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posted by fefe2002
My little pony what is friendship is a series like my little pony friendship is magic its about a pony named bubble gum and she has so many friends and she always party's so she wanted to learn something new that she never bothered to learn it was friendship.Also if she knew how to deal with friends she still likes to learn lebih about friendship.However she likes to give lebih happiness to her friends than she has ever done.

and that's my new series so if anda want lebih information just post on my dinding the pertanyaan anda want to ask me :)
This is about my OC, Diamond rose ( D ) and her family.
Mustache- Father ( M )
Rose- Mom ( R )
Choochoo-brother ( C )

* Cold winter monring in their house

C- Mommy, daddy, diamond rose! Look! Look!
D- *yawns* What?
C- It's snowing! It really is snowing!
D- Yes Choo, it has for a bulan now! Tomorrow is Winter membungkus, bungkus up remember.
C- ooooohhh yeah!
* both start to laugh harder and harder
R- Ugghhh! Can't I get my sleep!
D- oh, sorry mom. Its just that..
R- Go back to tempat tidur guys and let me and your father sleep on our hari off!
C- *pouts* WHY!?!?!?
D- Choo! Don't talk back to mom! anda know how mad she gets in the...
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After I entered Ponyville, I saw the person that followed me. It was Catie, a grey hedgehog somewhat like me, only she has a russian accent. I ran after her pushing her to the ground. "What was that for?" She asked. "Chaos control." I said, entering Australia. "Die here for all I care. Chaos Control." I made sure she stayed away from me when I left. Now that I'm back in Equestria, it's time to visit Pinkie. I arrived at Sugarcube corner when Pinkie asked who I was. "Really? I've been visiting anda once a week for nine years, and anda don't know who I am." I replied. Then I found out it was Catie...
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posted by tinkerbell66799
We have seen the tales of the little fillies and their cutie marks. Three fillies. Specifically apel, apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. We have learned about their adventures to find their cutie marks. But this is a different time now. We have gone maybe 18 years into the future of Equestria. But we are not talking about all of Equestria. We are talking about a small town called Ponyville. Here is Sweet apel, apple Acres where we meet apel, apple Bloom and the rest of the apel, apple Family.
"Aww! I ain't NEVER gonna get my cutie mark!" apel, apple Bloom yelled to her honest and loyal sister Applejack. "I've been...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
A few of the bullets nearly hit Snips, but soon we were up in the air, and away from Nazi Forces, heading back to Ponyville

Sean: *gives book to Spike*
Spike: *reads book* Twilight joined them?
Sean: Yeah. We decided not to tell anda until now.
Spike: I can't believe Twilight would do such a thing.
Sean: And Diamond Tiara, and Silverspoon.
Spike: All three of them?
Sean: Eeyup. But it's not as interesting from the one name that's missing.
Spike: What name is that Sean?
Sean: I have it in this book. *gives it to Spike* I think you'll find it amusing.
Spike: *opens book*

Spike flipped through...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The selanjutnya day, Gordon, and Case cracker were returning to work

Gordon: *Arrives at pizzeria*
Case Cracker: *arrives at the pizzeria wearing a new pair of glasses*
Gordon: Nice shades Case.
Case Cracker: Got them this morning.
Jim: Good for you. *Walks towards Gordon, and Case Cracker* Now listen up, Neigh York's mafia is having a secret meeting in the Equestrian Pyramid. anda gotta get there, and sabotage it. The meeting should be on the 15th floor.
Case Cracker: When is this meeting?
Jim: In two hours. That'll give anda enough time to stock up on guns, ammunition, and fuel for your car. Speaking of...
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Okay.. So I'm in Miami hotel.
Nothing else to do today..

Ever seen Haunted History.

You should, it's actually scary.

The one I'm watching one, and it's about the infamish H.H. Homes and how his brutally murdered victims haunted various areas, because they can't rest in peace sense it's unsaved cases, Homes is a evil genish.
Look him up.
He's a fuckin nightmare!

Watching Homes, makes cupcake 50% scarier.

