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...because with him, she had no problems. She wasn’t his mistress, he wasn’t someone her mother atau her friends didn’t approve of, and he wasn’t someone who had to get used to her life and her world. I’m not saying Dan and Serena weren’t good together because he’s poor and she’s rich, but because I don’t think he ever understood her. He judged her world, her friends and her family without really understanding the circumstances. And now their parents are married, and if they get together now, that would be really, really weird. I guess Nate always loved her, just the way she is. Their cinta was just put on hold. There’s always someone between them, but he keeps coming back to her. And I guess that’s how it should be in the end. Them, together.
fourth and last part.. if anda liked the other parts, your probably not going to cinta this part, i'm not happy about it /: i wanted to bring some ceri, cherry in - not good. Wanted to bring a little Blair&Serena in it - not good xD. sorry it's been awhile, been busy with school (;

"Serena, honey? Are anda soon done? we have to be there in a half hour." Lily knew that Serena wasn't ready, she just hoped. "Just leave mom, i'll be there, i promise." Lily nodded and closed the door. Serena put on her emas dress. She loved that dress. The problem was, it wasn't the dress she really wanted for the wedding....
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This is just my opinion, but I really think that Dan and Serena cannot be in a plausible relationship in the future and thus cannot possibly be endgame oleh the time this tampil wraps. I ship Nate and Serena, obviously, but let's get down to rational points about why I am making the above discernment.

Dan and Serena, I have to admit, were semi-epic and sweet in season 1. As much as I hate to say it, I did enjoy a lot of their scenes as they really echoed what it is like to be in cinta in high school. To have that kind of relationship that is young and tender and all-comsuming but also blind and irrational...
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i cinta writing! that's the reason i keep menulis on this fan fiction which no one reads ... i feel hurt ): - can't anda just say it's bad?xD.

"Natie?" She whispered. He didn't answer. She looked up, right on the spot where she had kissed him some hours ago. He wasn't there. She looked around as she got up. Why couldn't she see him? Did he leave her? Was it just a dream?
"Morning sunshine" Nate was coming in with breakfast. "Did anda make that?" she didn't mean to be skeptical. "Why? Don't anda think it taste good?" He laughed. He understood her humor. She had no idea what would had happened, if...
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detik part of my fan fiction about NS.
still Serena POV;

"Are anda going to hit me with that?" he pointed at the pan. She couldn't stop laughing. "I take that as i yes." He smiled. "Can i get in? It's a little ... wet out here." She let him in. Her laugh was over. She faced what had been afraid to face. She wasn't happy to see him. But she wasn't sad either.

"You suck cooking, did anda know that?" She looked at him. "You always have."
He smiled. "Sunshine? anda suck too!" She laughed. She wasn't happy about it. She didn't want to, but she couldn't stop. She loved laughing with him atau about him.
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posted by lovemealways
Nate see Serena again at blair's engagement party. he's with Raina and Serena's alone dateless.once in the crowd Raina excuse herself to talk to someone,Serena saw him alone so she approate him..

"hey" she berkata bump his shoulder to her
"hey S" he berkata with small smile looking at her
"so anda and raina..serious now?" she ask not really looking at him.
"well if serious means i cinta her yes." he jawaban looking far into the crowd.he cant look at serena while saying he's in cinta with other girl surely serena will notice that its a lie.
"wow thats good..yeah really im happy for anda nate" she says casually...
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my first NS fan fiction ... hope i comes out as good as i though i would then i started menulis xD.
oh and it's from Serena POV;

"Happy Birthday princess" Lily hugged her daughter. "Four years. What an age?"
Serena smiled. "Presents!" Lily laughed and gave Serena a small present. Serena looked at it. She opened it carefully, Lily looked at her, she never opens presents carefully.
"If anda go downstairs i think you'll find a bigger present, if that's what anda want." Serena jumped out of tempat tidur and ran downstairs. When she first came down, there was nothing. She was about to scream for her mom when...
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So, I am new to this spot and I just have to put this out there because Gossip Girl is freaking annoying the hell out of me right now! I am about to go on a rant about how horrible they have written Nate and Serena... I'm sure there are a few of anda like-minded Serenate shippers that can agree with me right now. If I offend any DSers atau Raina lovers, sorry but anda totally shouldn't even be on this spot anyway, so here goes...

First off, I really hate the way they ended things with Serenate and put Humdrum's stupid pantat, keledai back into the picture in the season 3 finale! I mean, come on! Most NS fans...
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posted by PaperWings
To save herself from the sudden, stormy rain outside, Serena decided to stop oleh a place that hold a lot of memories for her,
good memories and bad ones.
When she opened the fancy looking door and entered the bar that was decorated with buku and shelves like an old perpustakaan the overwhelming
stream of memories in her head wasn't to ignore anymore.
Walking inside a bit lebih she soon spotted the gorgeous bar with the classic background lighting she remembered so well and the
handsome bartender, who was probably the only guy with his job who didn't try to flirt with her atau even get her drunk that night....
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This is my detik fanfic (remember i did one NS one back on the other account) and i wrote this when i found out about the blenn break up.. thought i'd post it here (there are a lot of blace fan here anyways) and see what anda thought and if anda want me to finish hehe :p Like i've berkata before i'm REALLY not the best writer lol.

Based on some rumors about blake cheating on penn and others..

But here it is:

”Hi” she replies.
”So this funny thing happened yesterday..”
“What’s that?”
“Well see i was out and about when this fan comes up to me asking if I knew why anda and...
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Hey there NSers! It's me ELLA! I forgot that I wrote this artikel in my TUMBLR(I havent opened my TUMBLR in ages) and I just wanna share it to u... I know it's a bad article, really... It's an old one sorry... Tell me if u hate it but please say it nicely....

