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~Sunday~ humphrey had gotten bored sense kate had left to visit some cousins from another pack so he headed twoards the city because he felt aroused. Apon hitting the city limits he found a girl that was about 16 and asked her "Hey do anda wanna hang out at my sarang, den for a bit?" The girl replied "Huh me really i just got dumped but sure" Humphrey walked selanjutnya to her leading her to his and kates sarang, den having naughty thoughts on his mind.

~Later~ humphrey says "Do anda mind striping for me" and the girl balasa "Umm sure" she takes off her kemeja and her boob jiggle a bit then she takes off her Skirt...
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The hari was young and the air was cool. I always cinta to walk through the woods near my house. Its about a 4 mile trail.I was about 3 miles in when I heard rustling in the bushes to my side. I heard whatever it was walk away so I decided to follow the noise. When I got down to a riverside trail I saw her for the first time. A beutiful looking wolf. Light blonde bulu and blue eyes. I walked down to the river pretending like I didnt see her.

"Holy Shit!!" She berkata as I came out of the trees.
"Sorry if I scared anda I was just............wait did anda just talk?" And now I was freaked out. I then...
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Life With Sarah

Chapter 1

How We Met

It was the 25th of July, and I was walking to the supermarket to get some groceries. It was then I caught a glimmer of this beautiful serigala running in the park. I stopped walking and I turned around and couldn’t see anything which I thought was strange. Then I heard this yelp coming from behind a big palm tree. I ran over to the pohon and there behind the pohon and to my surprise it was the serigala I had seen before, her bulu as berwarna merah muda, merah muda as a rose and her eyes greener than the leaves. I berkata “are anda all right”. “No, I think I broke my ankle she berkata in a sad...
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It is I, The Goldwolf. anda may call me Coy but in this realm I shall remain oleh the name the Oracle has diberikan me. Seeing as though Humphrey is comatosed at the moment, I feel as though it is a good time to tell what hapennes next.

When I heard something at the door, I told the Oracle, who was becoming impatient with the mortals of this land, to wait while I checked it out. When I arrived at the door, I saw a rather large serigala standing there. His white bulu reflected the light making him appear even larger than he was. "Hello Grady" I berkata as I walked towards him. "It is about time anda made your...
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posted by HumphreyWolf11
Cast Key
Sasha: (Female)Hutch’s Mom(Long fur,Dark fur)
Michael: (Male)Hutch’s Dad(Long fur,Grey fur)
Hutch: (Male)As himself(As himself)
Jade: (Female)Sasha’s Childhood Friend*Also pack leader*(Medium fur,Pale red fur)
Yarn: (Male)The pack leader(Medium fur, A Artic wolf)
Amber(Female)A Hunter(Golden fur,Medium fur_
Tod(Male)A Hunter(Red fur, long fur)
Winston(Male):As himself (Teenage years)
Eve(Female):As her evil self :O(Teenage years)
Lisha(Female)A Healer in the pack(Long fur,Artic wolf)
*Still expanding*
Lypsies(Everlasting tears*Disease!*)
Skat(Wolf poo)

“Sasha anda should...
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posted by jason74633
That's so much I cinta you
That's so much I need you
And I can't stand ya most everything anda do
makes me wanna smile can I like it for a while

No but anda won't let me
You upset me girl then anda kissed my lips
All of a sudden i forget that I was upset
Can't remember what anda did
Kate:But I hate
You know exactly how to touch so I can't stay mad at anda know that's wrong
Humphrey:But I hate it
You know exactly how to touch so I don't fuss and no more
And I hate how much I cinta anda boy,
I can't stand how much I need you
And I hate how much I cinta anda boy,
Byt I just can't let anda go
And I...
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posted by EightySix
Name: Cowboy
Appearance: Stocky and stout, comparatively small, light brown fur, rough in patches with darker colored "Dirty" spotches.

