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 Les Bailey at Comic Con
Les Bailey at Comic Con
As the new tahun begins I've decided to take a close look at what I'm most excited to read. Last tahun I reviewed a book oleh new penulis Les Bailey. The Vampire Game: Discovery. Many of anda may remember I gave the new, fresh work high marks. Well, I'm hearing some exciting things about the sequel coming out at the end of this month, oleh the man closest to the work, other than the penulis himself, penulis Randy Jernigan.

To celebrate the emergence of his detik title, I've asked Randy to review his friends newest offering.

"I'm a bit picky when it comes to my membaca material. Especially fiction. If...
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 Randy with Les Bailey
Randy with Les Bailey
penulis and menulis coach Randy Jernigan is not a man who likes to sit on his laurels when there's something that needs to be accomplished.

With his newest book's success ebbing, The Life and Career of Marie Osmond, the penulis is about to release a detik celebrity sketch in his "Stars" series, on comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

Upon meeting up with Randy at his favorit Asian eatery on a beautiful Sunday morning in his halaman awal state of Utah, we hug, exchange pleasantries (I can't help but gasp that my friend has lost an enormous amount of weight--180 pounds to be exact) then we enter the establishment...
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posted by Supergirl14
The club
We got to “Club monstruo” Their was the bouncer who really smiled when I showed up he let me in and looked at my friends with discontent, “They are with me, Mitchell!”He smiled again, “any friend of Angela is a friend of mine,”He replied in his gruff voice.
Smoke and strobe lights, half-dressed girls and boys dancing filled the room, “where is Juli,"I yelled, a girl almost half my size(I am 6'5)black hair /w pale berwarna merah muda, merah muda streaks in a messy bun came in, the bulimic look did not fit her, she looked like a skank and did not look good as one. “ready to get it good?” I asked."only...
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posted by Fanmaven2015
 The Vampire Game ll: Acquisition
The Vampire Game ll: Acquisition
The Vampire Game ll: Acquisition is the detik book written oleh master storyteller, Les Bailey. A sequel to his first offering that some in the world of literature say will act as a model for how to write about vampire in a way that stands out from all others.

It was Bailey's first release that brought me back to the vampire genre, that I had all but diberikan up on.

A Kindle release, "Acquisition" is a story of loyalty and betrayal, sin and redemption, seething hatred and self loathing, and an unshakable determination to win that transcends the boundaries of life and death.

Bailey's tale has been...
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Wrote this poem a long while back like 2-3 days befor me and my alex got together!

When did my feelings get so deep
Why did they take that big long leap
Going from friend to crush
What a rush
And I don't think he knows

Since when did his smile make me go weak
Since when did his tears make mine start to leak
Why does this happen when I'm always so strong
When people called me wonder woman I guess they were wrong
And I don't think he knows

When he talks I cant help but watch his lips
To notice their shape and curves when they dip
Wait, why am I looking? I don't even know
And I cant help but wonder...
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posted by SmartGirl6542
Chapter 3—Mary
Even I can’t believe what I just did. I’d never really been a violent person. I’d never taken down anyone like that and acted like it never happened once it was over. It just wasn’t natural for me. I’m not sure if it was natural for anyone.
Suddenly, I was slammed against the dashboard, adding to the long daftar of pain that I had already experienced. My eyes snapped open and I rubbed my forehead. “That wasn’t pleasant.”
I looked over at Jason, who must have fallen asleep at the wheel. We’d crashed into the road and toppled onto the roof. I groaned, unbuckling...
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They say when cinta finds anda
You automatically know it’s real
In could happen in weeks atau years
But how can anda be sure

They say anda get kupu-kupu
And your toes start to tingle
And anda lose all control of your body
But that could be symptoms of anything

They say your jantung begins to race
And your breath leaves anda
And everything anda knew
Somehow leaves anda clueless

Maybe it’s a look
Maybe it’s a touch
Maybe it’s when anda say “I cinta you”
That drives me up a dinding

They say if anda cinta someone
And they cinta anda too
Then you’ll wait for one another
But how long must I wait

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added by robinfanforever
added by robinfanforever
Dizzily, I awoke, my vision blurred oleh some occurrence. Twisting around, I noted that I was in a bus. Well of course I’m in a bus, we were on our way back from a school trip, I thought to myself, rolling my eyes at my own lack of memory.

But then I noticed what I was lying against. The inside of the bus wall, with blood on my arm. As fear penetrated my heart, I lifted my golden-locked shoulder-length head of hair and peered through my smoky brown eyes. The bus was lying on its side from some obvious toss around.

Delicately I stood up to my full five foot eight muscular figure, a nervous chuckle...
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Why Is It So Common For Young Artists To Not Know The History Of Their Craft? oleh Peter Desberg and Jeffrey Davis via www.FilmCourage.com.
young people
young artists
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I knew that as soon as that new kid stepped onto our campus, there was going to be some big problem. There always was. I just didn’t know how bad this problem would be.

I was in PE class when this kid ran up to me. He wore yellow gym shorts and a gray t-shirt that brought out his fiery red hair and sparkling green eyes. However, I’d never seen him before. “Are anda Mary?” He asked as a dodge ball whistled past us.
“Yeah. I’m Mary.” I pushed a strand of hair out of my face as I exhaled and dodged another dodge ball.
“You’re wanted in the main office.” He handed me a slip...
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Danni, Alec and I stumbled around the sideways bus, stepping on glass, before we came across Cassie Brookes bleeding profusely out through a head wound in the back of her skull. Leaning over her cooling skin, she coughed up blood as she tried to speak; “Watch-” A cough of blood. “Out for-” Another cough. “The bus-” A third. “Driver.”

“Watch out for, the bus driver?” Danni asked, confusion and sorrow dripping in her voice. “Watch out for what reason?” The three of us looked expectantly at Cassie as blood bubbled out from her mouth and her twitching hand stopped moving....
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A Screenwriter Who Doesn’t Do This Will Write A Boring Story oleh Peter Russell at Story Expo via FilmCourage.com.
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