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posted by rania1234
The Totally Spies
The Totally Spies! team consists of three students: Sam (the redhead), Alex (the brunette), and Clover (the blond). They study at the renowned Malibu universitas (Mali-U). The three students are at the forefront of fashion, and their virtues make them very populer girls. But Sam, Alex and Clover are first and foremost shock spies, close combat specialists. To all meanies along their way: Watch out!

Clover is blond with blue eyes and she wears a red Spies suit. She's the most fashionable of the Spies, a true “fashion victim.” Her dream: to become a movie star. To...
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posted by Rikito
Clover-She's the most fashionoble! Her costume is red and she always likes to shop. Her annimy is Mandy. Mandy is mean and rood, she to like Clover likes to toko an she's lebih into the fashion. Clover always is looking for boys. she's also the BEAUTIFUL and CUTE one! But 4starter she always complane (no matter to me ),but that's not bad. So what! Sam and Alex complane too u know! I SO MUCH cinta CLOVER!!! SHE'S MY FAV SPIE!!! That was from me! Bye 4 now! :) :) :)

Who thinks that there should be Totally Spies adult/womens costumes?! I do!!! If anda agree with me, then anda should help me oleh asking cosplay sites to make Totally Spies costumes! Just click on the 'contact' button and tell them why anda want them to make the costumes and why it would add to their inventory! Tell your friends to do the same! Ask different sites so that we can have lebih options when we cosplay! I'll tell anda if I hear anything, and I hope that you'll do the same! Thanks!!! :D ♥ TOTALLY SPIES!!! ♥ SAM ♥ ALEX ♥ CLOVER