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posted by RoseBelikov27
Whoo! Its out. And it is awesome !! I cinta it. i like the way the did Rose and Lissa AND...DIMITRI!! But have to say the cover is kinda bad on his behalf but when anda start membaca it and seeing how they portrayed all the characters and they stuck to the storyline which was cool..Yum !! DIMITRI BELIKOV..did I mention him?? He is hott!!

All in all it is awesome and if anda can get your Vampire Academy Addicted mitts on the it anda will never look back. Some of anda may have a different opinon than i but it is awesome from where I am and that's cool I can't make anda all cinta it.

Read it and then think and the write to me and see what anda think I would see what others think about it.

Deuces Chucked up.
Peace ! :D
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A human who willingly donates blood to a Moroi. Feeders usually become addicted to the drug-like endorphins in a vampire’s saliva, which give intense pleasure when bitten.


Known Moroi Feeders
Alice (in Shadow Kiss)
Dorothy (in Bloodlines Series)

Strigoi Forced Feedings in Frostbite
When Rosemarie Hathaway, Mason Ashford, Eddie Castile, Mia Rinaldi, and Christian Ozera were captured and held captive oleh Strigoi Isaiah and Elena, Isaiah would stop oleh every so often and take a drink from Eddie. Eddie was left scarred oleh the incident and blames himself for everything.
Strigoi Forced Feedings...
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