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Last time, on total drama letters, the campers Met each other, and two new characters were introduced, James and May. This time, there will be teams, scenes, schemes and dreams, on Total Drama Letters.

5 a.m. In the morning

Chris: everybody, rise and shine, it's time for your very first challenge!

Heather: why is it so early?

Leshawna: For once I am agreeing with Heather! It's Sunrise!

Chris: you'll need the time for the challenge. Trust me!

Tyler: so what is the challenge?

Chris: acting!

A few groans are heard and Lindsay claps her hands.

Confession Cam: (Ezekiel) I was thinkin' eh, that I should do nothing at all, then no one would find anything bad to vote me off.

Confession Cam: (Sierra) A perfect chance to impress Cooody.

Confession cam: (Cody) a perfect chance to impress Gweeen.

Chris: anda have to act out a scene about the letter A, with an animal starting with A, a food starting with a and a country starting with A. Chef and I will decide which team is the best.

Duncan: Team? Hello, earth to Chris, we aren't in teams.

Chris: patience, young one. Any questions? Good.

Harold: I have a question-

Chris: no one cares Harold. There will be two teams of 9 and one team of 8. The captains will be the winners from the past seasons. Owen, Duncan and heather. Owen, a girl?

Owen: Izzy!

Chris: Duncan, a girl?

Duncan: Gwen.

Chris heather, a boy?

Heather: hmm, Trent.

Owen: Noah, buddy.

Duncan: Geoff

Heather: Lindsay

Owen: Bridgette

Duncan: Leshawna

Heather: DJ

Owen: justin

Duncan: Tyler

Heather: Beth

Owen: May

Duncan: Sierra

Heather: James

Owen: Harorld

Duncan: Hmm

Sierra: Please choose Cody please choose Cody!

Cody begging him not to.

Duncan: Cody

Cody: noooooo

Heater: Katie

Owen: Sadie

Katie and Sadie: NOOOOOOO!

Duncan: Eva

Heather: Alejandro

Owen: Ezekiel

Duncan: *sigh* that leaves me with Courtney.

Chris: okay, good, here are the teams. Owen's team: Owen, Izzy, Noah, Bridgette, Sadie, Ezekiel, Harold, May and Justin.
Duncan's team: Duncan, Gwen, Geoff, Eva, Cody, Sierra, Courtney, Leshawna, Harold.
Heathers team: Heather, DJ, Lindsay, James, Beth, Alejandro, Katie, Trent.

Your team name's first letter has to be the same as your captain's. anda have 1 menit to decide. Go.

[i] 1 menit later [i]

Chris: Owen, your team name?

Owen: the Killer Otters.

Chris: nice... Duncan?

Duncan: the screaming Demons.

Chris: Awesome! Heather?

Heather: the deadly Hunters.

Chris: good use of adjectives guys. Now, do anda remember the challenge? The A Play! Get to it, be done oleh this afternoon.

Justin: I was thinking, Anaconda for the animal, Australia for the country and the food to be Apples.

Owen: Okay, the play can be called Anaconda attack!

Eva: Ant?

Duncan: okay, Ant. What about place?

Courtney: Africa?

Duncan: yep, and food?

Gwen: Apricot?

Cody: I cinta apricots, Gwen. They're so... Romantic!

Gwen: Really! I don't care.

Cody (embarrassed): Yeah, because

Geoff: it'll be called; awesomeness!

Duncan: I can deal with that.

Heather: every thing has to be perfect, so I'll do it all, Bye.

Heather walks into her cabin.

[i] that afternoon [i]

Chris is sitting outside the stage used in the talent show.

Chris: Times up! First, The Killer Otters, with; Anaconda attack.

Izzy, dressed as an Australian was collecting apples, when a small rubber snake flew at her, she caught it and pretended to be attacked, it took about 5 menit then she died.

Chris and Chef: Bad props, good death. 6/10.

Chris: next, the screaming Demons with 'awesomeness'

Three people were dressed in Black spheres so when they walked together it looked like an ant. The ant started munching on a aprikot but Chris couldn't find out what country it was. Suddenly Duncan came out wearing the same costume Chris did in African Lying Safari. The third ant person, who was Courtney, tripped and fell off the stage. Everything turned into mayhem from then, there were falls, shouts, the curtains closed in the middle of the scene and Chris gave them 5/10.
Chris: great costumes and props, but anda stuffed it up. big time.

