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FÄ †ÄîL {3.8.0/3.8.1} (Hell's Core) (The Devil's House)

What's a soulmate?

Opening 11


Laxus vs. Fairy tail

Awesome Cosplays vol. 6 - Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail OP 15: "Masayume Chasing" oleh BoA

Fairy Tail AMV - Coming Back [5.4.2014]

Fairy Tail AMV - Never Stop Believing in Fairy Tail - Tribute 2014

FAIRY TAIL - puncak, atas 15 of the strongest wizards [UPDATE 3/2014][Full-HD]

Drawing Time Lapse: Laxus (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail episode 176

Fairy Tail 2014 Ending 1 BREATHE

Fairy Tail (2014) opening 1

Lightning Flame Dragon Roaring-Drum cover


Fairy Tail cinta - My first ciuman

Gray X Lucy AMV [Just A Kiss]

Fairy Tail amv-Skillet Monster

Fairy Tail Main Theme (guitar cover)

Faity Tail (2014) PV

FÄ †ÄîL {3.7.5} (The Supernatural)

One lebih Night


Fairy Tail komik jepang 374 & Special Chapter: Revolution. Welcome Home, Frosh

Fairy tail - Starships [Dedications]


Fairy Tail AMV - Dream Chasers

Fairy Tail AMV - Stronger [HD!]

This is Fairy Tail - Trailer ᴴᴰ

Fairy Tail AMV: Natsu - Burn it [1080p FULL HD]

[Fairy Tail AMV] Not Gonna Die

「Erza Scarlet ᵃˢᵐᵛ」 The Fairy That Should've Fallen...

「Fairy Tail ᵃᵐᵛ」 Bᴇ A Cʜᴀᴍᴘɪᴏɴ~

FÄ †ÄîL {3.7.3} (Life atau Death?)

Fairy Tail - Main Theme

FÄ †ÄîL {3.7.2} (Breach)

NaLu About Dream And Tears

Fary Tail - World so Cold 【 HD】

Jerza atau Gerza, (One Sweet day)

FÄ †ÄîL {3.7.1} (Tartaros Arc: Part 2 - Song of the Heavenly Dragon)

[FFS] Accidentally in cinta // Happy Valentines Day!

【F♥S】Valentine's hari MEP

Fairy Tail Couple [Public MEP]

Gruvia \\\ Lyvia - One thing [Happy Valentine's day!]

[ NaLu] Dear my cinta (Happy Valentines day!)

[FRS] S@t3llit3 // Happy Valentine's hari ❄ Full MEP ☂

FKS } Lego House || Happy Valentine's hari Collab ♡ Full

[ENS] ❀ Happy Valentine's hari MEP ❀「Princess Charming」

フェアリーテイルmad ニルヴァーナ編

【MAD】FAIRY TAIL~united force~


【MAD】FAIRY TAIL 楽園の塔編 【Paradise Lost】

fairy tail episode 2

Fairy Tail เดอะมูฟวี่ Youkoso Fairy Hills OADv2 Truly Version

Fairy Tail - Gray's Theme

【IHS】Anniversary MEP ✖ E n d l e s s l y ✖

~Secret L♡ve *PREVIEW* (Full is out)

[Semi-OLD] GrayLu ft. Natsu - Stay

Graylu hey Lucy ᴹᵉᵖ ᵖᵃʳᵗ

【HCK】Catch Your Wave ~ NaLuGray

【HCK】I'm broken. 【Gray x Lucy】

• 'I'll Protect You' • Gray x Lucy • [FANVIDEO]

Graylu - Breathless

[IHS] Your jantung is selanjutnya to mine ♥

Fairy Tail vs Master Hades (English sub)

puncak, atas 5 Fairy Tail Themes

Fairy Tail OST Reminiscence Awakening Soul Tsuioku ~Meza

puncak, atas 5 des musiques de Fairy Tail

Emotional OST of All Time - Carla's Confession (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail Dragon Slayer Theme

fairy tail Medley Battle Themes

The Best of Fairy Tail musik part 2

Fairy Tail Epic Theme

Fairy Tail - Fight's Song

The Best of Fairy Tail musik part 3

Fairy Tail AMV: Kurogane [HD]

History's Greatest Battle musik - The Theme of Multiflora

Fairy Tail theme song Remix

Fairy Tail Theme Song Remix (Full Version)

Leap - Which i cinta (Fairy Tail piano theme Remix)

Fairy Tail - Dragon Force (Extended Version)

Fairy Tail AMV - Your Going Down [Version 1.0]

Fairy Tail AMV - Your Going Down [Version 1.25]

puncak, atas 50 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters(After 7 Years ver)

[1080p HD] Fairy Tail Main Theme Extended gitar Version (So

Kaleptik - Fairy Tail [Remix]

BLS◄ Troublemaker MEP

~Candy from a stranger~ GrayLu

Graylu - Solo

they don't know about us | NaLu {{SPECIAL EDITION}}

Natsu and Loke Switch Bodies- English DUB

Fairy Tail - Juvia being Juvia

Nalu- Boy You're My Lucky bintang

Goodbye, future Lucy

Natsu x Lucy "Nalu AMV" /We'll be coming back/ oleh Calvin Harris

Fairy Tail AMV : NaLu

NaLu 【Diary of Jane】 +800 subs

~NaLu~ Just A Dream

Fairy Tail AMV-When She Cries