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posted by mariofan14
(I think this was a stupid story to make. I didn't think this over clearly enough to make this a good story. I think you'd say otherwise, so I hope anda enjoy.)

It was a beautiful hari in the Crystal Empire. The Crystal Ponies were all doing their many errands as the Ponyville ponies did, especially talking about many things, mostly the supreme rescue of the Crystal Empire and King Sombra's death. Those two topics were to be remembered for a long time. It was also good to see their Crystal Queen, Princess Cadance ruling, along with her honey, Shining Armour. After the Crystal Empire was saved,...
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posted by pinkmare
Pinkie Pie , Fluttershy , koji and zoe arrived at sugarcube corner .
the two former humans couldn't believe their eyes, sugarcube corner didn't look like any paticular house , not a manison , not a hut , not an apartment atau not even a school.

The bakery and penganan, gula-gula resembles somewhat of a gingerbread but larger , there was a stoop on the ground to allow ponies to walk on. at the very puncak, atas was something that catch zoe's attention there was a big berwarna merah muda, merah muda frosted cupcake on the puncak, atas with a lit of fire.
while koji finds the house quite odd in his defences and i thought gingerbread people live on...
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One regular hari in Ponyville,Twilight was membaca a book. Suddenly she heard a knock on her door.
"Uhhh who could that be?" said,Twilight. "It's 8 in the morning!" Twilight opened her door and came in Pinkie Pie. "Hi Twilight! whatcha doin?" asked, Pinkie. "Trying to read a book!" replied, Twilight.
"Guess what?" Pinkie, responded. "What?"
"I made up a song!" "Oh no.." said, Twilight.

"When your sad, don't feel too bad, when your mad.. Soooo! don't cry, don't fly, maybe anda can smile! don't cry, don't fly, when your troubles are in doubles!!!!!! Soooo!! don't cry!!!!" sang, Pinkie. "Wow it's very catchy". said, Twilight.
"Well I gotta go Twilight, see ya!" Pinkie, said.

So Twilight continued her book. When suddenly.....

To be continued.............
As we fly away the alarm sounds off, and it seems fine for us so far. Then five airplanes start to chase me, all of them are the same type that I'm flying. They try to shoot me, but I dodge their bullets, turn around, and shoot back at them. I nearly shot one of the pilots, breaking the glass of the cockpit. As I pass them, they turn around behind me once again. Soon I spot a perahu in a river under me. I fly towards it, and two of them follow me, the other three get above me. I get closer to the boat, as Joe tries to teleport us. "Not yet!" I tell him. Right when it looks like we're about to...
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posted by LeaM-1
Who am I thanking?

I would like to thank everyone who reported xFluttershyx. I understand that she was a real problem, and everyone who handled her did very well. I also understand how mean she was being. And I know she's very sorry. I also know she won't do what she did ever again.

How do I know this?

I know this because, well, I am xFluttershyx. Please, don't laporan me again. I promise I won't troll anymore. I'll stop posting dumps, too. I just want to be liked on this account. No lebih enemies, please. I'm just looking for friends, which I know I can find on this club(friendship is magic, after...
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 Azure's first transformation
Azure's first transformation
When born, Azure was a normal changeling. She was born on May 24, to Zap (her father) and Crescent (her mother). They named her Azure because she loved the color blue.