Chef: Last but not least, the deadly hunters with "An inspiration."

Heather walked on the stage and did a ballet act.

"I call it Chris is Awesome. And I made a poem.

[i] my favourite parts about the show
Were Australia, because Gwen had to go,
And new York was pretty cool,
With the apples in the pool,
But who's the star? I'll give anda a clue,
anda big old ape it's you! [i]

Chris: 9/10! I only marked anda down because the ballet sucked. That poem was amazing, it had everything it needed!
Invincibility for the selanjutnya challenge.

Camp api Ceremony

Chris: The Screaming Demons, there are only eight marshmallows on this plate, there are nine of you, who ever doesn't receive a marshmallow will leave.

Harold, Courtney, there is one marshmallow on this plate, it goes to.... Harold.

Everyone: Bye Courtney

As usual she had to be dragged off.

Will the Killer Otters' advantage help them? Will may and James play a bigger part? Will heather earn her teams trust after her win? Find out selanjutnya time on Total. drama. Letters.

selanjutnya EPISODE: B is for Building.
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"Hi I'm Chris McLean and this is Total Drama Island!" Gwen turns to look at Heather in disgrace. Heather looks up and rolls her eyes then continues to file her nails.
"For your first challenge anda must jump off this 20ft. building into the ocean swim back to pantai and roll three barrels up the building. Since there is three of anda and three barrels then each of anda roll one barrel. Is that clear?" Chris said.
"How the heck are we supposed to do that!" Trent exclaimed.
"I don't know how, your the contestants, figure something out." Chris said.
Since Trent, Heather, and Duncan were on one team...
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***I Just started menulis this on and decided to post it here 2. Its a good fanfic i hope anda like it***

Cameron sat in his room it was a cold spring hari and his mom berkata she had something to tell him. Cameron didn't think this meant much it never does.

"Camybear." Cameron's mom, Chrissy berkata to get his attention. "as told anda i have something to tell you,,and anda may not like it."

The words anda may not like it struck mom rarely ever berkata that unless he was going to the doctor,dentist, atau his mom was going to put his "special cream" On his bottom/

Chrissy looked scared at Cameron...
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Season 1
Team Red (Screaming Gophers):

Team Silver (Killer Bass):

Season 2
Team Red (Screaming Actors):

Team Silver (Killer Directors):

Season 3
Team Red (Team Mextli):

Team teal (Team Eiffel):

Team emas (Team Amazon):
As I promised, I'm updating this on Valentines day. XD But, like I said, V-day is a pretty stupid holiday in my opinion. :/ *shrug* Oh well, I guess it doesn't really matter. Anyway, without further delaying atau staling, here's the latest TDR! :D


*At the Elimination Ceremony*

Chris: *walks up to the podium* Hello all, and welcome back to the elimination ceremony! I know it's been awhile, but I'm pretty sure anda all know how this works.

Melody: *raises hand* Chris, I have a question.

Chris: Keep it to yourself. Anyway, lets get this-

Melody: *cuts...
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(I'm so sorry this took so long! I'm trying to get back on track!!)

Chef sat in the chair only to be tackled oleh Everyones favourite psycho, izzy. Izzy laughed as the two got up. "Whoops! Sorry cheffy! I totally thought there was a tupai on your head!! I mean that would be so cool." chef sighed. "Look ya Crazy freak. I just want to get this done so I can get my pay check.." Izzy nodded her head yes. "Psh! Sure chef. anda just had to ask the pertanyaan silly!" Chef smiled thinking this would be easier than he thought.

