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A sound jarred me from my slumber. I had been sleeping since I laid down on the kursi the sebelumnya night, and noticed that I needed to urinate bad, this might be hard with my screwed up ribs. It was quite dark in the Bronco due to it being covered in snow, I could not see out but I knew there had to be a lot from the way it was coming down the night before. But putting that aside, I keened my hearing. Something had moved outside, I swore I heard something bump into my Bronco. I heard lebih rustling, I reached meneruskan, ke depan and grabbed the steering wheel and painfully brought myself up to a sitting...
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posted by The0fficialKate
Though I heard a growl coming from the room on the right I went in there, I was hoping it was just a tikus atau maybe running water from the mote.
I trotted into the room.. I shouldn't have been so happy with myself, I was so ignorant at this point I ignored all the dangers that could have been around.
I looked around the room, I saw ropes and blood.
"What could that be.." I berkata quietly.
"Ooh god.." My eyes grew larger. I looked at the piece of paper. It had shown a man tied upside down and two men sawing his body in half.
My paws were shaking, my head was pounding. I ran out of the room. "AAAAH!"...
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posted by The0fficialKate
Warning: This fan fiction contains stuff from Amneisa: The Dark Descent/Amneisa: Justine and Alpha and Omega =)

I had awoken on a cold ground, I got up I was in a small cozy room in a terrifying castle.. I looked around the api was still lit but the room has still felt dark and lonely. I thought of Humphrey and Lilly I missed them lebih than anything in the world. Hell, I even missed Garth! Tears filled up in my eyes until I suddenly heard a deep growl I looked up my eyes grew bigger. What was that?
I looked outside the door, "Oh no." I berkata in a low voice. I locked the door and hid...
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posted by crazyryan123
Kate woke up hoping she was back in her den. But she was not in the lab. she was in a truck. she saw a sign pass bye saying anda ARE NOW ENTERING JASPER PARK. Kate was very happy. Men with guns then dropped her parents and Humphrey off. Then they gave Humphrey one lebih shot and the left. Kate ran to Humphrey and berkata in a worried voice. "Humphrey Humphrey!" "Are anda ok speak to me please." Humphrey woke up and felt dizzy. Kate licked his face to see if that will help. Humphrey saw Kate but did`t growl he actually licked Kate back. "Humphrey why did anda growl at me." Humphrey answered back "When?" Kate just forgot a bought it and lied with Kate. WW3 was finally over after years. Kate and Humphrey never left each other never again.
posted by JackLuver14
 Calla howling
Calla howling
    We set the three caribou down where everyone was hanging out, as usual. As the serigala started noticing, they came over to eat and I brought one caribou up to the den. Mom, Dad, and Liz were already waiting. "So I see your first hunt came out successful?" my dad asked. "Yeah. We caught three, so everyone's outside eating the other two," I boasted. "Wow, anda did pretty well. Good job, Cal," Liz said. I beamed.
    When I was finished, I went to go hang out with Amy, Keira, and Sam. We were gonna go hang out oleh the river and decide what we were gonna do with our hair at the Moonlight...
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posted by OfficalLilly
Chapter 2
I followed him like he wanted me to but I stopped soon after I didnt know what he was gonna do.
Garth:"Well dont be shy."
"Sorry."I walked up closer.
Garth:"Wanna hear me howl?"
I didnt know if to agree atau not.
"Uh sure."I berkata with a frown.
Garth howled,it was OK at first but then I heard the worst thing in the world!!!!It was like scratching on a rock!I winced.Then I realized it was him howling like that!Before he could continue I coverd his mouth in relief.He shoved my paw off his mouth.
Garth:"Uh why did anda just do that?"
Um i thought...."
When I saw Humphrey. Perfect!I jumped down in front of him.
Humphrey:Uh hey Kate.Hows Barf?"
His names Garth"I berkata with anger and annoyince.
Thats when my parents came.
Eve:Lilly why dont anda tampil Garth around?"
Lilly:Alright."With excitment.
Humphrey:Follow me.

