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if it true that anda can have two ponies with same cutie mark it seem there poines in this shows with the same cutie mark if not then this blue blond hair pony is doctor whooves atau it was just a error the animeator made.this is a real clip from the ep at the gala
During the song, fluttershy face this pony with an jam glass as a cutie mark,doctor whooves has the same mark.
also there are other ponies there with the same cutie mark like the the prince that raity wanted to be with and the two colts blue and gray one that are welcoming raity when she about to sing her part in the song,or it just they got to lazy to draw new cutie marks for them
atau there a chance that siblings can have the same cutie mark.........just kidding i dont know but maybe
So, I just noticed that there is another psychotic Pinkie Pie. This one is yet another smiling one. Now what I am talking about is the supposedly "creepy" game called Smiled.EXE, After Sonic.EXE, most of us try to stay away from the exe on certian things (No, the Sonic.EXE story wasn't scary, but the face did make me jump a little). So, yeah, I'm going to talk about this game. It starts out with Pinkie Pie talking to her all friends, until anda reach the end of the stage, where Celestia tells anda that anda forgot something and anda need to go back. So, the screen goes black, and were treated to...
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posted by mariofan14
*Bayonetta is my ponyfication off of the real video game character herself. I plan on doing a mini-series of different adventures she will encounter along the way. Some of these will include references to some fairy tales atau other populer culture. I hope anda enjoy this, as well as finding the references! Plus, this first one won't be an adventure, but the future ones will be.*

It was a beautiful hari in the little town of Ponyville, where everyone was going about doing some errands as they usually do. Plenty of stallions come up to a few mares and try to communicate with them, but don't really...
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For a long while, everything was normal. applejack (now a strong filly) and I worked the orchard while Granny and Ma cooked. Pa worked on his artwork. Everything was normal.

Until one day.

Pa kissed applejack on the head as he packed his paintings into the back of his cart. "When will anda be back?" whined Applejack. "I'm just goin' to the art fair on the other side of town," he explained. "I'll be back soon, my little apple."

And with that, he pulled the gerobak, keranjang onto the long road that winded through Ponyville.

Applejack leaned on me. "Big Mac?"


"Has Mama been actin' strange lately?" Applejack...
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posted by Mylittlecute12
filly twilight: hey where are u going!!!!!!
Discord: to make celestia be a filly!
Filly twilight: oh no u won't! (uses magic to call luna)
Luna: what!!!!!! happened!!!!
filly twilight:discord is on the loose!
Luna: i thought u defeated him!!!!!!
filly Twilight: he he going to turn celestia into a baby
Discord: I already Did!!!!! (evil laughing)
Luna: Now i have to take care of my older sister i mean my youger sister i mean my sister thats a baby!
Spike: (gasps!) what happened!!!!!!!!
Filly twilight: Its a long story spike!!!!
Discord: time is running out!!!!!! (evil laughing!)

To be continued.......................
posted by katewolf68
"Oh! opalescence! i am so excited!" rarity gushed squeezing her fluffy white kitty Opel so hard. Opel yowled and hissed but rarity simply ignored the thing, and kept on talking looking Opel square in the eye. "Oh! its going to be so much fun! a slumber party, with all our bffs!" she squeezed Opel so hard that she jumped out of her clutch and hide under the bed. rarity didn't mind. she was too busy picking out perfect pj's to wear at the slumber party. "Pretty sure twilight berkata we should all be there at around 6." rarity's head wised around at the clock on her night table. "oh my heavens! that...
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posted by mariofan14
After what Shining Armour thought he saw the night before, he and his wife, Princess Cadance, sought out to find help on how to get rid of what was haunting them, yet they don't know that it was the succubus. First, the couple went to the C.E.P.D., the Crystal Empire Police Department. The two explained what happened last night, but the chief said, "I think anda two may be imagining things. There's no such thing as monsters of the supernatural world. It's all a bunch of gibberish." But it wasn't gibberish. The two found a professor of the supernatural, and when he was told about what happened...
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posted by clancker1223
Now a rainbow's tale isn't quite as nice
 As the story we knew of sugar and spice
But a rainbow's easy once anda get to know it
With the help of the magic of a pegasus device

(music break)