When she was about 6 years old, she noticed that her father was disappearing regularly. When she asked her mother, she explained that he was going to pony towns to do missions for the queen and collect lebih power. Azure was very interested. Her father noticed, and showed Azure how to transform. Azure tried very hard to change her appearance, but no matter what she tried, she couldn't change a thing. Her family assumed that she...
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posted by pikachu700
*opens front door* nope just Frozen bodys
*close door*
*opens 2 door*
all i see is darkness
*close 2 door*
*opens 3 door*
*close 3 door quickly*
me: e_e only two lebih doors?
*opens 4th door*
*bombs every about to explode*
ME:WTF *close door very quickly*
*opens 5th door* oh its just her bedroom me: Hey! a book (but it turns out a diary)
me: i should leave it alone
Pinkie pie: What are anda doing in my bedroom? *grabs a chainsaw*
to be continued atau is it???
Trixie Lulamoon arrived at a hotel late one night.
"The Great and Powerful Trixie requires a room right this instant!"
The bellhop replied, "I am very sorry madam, but our rooms are all occupied. There is only one empty room, but we do not rent it because it is haunted."
"I'll take it," berkata Trixie. "The Great and Powerful Trixie does not believe in ghosts!"
Trixie went up to the room. She unpacked her things and went to sleep. As soon as she did, a ghost came out of the closet. It hooves were covered in blood, and it was moaning,
"Bloody Hooves! Bloody Hooves!"
When Trixie saw the ghost, she grabbed...
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posted by Mylittlecute12
When mane6 were doing there own business when they all heard evil laughing. Twilight: who's there!
Discord:its me (evil laughing)
twilight:oh so its u discord! i knew it!
Discord: why i don't like being a filly (evil laughing)
twilight: i can't cause i grew up and why are u asking me!
Discord: cause of this! (makes twilight a filly)
filly twilight: hey!!
Discord: just to tell u when this hourglass is out of sand u will be a filly forever!!!!!!!!!!! (evil laughing)
filly twilight: no no!!!!!
Discord: now to do the same with ur friends!!!!!!!

To be continued.........
posted by mariofan14
It was a dark night in Ponyville, and it was raining hard as well. Our friend, Twilight Sparkle was finishing up an experiment she was nearly done with, until lightning scared her, nearly destroying her experiment. After she saved her work, she was ready to hit the hay. "Another hard hari of work," she said. "Hopefully I'll be done with this tomorrow before lunch." As for Spike, he was already asleep, having a dream of him and Rarity living together.

Meanwhile, out in the dark, near the town, a shadow was approaching the town, slowly, but surely. It was a long way from the entire town, yet the...
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1. Scootaloo is chicken
At S1E17 (Stare Master) CMC is helping Fluttershy rescue her chickens back. When on way. apel, apple Bloom teases Scootaloo as "Chicken". This thing annoys Scootaloo very much. This thing start spreading many sites such Memebase, Know Your Meme and more. Many fan are creating silly gambar e.g.: food which chicken flavoured, areleady photoshopped oleh switching the chicken with Scootaloo.

More info in: link

2. Rarity is marshmallow
Due her mantel color, she known to be marshmallow oleh fans. fan makes many fanart like a marshmallow with Rarity's mane.

More info in:link...
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posted by Pikachufan25
After waiting for what seemed like forever Derpy walks into the kue serabi, muffin shop. Pinkie Pie runs over to her and starts jumping around with excitement hi Derpy!!! berkata Pinkie Pie. oh um hi Pinkie Pie what are anda doing here? replied Derpy. I've been waiting for anda here at the kue serabi, muffin toko almost all hari I was going to ask anda if anda wanted to do something? berkata Pinkie Pie. Something like what? replied Derpy. I dunno I just really wanted to do something with anda today I dunno why I just do. berkata Pinkie Pie. Derpy smiled. Pinkie Pie your so random! replied Derpy. They both laughed for a moment and...
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posted by shadirby
hey it's shadirby. I usually don't put my menulis on here, but it's just a cute little story I thought up when I was bored so...Enjoy!

This is it. Today I am going to fly. apel, apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are looking at me with big, hopeful eyes. I have to fly. I have to learn today.
"C'mon, Scoot! Just remember what we watched on flyin'!" apel, apple Bloom calls up to me.
I think of pelangi Dash, flying and zipping around. I picture it clearly in my mind. She's always been the one person to really inspire me to fly. And today, I'm going to do it.
I trot to the edge of the branch and jump. I flap...
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(Note: This is told from Light Speed's point of view.)

Today was the day. It was the race. I had been training all week. I was pumped, with my number card on my back,(I was number 8, out of 10) I was ready to run. And with my best friend Electra cheering me on, I was sure I could win. But I suppose I should start at the beginning...


I was unicorn, with a unicorn family, living in Canterlot. My relatives had soft, pastel colors, but I had loud, dynamic colors. A red, wind-blown, glossy mane and tail, and pure, dark blue eyes. And yellow hooves that contrasted...
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When my ma was rushed to the hospital, there was an silent and stressed feeling in the air. Granny Smith would pace the floor nervously while I shut myself in my room, trying to forget that I would have a little sister.