Because the idea of homes is, he's a nice and gets anda into seeing his hotel, and acts like a complete normal person.
But they secretly puts sleep gas into your bedroom.
And he...
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(Before I start, I would like to thank everyone for participating in this series. Seriously, thank anda guys so much. I couldn’t have done it without you)

Narrator: Once, in a land full of adventure, there was a boy. A boy filled with a courageous heart, who, with the sword of evils bane, wished to cast evil away- Ha, ha ha ha ha… Oh, f**k that. anda think this is gonna be some great childs story. No, this is a story about people dying. They die in this. And then they all go to Hell. Simple as that. Now, with that out of the way, let us begin our story in the Shinigami world
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Spike It

Starring Joe, Thomas, Silver, and Erik from SeanTheHedgehog
With Sunny from Bluecherry6765, and Mimi Retcon from BlondLionEzel
Also starring Ditto from Canada24

A bola voli game was in action at Canterlot. Ditto was the coach for one team, but it was losing 16 to 19.

News Pony: And welcome back to another exciting game in the E.V.L. the Equestrian bola voli League. I'm Mike Richards, and with me is Allen Woods. What do anda think of this game so far Allen?
News pony 2: I think it's a good game so far, but I do want the Canterlot Humans to win.
News Pony: Yes, they...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After some time passed, the diamond anjing got their ship repaired. Well, actually they didn't do anything. They just watched the repair pony fix their ship.

Repair Pony: There. Your ship has been repaired. It'll cost you-
Indiana Bones: *Shoots the ground near the pony's hoof* We won't be paying anything if anda don't mind.
Repair Pony: *Nervous* Uh no. I don't mind. Go ahead. The repairs are free.
Indiana Bones: Just the way we like it. Right fellas?
Diamond Dogs: Yeah.

As they were getting their ship out of the repairs, Martin went back into the guard tower, and looked through his microscope....
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The opening credits start off with a black screen. Voices can be heard.

Intro Music:

Music Director: Uh Belmont, anda don't have to sabuk it. Just uh, sing it out, but don't shout it out.
Music pony 1: *Clears throat*
Music Director: Take two.
Music pony 2: *Hits a key twice on the piano*
Music pony 1: tagihan, dun tagihan, dun tagihan, dun tagihan, dun tagihan, dun dun-
Music pony 3: Ah, do it again.
Music Director: Yeah, wait for that counter to stop.
Music pony 2: Take your time man.
Music pony 3: Yeah, relax.
Music pony 2: Make sure the room is empty, no sound, then anda start.
Music pony 1: Gee....
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Episode 2: Iron Man

Me: *Reading Tales of Suspense #39* on a bench in Cloudsdale*

Rainbow Dash: *Sits selanjutnya to me* What are anda reading? A comic book? Those are sooooo boring!

Me: Why do anda say that?

Rainbow Dash: The characters are boring and cheesy!

Me: Not all of them. What about Iron Man?

Rainbow Dash: *Looks confused* Iron Man? Who's that?

Me: Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, is a billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist, and a superhero.

Rainbow Dash: He sounds cool...tell me more...

Me: Well, Tony Stark was kidnapped oleh Communists, and almost died oleh a piece of shrapnel. However, he survived by...
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Long ago, in the magical land of Po- What… this place actually has a creative name? Oh… well then… Long yang lalu in the magical land of Equestria, there were two alicorn sisters. The eldest was one of the most beautiful of the two, who raised the sun. Everyone respected her and cared for her. Then the youngest was an emo, I think. No one cares about her. She raised the moon and stuff. Big deal. Anyway, the eldest was real awesome, and had hundreds of followers on Twitter, and stuff. Then, one day, the youngest sister had a cow and turned into Nightmare Moon. So, the eldest sister banished...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: September 3, 1958
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Time: 1:16 PM
Railroad: Union Pacific

Hawkeye, and Mirage just stopped their train at the station after returning from Council Bluffs.

