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 Hanging around....Off Set! Aaawww!
Hanging around....Off Set! Aaawww!
Part 2

Its the final hari of filming. The GG gang are filming the last few of the wedding scenes and the atmosphere is really good but emotional as the cast know it's their last hari together before their holidays.
They have just filmed Chuck's wedding speech and are taking their lunch break.

Leighton and Ed have eaten their lunch and are standing around on set talking.

L: hey let me know if anda see Seb, he berkata he was coming today but he's not here yet.
E: Ever heard of a phone...you can use it to contact someone to find out where they are.
L: (laughs) Well i dont have it with me do I! its in my locker....
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“Dan was a mistake and I never should’ve gotten involved with him in the first place. Nate is the one who I cinta and am planning on marrying not to mention spending the rest of my life with. I never loved Dan because Nate is the only one I’m in cinta with. As for the reason why Scott is here, we have gotten close with him and his adoptive family thus the reason why they were invited. He is my brother just as much as Eric not to mention the fact that my father loves and adores him. Leave and get out now before we call security to throw anda out and back to where anda came from.” Serena...
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One of my favorit Gossip Girl scenes, Nate and Blair were adorable in this episode!
 I X Serena
I X Serena
I have be an avid fan of Gossip Girl from its pilot episode where I clearly remember when Serena mobil van, van der Woodsen stepped into the airport in tune with the “She’s Back” slogan. But lately, Gossip Girl and Serena are getting on my nerves. Why do I have such a beef with Serena’s character?

First of all, I have a serious problem with someone who does not learn from sebelumnya mistakes, but habitually makes decisions that are based on lies and cover-ups. Serena is a serial liar. She lies to everyone about everything. Serena has lied to Nate, Blair, Dan, and her countless other boyfriends and...
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