To be continued.
posted by Wolfman32
Ok everyone I just threw this together now. Trying to make a funny.

Kate and Lilly's Room

"Is he cute?" Lilly asked Kate as they were sitting back and relaxing.

"He's just a friend." Kate groaned. Lilly rolled her eyes at her older sister.

"Whatever, anda so think he's cute." Lilly giggled. Kate growled at her sister.

"He...Is...Just...A...Friend!" She growled. Lilly put her paws up.

"Okay okay!" She laughed. Then Humphrey walked in.

"Hi Kate, Hi Lilly!" He berkata cheerfully. Kate hastilly blushed.

"Oh come on! It's got to be anda too supposed to be together!" Lilly groaned. Humphrey instanly blushed....
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
It is now 2012, and I am a high ranking officer in the military. My name is Chris oleh the way. I am now on my way to see the outcome of a new experiment called K-9X. We tested it on some serigala found in Jasper Park, Canada. The project was supposed to turn them into anthros as the artists of DeviantART say. I heard one of them was a female. Heh, who knows? I may have a shot with her. Anyway, I was walked down the hallway to the K-99 lab and stopped in front of a door with a biohazard symbol on it. I held up my ID and scanned my eye. "Welcome Officer Chris." the computer said. "Thanks Xero."...
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Humphrey was walking through a forest with Kate. He thought that it seemed familiar but he was quick to shake off the idea because it was nice to be alone with Kate for once. "Kate, I ... I wan't to tell anda ..." He tried to say. The words that came out of his mouth were not making sense.

Kate stopped and looked at Humphrey. He already knew what she was going to say and replied "It's ok. I know that I wasn't around, but did it have to be with that douchebag?"

"He was there, when anda died. He says that he saw the whole thing. He was here afterwards for me to cry on his shoulder. Humphrey,...
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posted by TrollWolf
Humphrey had been walking for a while now, and he was begining to feel hungry. He sat down and thought of a nice big chunk of lean caribou, juicy like that first bite into a plum, but tender like his cinta for Kate. To his suprise a huge chunk of caribou appeared and humphrey began chowing down on the bingkah, cowok of meat. When he was finished he wanted nothing lebih than to be selanjutnya to his loved one. He tried to make her appear as well, however despite his efforts, e couldn't make her come to him. So he thought of the Alpha watering hole, and a flash of light came and the net thing he knew, He was in...
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posted by UriahA
Humphrey has Scar in his arms as he woke up. She was so sweet, he was glad to have her. She woke up without Humphrey noticing and rolled over, still making him think she was asleep. Out of nowhere she yelled right into his face.
“Ah frick!”
“Haha, got you!”
“Man anda got me good.”
“I… I know this kind of backward of what it’s supposed to be but I… I have a mate that passed away and I know he wants me to be happy.”
“I know.”
Scar got on her knees, “Will anda marry me?”
“Oh, Scar! This is so unplanned! The way we propose makes me feel...
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This is a short fun story about Kates and Humphrey „Adventures“ (warning, light sexual content) with fitting Pictures. Well, actually its kinda little Comic.

The story was born spontaneously during a chat with alphakate21. We chatted about what screencaps we like most and so i began to write short rates fitting to the pictures. We both thought that this is kinda funny and so i decided to copy out my chat parts and bring them to anda all. This is how this story were born.

Sorry if my english isn’t perfect. I’m a german so .. i don’t speak english every day. 

FIRST: Imagine that you...
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Humphrey was on his first investigation case in the law enforcement. A wolf, Faolan actually, was stabbed with a human pisau oleh another wolf.
“The blood shed from the victim, Faolan, has the scent of a possible predator, but we’re not for sure if it is atau not.”
The serigala who was stabbed was standing there at the crime scene. Humphrey sniffed deeper into the scent. There was a sudden surprise he did not expect.
“Oh God! Crap! Ahh this isn’t good!”
“What is it?”
“My friend! I smell him on the blood! Faolan, what did the guy that stabbed anda look like?”
“He was fat! He had...
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posted by katealphawolf
*warning: sexual content ahead! anda are warned!*