Cowboy is detik oldest of his siblings. He is a rough and tumble sort of wolf. He's brash, bossy, loud and secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan pushy but can easily back up his actions and words. Of the group, he is certainly the fighter.
He has a short fuse and cares very little for being told the way of things contrary to his own way of thought. He has a problem with authority and always has something to say about a situation, usually it something negative.
He's not without his sense of...
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posted by PrinceRhaegar
Ronna and I exited the apartment and began walking towards rear of the cave system.
My father chose these caves because they offered protection from pretty much all attacks. That was before I took over and created a serigala empire, combining many packs together into one. My main goal was the confrontation of Man when I was younger.
"Where are we going?"asked Ronna.
The komentar startled me and totally brought me back to my senses.
"Did I startle you?"she asked.
"A little, but I was brooding on sad subjects so I guess I owe anda for the wake up call."
I nibbled her neck.
She laughed "Well I guess...
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"This is it, the Apocalypse, whooah!, I'm waking up, I FEEL IT IN My Bones, enough to make my systems blow, welcome to the new age!" "Jesus my head hurts."

Humphrey herd the shrieking sound of metallic instruments slamming to the ground.


He suddenly awoke he was in a rebellion he could tell oleh the coal black armor. They called themselves hell jumpers the ones with black armor.the world was distorted for a minute.

Did I survive the Apocalypse?" Asked Humphrey

He smelled smoke and saw the city behind him in flames, his jaw dropped as he watched its burning gaze. He was surrounded oleh a cloud...
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Life with Alyssa

I am back on this series again! I will be posting the selanjutnya chapter weekly atau about every 4 to 6 days. Anyways enjoy and komentar as always!

"Ow! Any lebih bumps like this my pantat, keledai will be broken." We were in Montana, all non-stop riding for about 24 hours, Kate and Crystal had gladly packed their MP3s so there wouldn't be any arguing between songs because the girls can get a little feisty on a long trip.   "Don't worry Jet, if I am membaca this correctly we only have about 10 lebih miles and we can stop at this nice hotel." She put her hand on my shoulder which helped me feel...
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It has been 4 weeks since Rocko came back
The pack is still in shock of this
Sir we captured him" hutch berkata with ease
You captured who hutch" Rocko replied
Her killer" is all hutch berkata as Rocko stormed out of his sister's den
-at the holding chamber-
Rocko stormed in with runt and hutch behind
Winston eve and Kate where waiting
Rocko entered the chamber
You motherfucker" Rocko berkata to the man and kicked himed
Rocko started beating on the man
You took her from me I loved her" Rocko said
I'm sorry please" the man berkata crying
Rocko was furious his eyes snaped red
He then ripped out the mans leg bone
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posted by Xscash232
Humphrey having no idea of what just occurred stumbled on his way several police car flew oleh lights going. Humphrey continued to walk and finnally seeming like forever he made it halaman awal and knocked on the door cause it was locked. ~1 menit later~ Kate opened the door and let him in and humphrey went and layed down having a throbbing headache. ~Tuesday morning~ Humphrey awoke feeling drowsy he Absoulutely hted this feeling so he went into the dapur But found nothing to eat at the moment so he went to his Office in which he does hhis work at halaman awal from and found something that wasn't very funny...
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Chapter 3 up and ready. Please R&C.

(The selanjutnya morning)
Humphrey fluttered his eyes open as the sun reached into the den. He rolled over and stared up at the ceiling. ‘I have to do something. Kate would never want me like this.’ He then felt his eyes start stinging. ‘I miss you, Kate!’ He thought to himself. He got up and stretched his muscles. ‘Learn to hunt.’ Something told him. He wondered for a moment why that thought came into his head. But, now he had an urge to do as it told. He walked out of the sarang, den and walked. He didn’t know where he was going, he just walked. Before...
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SONG: Perfection
Artist: Pete Ham

There is no real perfection
There'll be no perfect day
Just cinta is our connection
The truth in what we say

There's no good revolution
Just power changing hands
There is no straight solution
Except to understand

So listen to my song of life
anda don't need a gun atau a knife
Successful conversation will take anda very far

