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a tale of two sisters
The nutcracker
pilihan fans: Yes! Princess animal companions are always cute, no matter the species.
pilihan fans: Original story
pilihan fans: okay
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CyberDalek berkata …
I've actually created this really good fanfic of what might have happened if anastasia was soooooo deeply remorseful that she decided to punish herself. The story is membagi, split into 3 chapters; the first of which is an obligatory summary of everything that happens prior to the wedding in cinderella 3, and then things pick up Chapters 2 and 3. It's somewhat unique in that it's told from the first-person perspective of Cinderella. diposting ·2 bulan yang lalu
CyberDalek komentar…
It's here: link ·2 bulan yang lalu
purplebook163 berkata …
Hi! I'm really sorry to be posting at this club, but can anda guys help me? Anyway, I just joined and saw how friendly this club is. I was wondering if anda could tell me how klub work, how my profil works, and how I can add a new club. Thanks so much! diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Aang_Lite berkata …
Hi, sorry for asking but I'm confused. How does this club work? Do anda just upload a story when anda write it, atau is there a set time? Are there any restrictions? Like say, "As of now only disney sequels will be uploaded". Thanks for the clarification diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
KataraLover komentar…
No, no, no. We're just having a contest for sequels but anda can write your own story for the club, even if there isn't a contest going on. But if there ever is a contest that your story qualifies for than anda can enter it. There was a contest before the sequel contest, that never got past round 1, and a story I made didn't qualify because it was a sequel. But I kept it up and I started my own sequel contest with the help of cruella. So go ahead and write your story. As for restrictions, it depends on the contest anda enter it in. It's too late to enter it in the sequel contest because it's almost over. But if anda want to start a contest than go ahead. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Aang_Lite komentar…
Thanks for the help! lebih dari setahun yang lalu
KataraLover komentar…
No problem lebih dari setahun yang lalu