"You ready to go home?" Jon asked Kate, "I'm going to put this kerah and leash on anda and take anda to the Bronco." He pointed out at a big yellow SUV parked in the driveway. He slipped the kerah over her head and snapped the lead onto it and walked her out. He opened the door to the Bronco, "get in," Kate jumped up into the passenger seat, Stormy was already in the back ready to go. "Now I don't know how anda will react to a car ride but if anda need to vomit put your head out the window and do it okay?" He rolled down the window for her, then...
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this is A&O related, i just have'nt got to that part yet, BUT i will!

Far across the univers on a distant planet called, cybertron war rages on. Each hari the surface of the planet endures a constant battle of good versus evil, autobots and decepticons, enemy's, who were once our brothers. This story tells of how the univers changed in a way no one could explain, this is where it all begins...

Stareing outside the oversized veiwport a bold optimus prime was whaching the war take its toll on iacon, capitol city of the autobots.

"Iornhide is the ship ready for launch?" asked Optimus through...
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posted by OmegaLeader
Bored and i thought why not....

Name: Jet Wolf
Sex: Male
Family: Rayne (Sister)
Personality: Nice, sweet, kind, calm
Alpha, beta, atau omega: Beta
Looks: Brown fur, Black under belly, light brown highlights, Blonde, red eyes, 2 marks on my chest.
Interests/Hobbies Hunting, relaxing, comforting others, being nice, partying, family, listening to music.
Special Features: 2 tattos on my chest.
Partner Interests: Females
Mate: Alyssa
Bio/Info: I cinta to be there for friends and families. I am usually a sweet serigala who likes to mess around, but if need be I can turn into your worst nightmare. I cinta music, favorite...
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posted by shadow-omega
Kyle's POV

It was a sunny hari with not many clouds in the sky. Kate and I had woken up early to continue the cari for Humphrey and Lilly. We had caught some squirrels for a snack while we walked. Kate had a depressed face when we had left the den.

"Kate, what's the matter?" I asked curiously

She then began to cry. "That sarang, den we stayed in... It was where me and Humphrey stayed one night when we were coming back from Idaho..." Kate replied tears running down her face.

"Oh I'm so sorry I didn't know." Kyle replied

Kyle went up to Kate and gave her a big hug. He stayed there until Kate stopped crying....
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It was around early morning in the train where Lilly and Humphrey slept. The sun had not risen yet so it was still dark out. Lilly and Humphrey were pleasantly sleeping snuggled up selanjutnya to each other. Lilly was just sleeping soundly, having a great dream. But suddenly her dream turned into a nightmare which made Lilly wake up all sweaty and panting. She then noticed that her bulu was black again from the nightmare since it had made her scared and fearful. She then slowly got up so she didn't wake up Humphrey. Lilly then walked over to the open train door and sat there enjoying the scenery.

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posted by AlphaClub
BTW, before this artikel starts, I wanted to say that I will be using OCs of me and Rocko... Rocko gave me permission to use his OC, so, dude, hope anda enjoy this! :)

It was night, and everyone except the alpha guards were sleeping. My friend, Rocko, was on the east side of the camp, and I was on the western side. The north and south sides were protected oleh lage cliffs, towering above the camp, keeping our halaman awal safe.

It was all but light, although the pale moonlight illuminated the trees, and the wind made their leaves sway in the night, creating soft, quiet, swishing sounds, giving musik to...
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Here is a new Crossover idea I've had for quite a while now. I wasn't fully sure how I was going to make it work, but the idea finally came to mind last night. I hope anda guys enjoy! :)

Alpha and Omega: In the Squared Circle
Chapter 1: The Discovery

It’s been lazy for the Omegas for quite sometime in Jasper Park. But then again, any days for Omegas are quite lazy unless they need to keep the peace, which hasn’t been needed for some time now. So they needed to find some activates to keep them occupied. Some activates included Log Sliding, playing in the mud, and even pretending to be Alphas...
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