Let's delve deeper into pelangi philosophy
Far beyond that of Cloudsdale's mythology
It's easy to misjudge that floating city
With it's alluring decor and social psychology

But with all great things comes a great responsibility
That of Cloudsdale's being weather stability
How, anda ask, are they up to the task
To which the answer is in a simple facility

(music break)

In the pelangi Factory, where your fears and horrors...
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posted by AngelicWaffle
*two fillies run as fast as they can, trying to run from the creature chasing them*
???: Somepony help!
???: Come to me my little ponies... Come...
???: Tia! I'm scared!
Tia: Luna, jump on my back!
Luna: B-b-but he'll get us!
???: I sure will... I sure will...
Tia: anda have to believe in yourself!
Luna: O-ok. Ok!
*the smaller filly jumps onto the elder one's back, the elder: 'Tia' starts to take off*
???: Huh?! Alicorns?! Alicorns?! How?!
Tia: Later, meanie!
*Tia sticks her tongue out at their pursuer who growls in disgust as they escape*
???: I'll get you! anda will be mine!
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 Pinkie and her dress made of victims..
Pinkie and her dress made of victims..
Our story begins when the young mare pelangi Dash, came into SugerCube Corners, as she promised to spend time with the 'seemingly' innocent and adorable, Pinkie Pie..

RAINBOW: Hello? Pinkie? I'm here.

PINKIE: *voice is heard from within the dark kitchen, but the mare herself, isn't seen* Rainbow! anda made it!

RAINBOW: Sorry I'm late.

PINKIE: *Still not seen yet* Oh that’s ok, you’re here now. What‘s a few lebih minutes., I've been sooooo excited thinking about all fun stuff we’re gonna do, I haven’t stopped bouncing since I woke up. I mean, I almost forgot to breath I've been so happy....
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posted by Mylittlecute12
Discord: rarity i know u would hate to be a filly (makes rarity be a filly)
filly rarity: hey u can't do that!!!
Discord: i just did!

Discord: fluttershy i know u will be crying after this!!
Fluttershy: i no i won't u big dumb MEANIE!!!!!!
Discord: oopsie (makes fluttershy be a filly)
filly fluttershy: Hey!!!! (crys)

Discord: pelangi dash u have 2 choices 1 i make u be a filly. 2 i kill u what will it be?
Rainbow: none!!!
Discord: oh well i picked for u! (makes pelangi a filly)

filly dash: hey u can't do that! (kicks Discord)
Discord: (kicks pelangi back)

Discord: Now that i got u all u have a timer for how long u have to be a filly forever!!!!!!!!!

to be continued.................
posted by mariofan14
It was a glorious hari in Ponyville, where everyone was doing their normal routines. (You probably know what that would be oleh now.) Today at the Ponyville school, the teacher, Cheerilee, was getting ready to read the class a story about "The Sleeping Mare", an old fairy tale. As she started to begin, there was a knock on the door. She got up to see who it was, and it was Big Macintosh, with a bouquet of mawar for Cheerilee, as it was nearing Hearts-and-Hooves Day. She gave him a big ciuman for thanks, and the students saw it and were grossed out. All but a handful: Twist, Sweetie Belle, and Apple...
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posted by Mylittlecute12
Mane 6 got off the train.
"Boy it's colder than ever"! said, pelangi Dash.
"I'm glad I brought anda all scarfs atau else anda would of been freezing!" said, Rarity. Fluttershy "spotted" a poor polar beruang limping. "Oh the poor thing"! shouted, Fluttershy. Fluttershy flew over to the polar bear. She gave him a ciuman and a hug.
"All anda need is a lot of cinta and care". said, Fluttershy. "There it is the "Crystal Empire"! said, all of mane 6. "Who's gonna jump in first? asked, Pinkie Pie. "I will!" said, Fluttershy.
And then after Fluttershy jumped in then then the rest jumped in.