My pa came halaman awal the evening after ma and he had left. He seemed quite happy. "Your ma had a beautiful filly," he told me. "You're gonna cinta 'er!"

I wasn't so sure.

Granny Smith was then frantic. She made a warm cake in a matter of minutes. It was a sweet vanilla with chunks of apples and apel, apple frosting.

Granny set it on the table. "I'm so excited!" she yelled to me as I inhaled...
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posted by Tawnyjay
Quick Note: StarWarsFan7 inspired me to do this. X3

5. Princess Luna~
Even though she's only appeared in a few episodes, this Alicorn is an amazing and beloved character to me. I cinta her hilarious personality, her beautiful looks, and her in general!

4. Applejack~
I adore Applejack's honesty, faithfulness, and devotion. She's a kind and resourceful pony.

3. Merry May~
I know that she hasn't had any lines, but I adore this pony! She looks quite nice, and I cinta her looks! X3

2. Octavia~
OHMYCELESTIAILOVEOCTAVIASOMUCH~ *squee* I absolutely adore Octavia! She's so composed and classical, it's hard not to cinta her. She's really pretty, too!

1. Fluttershy~
As much as I cinta the others, none of them compare to Fluttershy. Her sweet attitude, her beautiful heart, her cinta of animals, and her adorableness are just some things that make her my all-time favorit pony. She's so nice, and I loved her from the start.
 Luna and Nightmare Moon
Luna and Nightmare Moon
 Merry May
Merry May
Author’s Note: Yeah I got really bored so I thought I would mix the MLP characters with characters from Team Fortress 2. So the characters in the tampil will play characters from that game. WARTNING: The fallowing artikel will have cussing, alcohol talk, violence, and blood. No pony/dragon/zebra were harmed in the making of these articles. And the narrator of these short artikel are the character they are about. When I talk it wil be in (). And no worries, if Anypony dies, they won’t be dead forever. They will just respawn back to live like in all shooting games XD! Thank you. :3

My Little...
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posted by Emmylove786
About Pinkie and Rarity, Coming Soon
It is a Story atau an Episode in My little pony friendship is magic,
Pinkie Find a Tornado in Ponyville, That makes rarity Mad!
And The Tornado Crashes in the Sugar cube and the Salon.
Which Means there is NO PONYVILLE.
They have no food, They lost there home, Some of them died, And Cheerilee is Dead.
They Start All Over to rebuild Ponyville.
Everyone was sad (Except Derpy) (including Granny Smith) The Earth and Unicorn Ponies had to go to Cloudsdale With the Pegasus
posted by whiteclaw
Warning contains cussing and violence

Applebloom-"I dont cry anymore, because it shows weakness. I need every last fuckin` bit of strength to survive here in this living hell hole. I`m what they call An ordinary outlaw can ya`ll believe that cowshit?"

Sweetie Belle- "Don`t call me cute, because then I`ll scar my face to ease the pain. But all great hobbies die hard, so now I kill rats and other wild binatang to stop my despairs. I can`t get what I want, if I`m not with my friends. So that`s what keeps me going"

Scootaloo- "I ain`t happy, but I`m not sad. I got roaches in a bag, I`m useless but not for long, the future is coming on. My Celestia, I`ve never felt better about my self-confidence ya know? This big shit hole that nopony gave a fuck about might just be my destiny. anda never guess what happens, in Melancholy county."

To be continued...
posted by shadowknuxgirl
Twilight was starting to lose her breath. Now that Applebloom was taller, it was hard trying to catch her, since her legs were twice as strong as Twilight's. "C'mon Applebloom! A bath isn't so bad!" the tired unicorn shouted. Applebloom looked back towards Twilight, "It is too! Now stop chasing me!!!" As they ran even more, their chase scene was interrupted oleh a loud "BOOM"! It roared across the sky, Twilight and Applebloom stopped and looked up. It was truly a sight to behold. A spectrum of warna shot through the sky in all directions. They both looked in awe at the almost blinding rainbow...
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