling skin, she coughed up blood as she tried to speak; “Watch-” A cough of blood. “Out for-” Another cough. “The bus-” A third. “Driver.”

“Watch out for, the bus driver?” Danni asked, confusion and sorrow dripping in her voice. “Watch out for what reason?” The three of us looked expectantly at Cassie as blood bubbled out from her mouth and her twitching hand stopped moving....
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hari after hari I wonder,
I wonder why I am the way I am.
Depressed, suicidal, and unloved,
Guess its the sarrow in my soul.
For hours and hours every day,
I sit and think until my head hurts.
Think about my loved ones ive lost,
Wonder why them.
Why Why WHY,
Why not me.
All I have of them is now memorys and pictures,
I look through my foto of me and my family.
Remembering when life was easier,
When I didnt have to worry about anything.
When I was care free, a happy child!
Damn this sarrow in my soul!
Everyday I look in the mirror at myself,
And I wonder how could anyone cinta me.
And hope that...
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posted by StarPotterRings
So this is the plot of my book. DONT BE NICE OKAY!!!!

Milgas Gonailm is an Elf who lives in a forest. This forest lies in the land of Puleaveh, a land filled with creatures as dwarves, Dondurs (a type of early leprechaun), Men, and others. Anyway Men haven't lived here in a while, they left a long time ago. Now they've come back because their land was invaded oleh an ancient evil. Now the races of Puleaveh have hated each other for a long time. But they don't want to harm the world with war, so they keep to themselves. Milgas volunteered to go on a journey to unite the races to fight against this evil.

So what do anda think?
 Les Bailey at Comic Con
Les Bailey at Comic Con
As the new tahun begins I've decided to take a close look at what I'm most excited to read. Last tahun I reviewed a book oleh new penulis Les Bailey. The Vampire Game: Discovery. Many of anda may remember I gave the new, fresh work high marks. Well, I'm hearing some exciting things about the sequel coming out at the end of this month, oleh the man closest to the work, other than the penulis himself, penulis Randy Jernigan.

To celebrate the emergence of his detik title, I've asked Randy to review his friends newest offering.

"I'm a bit picky when it comes to my membaca material. Especially fiction. If...
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 Pop icon Josh Groban
Pop Icon Josh Groban
Another name has been added to penulis Randy Jernigan's "Stars" fan book series.

Pop musik icon Josh Groban's life and career will be chronicled in the book series that celebrates artis that have positive reputations for giving back to their communities.

Randy recently took to his Instagram page to announce that he would publikasi a sketch on Groban.

"Excited to add the name Josh Groban to my "Stars" celebrity fan book series! I've been a fan of Josh's musik for a lot of years, so thrilled as can be," Randy posted.

Randy's first book in the series, The Life and Career of Marie Osmond, became an immediate best seller. His detik installment in the series will be a sketch of populer comedian and talk tampil host Ellen DeGeneres.

Randy's Josh Groban sketch is expected to cover Groban's varied career as a pop sensation, his work on the Broadway stage, televisi and little known information about his personal life and charity work.
She never knew she had an uncle until her parents died. It’s strange how- sometimes in life when anda lose important people in your life anda gain some more.
Her mother and father died in a house fire. No one knew how it started except the one daughter who managed to survive.
But she was in no state to tell. She suffered mild burns but her mind suffered worst of all. She never spoke again.
She was kept in hospital for six months but eventually she was packed off to her uncle Scipio. She was thirteen years old and many berkata it was a crime sending a child off to such an evil man as Scipio....
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