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Nate & Serena - I try to say goodbye

Serena & Nate - sun don't shine (Snowflake Ball)

Fifty Shades of Grey || Serena & Nate

Serena & Nate | cinta me like anda do

Serena&Nate ○ Story that never was

Nate & Serena - why so complicated?

Nate & Serena - The One That Got Away

nate&serena | crazy in cinta

paralyzed | nate & serena {wish # 1}

Serena & Nate ← anda and me

nate & serena / payphone

serena+nate; only anda

▸ serena and nate | perfect

ho hey; nate + serena

serena & nate | new york

This ciuman

yours are the sweetest e y e s; nate + serena

Nate & Serena 'I cinta anda lebih than I did before..'

nate + serena | she will be loved

this girl is only gonna break your jantung | nate + serena

serena & nate; breathe into me

serena & nate | words

nate + serena | crystalised

Serena & Nate (Serenate) ♡ | With Me

nate&serena | it's good to see anda back halaman awal

secret smile | nate + serena

Payphone | Nate & Serena

mine again | nate&serena

Nate&Serena | I'm ready for cinta (Guarded)

cinta lost | Nate + Serena

Nate&Serena | Somebody i used to know

Nate and Serena - Wrapped in Your Arms

Blake Lively and Chace Crawford on set of Gossip Girl

Serenate vs. Derena - Dirty Little Secret

The hunger games - Serena/Nate style

heartbeats | nate & serena

Gossip Girl 5x18 Con-Heir - Nate fires Serena

Gossip Girl 5x18 Con-Heir - Serena makes her first post as "gossip girl"

Gossip Girl 5x18 Con-Heir - Nate tells Serena about what Charlie saw

sink atau s w i m; nate + serena (for marina)

Nate/Serena 5.17 Clip 02 {Read Description}

Nate/Serena 5.17 Clip 01 {Read Description}

Serena and Nate| kastil, castle walls

Serena&Nate| What if I told anda ( for Kate)

you're the one that I've kept closest | nate&serena

just as long as stay, I'll be waiting

Nate and Serena (Last Dance)

Nate & Serena|My malaikat gabriel

find a way; serenate+chair

when anda fell, anda fell towards me // nate&serena

anda can be all mine | nate&serena

nate+serena; fix anda

a thousand y e a r s; nate + serena (to julia)

Swallowed In The Sea (dedicated to BlairWaldorfan0 & britneyandtvd19)

Gossip Girl - 100th Episode Party

Nate/Serena 5.12 Clip 04

Nate/Serena 5.12 Clip 03

Nate/Serena 5.12 Clip 02

Nate/Serena 5.12 Clip 01

Dare anda to pindah { nate / serena } 5x12

Nate Serena 5x07

Comes and Goes; The NJBC

ships in the night | nate&serena

loves to blame | nate&serena

Nate & Serena || Smile

nate & Serena - The One That Got Away


Serena and Nate - Why do anda do this to me?

closest to h e a v en; nate + serena [1200+]

_what's a soulmate?*

Nate & Serena - What I do to have anda here.

Nate • Serena.

#1. still got miles to go before I sleep | nate&serena [for BasyaBasechka]


Wish anda Were Here

The One That Got Away

sky's still blue | nate & serena

anda Had My jantung inside { Nate/Serena }

Nate & Serena||you're the best that I never had!!

Serena and Nate "Happy Ending" ♥

♥ Nate & Serena ♥

nate and serena | in my veins

Nate and Serena - Losing Your Memory

Nate & Serena | Never Say Never

Nate&Serena | Skinny cinta (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!)

●• Gossip Girl »Serena & Nate •●

Nate and Serena | Someone like anda [PREVIEW]

Nate&Serena/If we ever meet again


Serenate 5x01 (7/7)

Serenate 5x01 (6/7)

Serenate 5x01 (5/7)

Serenate 5x01 (4/7)

Serenate 5x01 (3/7)

Serenate 5x01 (2/7)

Serenate 5x01 (1/7)

Gossip Girl 5x01 Yes, Then Zero Sneak Peek

cinta song requiem | nate & serena

Nate/Serena ; Poison and Wine

nate+serena | feel good