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 Gwen's secret
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 Say that again,I dare you.
Say that again,I dare you.
Duncan:why do the four of us have to stay back here?
Chris:because we don't want u and heather bothering AxG.
Duncan:*eye twitches* say that again I dare anda *pulls out pocket knife*.
Chris:I have to go check on the cinta birds *walks off*.
*with Alejandro & Gwen*
Gwen:*running & trips* AHHH!!!!
Alejandro:*kneels down oleh Gwen* were does it hurt?
Gwen:my ankle I think it's broken.
Alejandro:don't pindah it.
Gwen:o-okay *starts to tear up*.
Alejandro:it will be okay I'm here. I'll get anda help.
Gwen:don't leave me here alone.
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Chapter 27
*for those of anda who have forgotten, it's night time! For the selanjutnya three chapters! All the same night! FUN TIMES!:D*

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
"WHY?!" I screamed into my bantal that was Leshawna's legs. Duncan had just tried to talk to me, and a camera man was right over his shoulder. Not wanting Chris to catch me bawling on tape, and not wanting to talk to Duncan, I had shrieked and pulled the covers over my head.
"Just let it out, girl, let it all out..." Leshawna berkata soothingly.
I began rambling about how much I had told Duncan. I ranted and cried until it all didn't make sense. I felt like...
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She wrote the 26th chapter of Duncan and Gwen's Story (And this intro! How ya doin, TaintedArtist? :p) The 27th chapter will be up soon, I promise.
Here we are, the 26th chapter! Duncan's being an asshole =.=

Chapter 26

.::Confession Cam::.
Leshawna: *mouth hangs open wide*
Izzy: DUNCAN! If I didn't have a crush on you, your head would be MINE!
Did I just say that out loud?
Beth: How could Duncan break Gwen's jantung like that? Gwen told us the entire story! Duncan is a lying old son of a bi-
.::End Confession Cam::.

(Duncan's P.O.V.)
Did I make out with Courtney in the woods?...
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9gwns p.vo.
ok so i was at camp ths morning and i saw those 2 peopel names briget and jef. thay wer makin out agen so i berkata 'geta room1""now way' jef stoped paking out 2 say thn he went bak 2 kisin briget. i roled mai is and wauked ova to te mes hal. 'hay evryone.' i st down on a seet. oh mai gawkd, it's duncan. he is so hot. 'ehy, persn.' he sed, wnking at me. he are so hot. 'dis 4 u. thx for cumfertin me lst nite.' he haneded mi a roase. i blushed. 'aww thx u duncan.' 'ur welcum.' he kised me on te cheek. 'u no, u look butiful 2day.' he sed. 'i luv u nd i hav eva since u got on te iland, babe.' 'aw, reely?' 'ya.' 'i luv u 2.' i kised him and walked away. he are the cutest little punk i ever seen.

Short and terrible, yes? I've been wanting to do this! XD
komentar and tell me what anda think.
Chapter 16
(Heather's P.O.V.)
*back at the camp site*
I'm guessing my plan worked perfectly!
There is no way Duncan could've survived that blow!
Now, on a b*tchy note, Duncan and Gwen have been gone for the whole morning! Leshawna, DJ, Harold and I had to do all the work!
We didn't have any meat last night, thanks to Duncan. Gwen was gone, so we didn't have separate tent, shelter, things, and I had to sleep near Harold.
Uhhg! anda see? I don't want Duncan and Gwen broken up because I just feel like it, (Well, I do, but lemme finish!) it's because they're gonna be all lovey dovey, while the four of...
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Another awesome DxG vid oleh IAmThaliaRose!
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Duncan's P.O.V:

I was just sitting watching TV at halaman awal flicking through the channels bored out of my mind, when suddenly the phone began to ring. So I slowly got up and dragged myself off the sofa, but when I got to the phone it was too late. Oh well if its important they'll ring again I thought as I sat back down. the suddenly it hit me! Gwen was due to have the baby any time now! Oh man I've really messed up! I need to get to the hospital and fast!
Ok, calm yourself down Duncan, stay calm! I ran and grabbed the car keys as fast as I could and got to the local hospital as fast as I could.

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Duncan's P.O.V

REVENGE. That was the only thing on my mind at the moment. I can't believe he killed my best friend. selanjutnya to Gwen, he was the only one who cared about me. I'm going to go to Gwen's kastil, castle to figure out a plan. I was able to make my way up to her balcony. I did our secret knock to make her know that it was me. She was in her PJ's when she opened the glass door. I smiled at her despite how bad I felt at the moment. She embraced me into a hug. "Duncan, I'm so sorry about Geoff." she started. I closed my eyes, trying to hold back my tears. "It's alright. Can I come in?" I asked the...
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