To be continued.......
Discord: This is so much fun!(takes tape out of Nikki's mouth)
Nikki: SCORE!! ARE anda OKAY?!?!
Score: Whatever.
Nikki: Aww come on!!
Discord: Now Nikki, it's time, your turn!
Nikki: *gulp* anda let me go!! Now!
Discord: I'm sorry Nikki, no can do.
Nikki: Grrrrr...(bites discord)
Discord: OW! What the hay!
Nikki: and there's lebih where that came from!
Discord: Look into my, sugarcube, anda are getting sleepy, are anda hypnotized oleh theses secrets that your keeping, nopony keeps a secret nopony keeps a secret....
Nikki: (eyes turn red) let me go-
Discord: Now Nikki, your the element of understanding right?
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Princess Celestia

Starring Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and Derpy as theirselves
Blaze as Jonathan (For this skit, he's bald.)
Cosmic pelangi as Chrysler (For this skit, he has a mustache.)
Mortomis as Bryan
Saten Twist as Timothy
Double Scoop as Skeletor
Master Sword as Harry
Sophie Shimmer as Alexis
Astrel Sky as Jenny

Celestia was sitting at her meja tulis, meja when Derpy arrived.

Derpy: *Shouts very loud* FUS RO DAH!!
Audience: *Cheering*
Celestia: *Gets blown away from Derpy's shout, and goes through another building*

Debris covered a quarter of Celestia's office after the shouting made her fly away....
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me: *playing on dsi like a boss*
pinkie pie:hey phonenix wanna bake some Cupcakes?
me: umm kay
*goes into front door* ( all the sudden a hammer elang, falcon punched me)
me: *wakes up* ugh what happed?
*trying to escape but im straped in chains*
Pinkie pie: ready to bake some Cupcakes?
me: this i not how to bake cupcakes
Pinkie pie: it is to me but first i have to bake you
*puts phonenix into a oven*
Pinkie pie: *leaves*
me: *looks around and gets out of oven* phew itz its time to investingate my way *goes misterously hall with 5 doors* TO be continued
Dear Celestia, I'm starting to think you all don't appreciate my opinions! XD I am doing my top six favorites because of the Mane Six.

6.) Lyra and Bon Bon

Even though these two aren't canon as being friends, I see them together a lot during Season one. Nothing that I know of in Season two. Lyra and Bon Bon are seen walking together, talking together and basically hanging out. If these two weren't background characters, I think they'd be the best of friends.

 Lyra and Bon Bon
Lyra and Bon Bon

5.) Rarity and Fluttershy

I just love Rarity and Fluttershy! They are the best of friends! Can you believe...
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 Celebrating four seasons of MLPFIM!
Celebrating four seasons of MLPFIM!
MLPFIM is one of my favorit shows right now and to honor that and celebrate its four seasons I decided to write this article. I hope anda guys like it!

Top Fifteen Best Episodes
 MLP Artwork
MLP Artwork

15. Boast Busters
This episode introduces Trixie who has so far been in two episodes. Most fan like Magic Duel more, but this one is a little better to me. I just really like Twilight in this episode and how she fights off the Ursa Minor. The first episode written oleh Chris Savino.
 Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars

14. Owl's Well That Ends Well
I guess a lot of people don't like this episode, but I think this is the...
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posted by karinabrony
 Twilight Sparkle running to the kastil, castle
Twilight Sparkle running to the Castle
Twilight Sparkle was membaca a book in her library. Spike was doing some chores and then he spit out the letter. He handed it to Twilight and she read the the note. ''Oh no!'' she gasped. Twilight ran out to the door to find her friends.

''We came as soon as I got your letter!'' Twilight Sparkle said. ''Thanks you, girls. I have wanted to tell anda a story...'' Celestia said. ''Long yang lalu when Princess Luna and I were in the Castle, we were menulis letters to ponies. Princess Luna had deep thoughts in her mind. She thought why she couldn't rule Equestria and why she couldn't have powerful strength....
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Chapter 3: flakes and spines

it was another hari and Flippy had just found out, another pohon friend was coming! He was relieved that it wasn't Shifty and Lifty but he was surprised at who decided to pindah here. Flaky. “well, at least Fluttershy won't be the only paranoid one.” Flippy thought. She was coming later that day. “i just hope no FlippyxFlaky fan are around, those things get annoying, so what, Fliqpy didn't kill her once, he knew she would die anyway! He's as annoyed with this as I am, oh well, just ignore them and let em post their pics and video on youtube and facebook and they...
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