"Well your first-"

"Wait, Wait, wait!!! anda have to ask them like the RCMP dudes...
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"NO I'M NOT INTERVIEWING THAT-THAT THING!!!!!" Heather yelled as she was pushed into the room. She finally gave up and, with a roll of her eyes, sat down in the chair infront of Alejandro.
"Malvada bruja."
"Oh anda better be happy I don't know what that means!" Heather snarled. "Well chicka, don't anda have pertanyaan to ask?" Alejandro asked. "Yes. The faster we get this done, the faster I can leave." Heather grumbled.
"These 2 pertanyaan come from TDIlover4ever. Says here she had a nose bleed from wanting me to interview you." Heather rolled her eyes. "Her pertanyaan is "Do anda still cinta Heather...
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chey:last time on total drama our cast headed to brittian and well sadie was the one who had to go because of justin`s um...soar haha what will happen this time on total drama world tour
*losers part*
tyler:we lost again as the leader i mean lindsay your the leader anda go ahead
lindsay:how bout we have team shrits
(lindsay gives kadie & tyler a berwarna merah muda, merah muda tanktop)
tyler:this is the best she could think of oh well
*losers part*
leshawna:are anda soar
justin:ohhh shut up
bridgette:that`s funny nice on leshawna
*winner part*
duncan:we won again baby
gwen:i know me andyou final 2
rest of...
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Ranma:*still asleep*
Akane:Is he gonna sleep the whole ride? -.-'
Lum:*also sleeping* Zzzzzz..
Lolly:So, what kind of challenge should we do?
Akane:How about the "Kill Ranma Game" *fakes a smile*
Lolly:Akane, no. u_u'
Akane:*rolls eyes* Fine. >(
Lolly:Okay so what should it be?
Nagisa:Well um maybe we should do a simple challenge...
DS:Like what? *cocks head to the side*
Nagisa:Maybe ummm... some sorta race atau something..
Lolly:Ehh.. I dunno.. ^^;
DS:Well it could be like a race! We could then make up the teams oleh who crosses the finish line!
Nagisa:That sounds good. ^^
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(Inside the challenge studio has a bunch of pies. The campers are anxious to know what is going on.)

Chris: anda all know your selanjutnya challenge. Right?

Duncan: Are we going to throw pies at each other?

Heather: I hope not.

Chris: Correct. We are having a pie battle.

Heather: I knew it!

Leshawna: Uh-uh. No pies will be going near me.

Eva: atau me!

Chris: Sorry, but rules are rules. Are anda all ready?

(20 menit later)

Chris: The Famous Penguins win again!

Harold: Yahoo!

Courtney: anda did great, Harold. (Kisses him on the cheek)

Harold: Aww shucks.

Chris: bintang Monkeys, i'm seeing anda all in the Studio of Doom....
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Chris:Hi,Chris here for another exciting season of Total Drama!You know Courtney,Noah,Owen,Gwen,Duncan,D.j,Bridgette,Geoff,Trent,Izzy,Tyler,and Heather!But now we have 16 new characters! Bridgette:NO WAY!!! Chris:Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!! We have Emily,Mack,Rikky,Rochelle,Penny,Jake,Sam,Ray,Jake,Phil,Helena,Kylie,Mizzy,Avan,and Jaxon!NOw we are in a rain Forest as anda can see sothe teams are...THe killer snakes are:Trent,Izzy,Jaxon,Kylie,Emily,Heather,Avan,Noah,Rochelle,Avan,Bridgette,Geoff,and Helena!THe screaming ikan are:Penny,Jake,Owen,Duncan,D.j,Tyler,Ray,Gwen,Mizzy,Mack,Rikky,Faith,and Sam!Now theChallenge is... Part 2 coming soon!!!
Trent is a casual musician who tends to get along with everyone. When Trent is not working on his music, he is seen working on sepeda motor (though he never made it to the motocross challenge in That's Off the Chain!). His dream is to one hari have his own motorcycle shop, although his father wishes for him to become an accountant, to which Trent is vehemently against. Overall, Trent treated nearly everyone fairly and equally, which made him a very likable competitor for the other campers. He was even seen able to get along with Chris at times. Throughout Total Drama Island, Trent is also known...
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chrissy:ok lets vote some one of the island
ben:i vote for cory because he got the plain on fier
cory:i vote for ben because he berkata he is going to vote me off
tyra:ben told cory he is going to vote him off i have to do it
dain:hector called me a b****
hector:dain flirted with me i dont like bad girls
luke:ben berkata im with luke i dont relly know what that means but i think it means hes gay
elly:i vote of ben cuz he is a nerdy boy nerds are smart and might win so im not tacking eny riscks
grace:um ben i gousse nerds stop the party and im not feeling the party whrite know
luis:cory he mesed up the plain...
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“Another Part of Me” A poem oleh Total Drama Island’s Courtney;

“There’s another part of me
That anda may not know.
Jumping, playing, running free
Love continues to grow.