There is no real perfection
There'll be no perfect man
Just peace is our connection
For giving all anda can

There's no good kind of killing
Just power taking life
It's all good blood that's spilling
To make a bigger knife

So listen to my song of life
anda don't need a gun atau a knife
Successful conversation can take anda very far
Successful conversation can take anda very far

So listen to my song of life
anda don't need a gun atau a knife
Successful conversation can take anda very far
Successful conversation can take anda very far

Successful conversation will take anda very far
posted by ThreeLitllePups
hey ready for the next ?? Lea and Lucille were now three month. Hayden, Eva and Luna were two month. During the autumn, some coyote were seeing in Jasper. The pack fight and win against the Coyote pack but Tank and his detik were still alive. All the pack is now under keep night and day, Lea and Lucille want to hunt with their mother and the other until the interdiction of them…

Lea’s POV :

I woke up earlier with Lucille, we played and Luna rejoins us. My parents and my Aunt woke up when we jumped on their belly. “Arff” breathes my father, he takes me on his pawns. “Hey dad left...
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1. The Powerpuff Girls
2. Ed, Edd n Eddy
3. Dexter's Laboratory
4. Johnny Bravo
5. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
6. Courage the Cowardly Dog
7. Foster's halaman awal for Imaginary Friends
8.Samurai Jack
9. Teen Titans
10. Camp Lazlo
11. Popeye the sailor man
12. Tom and Jerry
14. Pokemon Gotta Catch 'em all
15. Animaniacs
16. Tiny Toon Adventures
17. Loony Toons
18.Pinky and the Brain
19. batman Beyond
20. Loonatics Unleashed
21.Jackie Chan Adventures
22. Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!
23. Scooby Doo where are you
24.Static Shock

to be continued
posted by Willersmunk
I hope anda have been enjoying this so far!
Again, Kate was five months into pregnancy. But she actually gets up. She does still take walks with Humphrey, but ever so often. Humphrey is just happy about Kate spending time with him.
"Oh, Humphrey." Kate said, trying to hug him. Humphrey was hugging her, trying not to hurt her.
"Kate... anda may be pregnant, but anda are the most beautiful serigala I have every seen." He said. She blushed a little, and giggled. They stopped...
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A few months past on oleh and Janice's belly grew. She rested and ate most of the time and was watched oleh Moonlight. Brian tried to keep as close as posable to her without being caught. Both Brian and Janice waited anxiously for the hari of the birth. And then that hari came.
Moonlight was away and Brian was patrolling the woods as always when he suddenly heard panting and someone slowly walking up to him. It was Janice. Before she could reach him she collapsed and let out a moan, "Brian!! Ah! I'm...,giving....Ahhh!"
Brian gasped and ran to her side. He nuzzled her then he rolled his mate onto...
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(Warning some sexual stuff...You have been warned..Plus I have not getten permission from Lustra to use this song so please don't spread it to other sites for copyright.)


Humphrey doesn't know...that Kate and me do it in my sarang, den every sunday,

She tells him she's in church but she doesn't go still she's moaning at me and Humphrey doesn't know!

Ohhh Humphrey doesn't know..So don't tell Humphrey, cause Humphrey doesn't know Humphrey doesn't Know....SO DON'T TELL HUMPHREY.

Kate tells him she's out hunting. But she in front of me and im humping.

Cause Humphrey doesn't know, Humphrey...
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posted by katealphawolf
*Rated T for lebih mature content, some sexual references are mentioned, anda are warned!*

Kate woke Humphrey at the crack of dawn as promised and then she fell back to sleep; the night had been full of mixed dreams and emotions about mating and she had not slept well.

Humphrey ate a quick breakfast and got everything he needed ready for the day's hunting lesson with Garth. He walked to the mouth of the cave where the golden hues of sun were beginning to glimmer on the rim of the eastern dinding of the valley. He looked back at Kate peacefully sleeping, her eyes closed, her body moving with every...
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