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pilihan fans: Erza Scarlet
pilihan fans: NaLu
pilihan fans: Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet
Natsu Dragneel
pilihan fans: Harla
pilihan fans: 3. Erza
3. Erza
4. Juvia
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farytailwins berkata …
jallol has a girlfreind!!!!!!nnnnnnnooooooooo diposting ·22 jam yang lalu
Sanjianimelover berkata …
Heyy all u Ft pasangan I m new here nice to be part
Of FT club i m fired up I have watched FT till
Tartaros arc it was an amazing journey so far,
FT is magical and enchanting I will always cinta
Lucy whom I always call beauty with brains diposting ·6 hari yang lalu
farytailwins komentar…
youare right i am also new ·23 jam yang lalu
big smile
Rubie_elsa berkata …
I have a prediction, our world is Edolas. WE used to have magic but then we lost it all. When Mystogan became king, people must have discovered science. And our Modern world began. But then history about magic in our world is now gone diposting ·2 bulan yang lalu
Sanjianimelover komentar…
U got a great imagination u can be writer for FT ·6 hari yang lalu