Hawkeye: *Laughs*
Mirage: anda really like that joke I told you?
Hawkeye: Yeah, I gotta remember to tell Stylo that one. anda made my hari Mirage. anda really did.

They saw another train heading into the yards.

Hawkeye: Too far away to see who's driving it.
Mirage: And there's too much glare on the windows of that cab. Though it seems to be going much too fast.
Hawkeye: That better not be Gordon with Metal Gloss,...
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posted by NocturnalMirage
acak dialectics: pelangi Rocks

Hello and welcome to my newest artikel in the series of reviews I've been doing every once in a while over the past couple of weeks. Okay, months... never mind that! I usually review movies, but for now, I have decided to take a closer look on the detik Equestria Girls cartoon, pelangi Rocks. It is quite obvious, yet I always state this nevertheless: if anda haven't seen the cartoon yet... SPOLIER ALERT!

Although I gotta say, this review will be quite short compared to my other articles, since most of the internet reviewers have already summed the movie up pretty...
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posted by TotalDramaFan60
Oh meh gawd. This was the best movie since Frozen. And still, I just like Frozen for like two days. But this. This. This is a masterpiece. A BUCKING MASTERPIECE. It was like--and then--and she--and they--and her--and she said--and OH MY BUCKING GOD. What does this movie mean for S5? I mean, seriously, number one, HOW THE HELL DID TWILIGHT GET THE MIRROR INTO HER CASTLE? I mean, did she like, say, "Oh hey, Celestia, can I come over and steal that mirror?" and then was she like "Okay Twilight" and they just did that? atau like did she have a normal mirror and make it magic with a spell? Well, I...
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 Searin' (Blazin's mom, selanjutnya to Blazin's dad Scorchin) sure looks happy about the new foal!
Searin' (Blazin's mom, next to Blazin's dad Scorchin) sure looks happy about the new foal!
As of now, Blazin's parent's are at the hospital waiting for the anak kuda, foal to arrive. Blazin' is sitting at home, accompanied oleh Celestia, because Luna was asleep during the day. It was a long wait, and he was getting nervous.

Celestia: Please relax, everything will be fine. Your sister will be here soon, I'm sure of it.

Blazin': I know, but waiting is just making me lebih nervous....

The mane six were in a corner of his living room, staring at him like he was hyped on sugar.

Rarity: This is oleh far the scariest I've seen him so far. He's not even doing anything, but still...

Blazin' suddenly looks at...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: January 12, 1957
Location: Oatland, Alicornia

Stylo was heading to the docks to work. When he got there, he saw some other workers arguing with Bulstrode. Bulstrode was the pony that had his tugboat, and the one that was disrespecting everyone else.

Bulstrode: *On the tugboat* Come on, come on! Why aren't those cars where they're supposed to be? I need the barge loaded up with stones quickly!
Worker: There's no engine, and they go to wherever they're needed. You're in the wrong spot, not these freight cars!
Stylo: *Climbs into engine, and drives towards the freight cars at a slow speed. He...
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Equestria. Have anda ever wondered about how some things in that world are how they are today? Well now, anda are about to find out. From having fun, in the park, to fighting crime, atau evil terrorists, this is the History of Equestria.

Episode 3: Railways

When most ponies decide to travel, atau send goods from one place to another, they rely on the train. Freight trains bring in goods, and supplies that ponies need, while passenger trains take ponies from one place to another.

One of Equestria's famous trains is the Friendship Express. It's the only modern passenger train to be powered oleh steam....
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Master Sword: Hello everypony
Satan Twist: Everybody
Master Sword: Whatever. anda know, we make lots of people laugh
Satan Twist: I just threaten them till they do laugh
Master Sword: that works too, but anda know what isn't funny. Mocking others for their appearances. Sure, it is usually seen every hari in comedy, but that doesn't make it funny
Satan Twist: Yeah, it never is funny to mock someone for their looks. Take me for example. People used to call me stupid due to my appearance. And anda know what happened to them
Master Sword: What
Satan Twist: Their dead
Master Sword: ...............What?
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