Serena and Nate, “THE GOLDEN COUPLE” they say. I agree to that because they are the couple that is bound to happen. Many people have shipped for them since season 1. And as for season 1, we know that whenever they see each other, they just do the “eye sex” and they can’t be with each other because Nate is in a relationship with...
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This is just a short artikel on what I think of Serenate.

First of all I would like to say, from the very BEGINNING we knew Nate had feelings for Serena and we all knew Serena was trying to avoid him because of this reason and because what she did with him the last summer. It was clear that Nate didn’t have true feelings for Blair, he wasn’t interested. But whenever Serena was there, he had to say atau do something. In my opinion Blair was stupid to even think about Nate still being with her after what she found out, and Blair had to know that Nate loved Serena lebih than her. This proves when...
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Congrats with the FOTM! i hope anda will tampil NS as a good couple here on fanpop ;)

1. Tell of something about yourself? [Standard question]
I'm graduating high school, 16 years old. I am from Philippines

 I first saw them in 1x18 and find them cute
I first saw them in 1x18 and find them cute
When/Why did anda start shipping NS? [A scene atau episode..]
I started shipping them in January. I first saw them in 1x18 and find them cute. Then I tried watchin GG and I fell inlove with them.

3. What do anda cinta most about NS?
I cinta their hot scenes together and they're hanging out as friends

 it was so unexpected and I jumped like crazy
it was so unexpected and I jumped like crazy
4. Favorites;...
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Well Nate was completely dumb for this episode. I mean he ciuman Serena and Juliet before and he should know that they both ciuman differently i guess?? Still Nate always don't believe in Serena And why would Eric not back up Serena's story that she was stuck in the lobby because someone already came in on her name. Why would Jenny and Vanessa not pertanyaan Juliet's motives? So Ben slept with Serena in boarding school is kinda big deal. He deserve the punishment because she was a young stupid minor that he took advantage of. I can't wait for Juliet to gabung him in jail. Also Little J and Vanessa...
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posted by TheLiineGirl
this is not a hate artikel at first!xD it's an artikel which is going to tell your guys why anda should still have faith!

Serenates scenes is full of "repeats" on the good way of course! i will take up the owns that i remember and thinks of.. tell me if anda have some more!

 "I'm Here Always" Serena - 4x04
"I'm Here Always" Serena - 4x04
Episode 1x06 & 4x04; Hand holding!
of course :D those scenes are definitely two of the most amazing owns! both scenes is about Nate being "down" and S "helping" him up again! so adorable really!

Episode 2x02 & 3x10; Arm punch!
the first is the one that everyone knows...
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OMFG!!!! First of all I used to be both a Nair and a Serenate fan, but then Chair surprised me and I became a Chair lover, I still adore Serenate BUT I´m sooo pissed at the writers right now!! I haven´t been in fanpop in a while but I needed to express how much I hate gossip girl and let everyone know that I won´t watch it from now on, the reason?? I just found out that Serena and Dan are going to get back together for the twentieth time in 4x10 seriously writers WTF???? this was the only thing left to definitely ruin the show, Don´t anda think that maybe derena stopped being good and interesting...
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 And i'm a little weird and a little confused..
And i'm a little weird and a little confused..
Big Congrats to Karoline who won FOTM <3 It's a huge honor since it's for one of the best couples out there of course! I know anda will do a great job representing them this following month! Congrats again hunni :)

1. Tell us something about yourself. [standard question]
I'm Karoline. I'm 14. And i'm a little weird and a little confused.. I hate when people judge and i hate when i judge, what i hate even lebih is when i'm wrong, which happen to often xD

2. Have anda always shipped NS atau did anda ship them with someone else at first? If so with who?
i hate this Bella! i loved DS much in season...
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posted by TheLiineGirl
 Because they belong together - before the start!
Because they belong together - before the start!
okay.. i got annoyed of all those annoying things berkata oleh Serenate hates.. so i'm going to say why it's not true xD

Serena was a menggerutu, jalang when she was with Nate
Thank anda writers! i agree on this! but i wasn't because of Nate atau them.. but because of her really annoying Dad! so thanks writers for bringing him into the tampil while anda finally are giving us Serenate! i don't think that Josh ship Serenate!

 Hug and I love(d) anda PWNS!
Hug and I love(d) anda PWNS!
They came out of no where
DERENA came out of no where! Chuck was an pantat, keledai to S and out of no where Dan is there and trying to be cool and everything (he's...
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Okay this is my first ever fanfic! i'm not very good at menulis but i wanted to try :P.

This is basicly NS moments. They were always pretending. After 3x13 they didn't have to anymore.


“Where did she go this time?” He asks while she lies down selanjutnya to him.
“I don’t know.. somewhere in eropa I think.”

Nate thinks he spots tears in her eyes while they lying there in his bed, the moonlight through the window is the only thing lighting up the room.
“I’m sorry” he says.
“Don’t be” she simply says and cuddles into his shoulder....
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posted by bright_angel
Bella!Guess??? ... anda won the poling as the fan of the bulan in SereNate spot!I am sure that anda already know it!Well,Karoline asked me to make anda the interview and I am so exciting!Well, some of the pertanyaan that anda asked,I will ask them too!

Let start:

1. Tell us something about yourself. (Whatever anda want)

I'm 16, can be quite crazy when i want to :P I'm supernice if i want to be. But when people menggerutu, jalang i menggerutu, jalang back haha.

2. When anda started to watch Gossip Girl and why??

I started watching it online when the first 13 episodes had already aired. I started couse i had online friends who started...
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