You may think that I don’t care,
I hope anda know you’re wrong.
Duncan, Duncan, please be fair,
Our cinta is true and strong.

I’m your Princess,
And I hope I always will be.
Even though, I do confess,
Love’s important to me.

Back then, I felt happiness
Every time we met.
Though now I don’t cinta anda any less,
My cinta is mixed with regret.

But now it’s something different;
Which I don’t know about.
Every time, I feel resent;...
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 Evil looks
Evil looks
Sorry about the wait!

Chris: Ok, to recap Lauren, Duncan, Dawn and Noah have invinsibility. So now on with the elimanation!

*On the field*

Chris: Remember, if anda do not recive a bag of chips, your out!
Justin: *raises hand* Chris, i am strongly alergic to salt!
Lauren: mwahahahaha
Duncan: Haha! We don't care, dude!
Justin: *evil look*
Chris: Anyway ... the chips go to:

Lauren, Duncan, Dawn, Noah, Jared, Courtney, Sumer, Trent, Megan, Alex, Bridgette, Aydan, Geoff, Ashley, Amber, Andrea, Cody, Tyler, Harold, Domo and Bunny.


Sofie: Oh my goodness! Me in the bottem two?! GUYS!
Lauren: YAYS! SOFIES'...
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I pushed open the door of the Caffe. Kieran followed behind me gazing at the building. Suddenly a blue-haired girl was standing at the entrance dressed and Haruhi Suzumiya.
"There anda are! It only took a anda four fricken minutes!" She yelled grabbing our hands and pulling us to a table. Kieran's eyes brightened as he ran to ciuman and hug his girlfriend.
"Don't get my cosplay dirty!" She berkata holding up her hand to stop him. He stepped back and sat selanjutnya to me. I picked up my menu and began to read. When put it down to take a sip of my water, I saw Beth in a really cute outfit.
"Are anda ready to...
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Owen walks into the trailer exausted because of the new challenges chris set up.

He notices Duncan and Courtney on the dipan, sofa watching tv. He makes it to his tempat tidur and is out like a light.

Suddenly he wakes up 5 hours later. Theres a severe chill in the air like the AC was on too long atau a window was left open in winter. He looks at the clock. Its 6 in the morning. He starts to panic about breakfast.

He stumbles out of the trailer with his kemeja on backwards and trying to put his pants on as he walks. The only thing on his mind is not letting geoff eat all the bacon. He reaches the food tent and...
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1. Give Harold a makeover and send him and Gwen on a blind tanggal (without revieling his identidy.) Force them to kiss, and then tell Gwen who he is

2. Get Heather to shave Gwen's hair off

3. Critisize her artwork

4. Tell Duncan that Gwen has the hots for him (with Courtney around), and then put Gwen and Duncan in a room for an jam

5. Die her hair hot pink

6. Tell Gwen that Trent is stalking her

7. Tell Gwen that Cody mencuri her bra

8. Give her a tatoo of Nick Jonas on her arm atau her a**

9. Get Trent to play the llama song on his gitar outside of her house

10. Get Eva to challenge Gwen in a cage fight

11. Go on Photoshop and make a pic of Gwen and Geoff kissing, and tampil it to Bridgette (Camp TV)

12. Dress up as Heather and knock Gwen out

13. Read Gwen's diary on an internatinol TV show

14. Make a fake diary entry in Gwen's diary saying that Owen is hot
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hey yall hasnt everyone wanted to play a role on tdi well now anda can! Ok here are the details... first every person is open exsept Drum roll Escope! detik anda need to change your icon thing to the person anda want to be be sure to everatiseC: Third anda need to komentar to tell who anda want to be! As soon as all 22 roles are asked i will put up the results! So far
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