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posted by edwardrobertcul
 Zayn <3
Zayn <3
Best thing about being a boy? I get to tanggal girls.
Best thing about being in One Direction? All the free clothes and I get to do what I cinta everyday.
Best cure for One Direction infection? There isn’t one.
Favourite aftershave: Unforgivable oleh Sean John.
Favourite grooming product: Hair wax.
PJ’s, pants atau nothing in bed? Pants.
Bath atau shower? Shower.
What mobile phone do anda have? I have an iPhone 4 and I have a blackberry too, but I don’t use it. I like the iPhone better.
What do anda cuddle up to at night? Nothing not even my duvet!

What kind of boyfriend are you?
I’d like to think I’m...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
Name: Zayn Jawadd Malik

Age: 18
DOB: 12/01/93
Star Sign: Capricorn
Home Town: Bradford
Celeb Crush: Megan Fox
Man Crush: Justin Timberlake
Favourite hair colour on a girl: Brunette
Bet anda didn’t know: He celebrated his 18th birthday with a trip to Nandos with the boys.
Turn-ons: tato and stripper shoes
Turn-offs: Punks, burping and sweating.

Zayn is a loyal and faithful boyfriend.
On a tanggal he would wear jeans, a T-shirt and trainers.
His perfect girl can’t be too clingy and someone who acts cool. Megan rubah, fox would be his ideal partner.
He loves the mirror.
He’s a secret bad boy.
He is actually a bit...
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