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Chapter 2: Rude Phone Call

Ziva felt Tony’s eyes following her every movement. It wasn’t until they finally reached her apartment door that Tony’s eyes finally shifted away from her backside to lock onto Ziva’s exotic brown eyes, the eyes that had captivated his imagination ever since he first met the Israeli. He searched them for reassurance, to be certain that Ziva really did want to be with him. To be with him, and no one else.

Gibbs may have diberikan them his permission, but they still would have to keep their romance outside of the office and off the field. Tony understood that.
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posted by goodgirlmikey

It was inspired oleh Tony's "You looked comfy enough" komentar to Ziva in Jet Lag.

Disclaimer: RAWR. I don't own the characters, and NCIS. CBS owns them/it.


“You know you're in cinta when anda can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”- Dr Seuss


Arrive in Paris. Check.

Get the luggages. Check.

Hail cab, get to the hotel. Check.

Room reservations. Check—oops.

There is no way they were going to share a room....
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posted by iheartwheaterly
Disclaimer-I am not affiliated with ncis atau CBS.
I do not have any part in creating in these characters, nor do I own them.
Anthony entered the building with less swagger and less spring in his step. Mondays were basically torture for him, it ended his weekend that was filled with bir and rongsokan, sampah food. As soon as he placed down his gear, Ziva started to snicker.
"What?" he snapped.
She looked up from her computer screen.
"None of your business." she retorted hatefully.
McGee watched the bicker and realized the intensity in the bullpen. Tony stared intently at Ziva, and she ignored him....
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Disclaimer: If I owned ncis Tiva would have gotten together long ago! So disclaimed.

She stared down at the little white stick that was supposed to tell her if she was going to be a mother. She was not sure how she felt about peeing on a stupid little stick and waiting for the pregnant atau not pregnant words to flash across the screen of the test. How could this possibly happen? Well... she knew how it happened, that one night 6 weeks yang lalu that she spent wrapped in the arms of her partner, her friend, now her lover. It had been a long time coming with many years of denial over their feelings....
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posted by mossheart1235
This was actually going to be my submission for the TFFF, but I changed my mind. I hope anda enjoy it, though :)

In her apartment, Ziva watched news of an explosion, from somewhere across the country. Tony had been sent on an undercover mission in Los Angeles, working with ncis Los Angeles team. Ziva hoped that he was all right. She had to tell him something important.
Her cell phone rang. She picked it up, not recognising the number. “Hello?”
“Ziva?” It was one of the L.A. Agents.
“Agent Callen? What is going on?”
“That news of an explosion on TV? anda watching it?”
“Yes. Why?”...
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AN: I JUST NEED TO LET THIS OUT, but please don't throw sticks and stones because this ain't finished yet. Please don't get angry at me.

Disclaimers: I cinta my brother so much.

He already handed over his resignation letter to Vance.

He isn’t sure whether Vance liked the fact that he was resigning. He doesn’t have to wonder any longer.

“Are anda sure of your decision, Agent DiNozzo?”

“Yes sir.” Tony replied with all the conviction he could muster.

“Does Agent Gibbs know about this?”

“I will let him know as soon as possible.” He turns...
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AN: Inspired oleh the rainy weather in last night's episode, Double Identity. This is just a prologue, and I'm not sure if I would continue this atau not. If I get struck with plot bunnies again, maybe? And if listening to Lady Antebellum's 'Need anda Now' and Beyonce's 'Halo' would help, I would most likely post another chapter.

Disclaimers: I own nothing, sorry. Just the idea for the fanfic. But the characters, NCIS, the rainy weather, NO.

Spoilers: Nine Lives and Truth atau Consequences. A little of Double Identity.

When Ziva was seven, a boy told her he liked her. She punched him and he never showed...
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i got a really good idea when i was riting this so here it is insted of making a long ending i decided for this to be the end of the first of the vs series yay dont hate me for the ending sorry

Ziva’s pov
Once we got the girl to the hospital the girl had stopped crying I thought that she had gone numb oleh that time so would I
Tony was feeling better and I was sitting in the back with him and the girl that I had found out was named magan is in the front with abby driving
I was in the back with tony and we are all forgiven
When we got out of...
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posted by iheartwheaterly
I own nothing, but in this story i finish the ''movie'' they watch in jurisdiction!

As Tony reached for the popcorn, he relised Ziva had fallen asleep. He grabbed the popcorn, and she awoke. ''Want me to take anda home?'' he asked. ''No, I'm going to the autopsy.'' Ziva got up and stumbled, but Tony caught her. Tony decided just to carry her there.
She fell asleep in his arms, when he put her down she awoke again. ''Can I ask anda a pertanyaan Tony?'' ''Sure, my ninja.''

''Do anda feel like.. anda are in cinta with someone?'' Tony had a smile on his face. ''Why?'' he said. ''Because , I'm in cinta with...''...
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posted by NCISCHIK
Ok please, please don't judge me to harsh on this. I was up till 3 am menulis this and then my little brother deleted it all, and I am in troubles for screaming at him, so this was better until I had to re-write it. And don't bother membaca this if bad spelling and punctuation bothers, anda because I am not going to check this over and over again, just to get it right. I did that once and it got deleted, so oh well. This is my first fan fic so i hope anda like it
It was almost mid-night and Aiva was ready for a night at halaman awal with a good book, when...
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posted by NCISCHIK
Hope anda like I spent lebih time on this with less interruption well except a texting war with my friend I hope I win that
Tony being Tony let the girl in, even though Ziva was on his dipan, sofa asleep. Once the girl was inside Tony led her to the kitchen. They introduced themselves. About this time Ziva woke up at the sound of Tony dropping a bir bottle. She ran in the kitchen, gun in hand and screaming. At that, the guest, Lizzy, screamed and Tony yelled for every body to calm down. That's when Ziva finally noticed Lizzy, but all Lizzy seemed to...
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----mann am i menulis a lot these days!!!----

my first multi-chapter!!!

disclaim: If anda still need to be reminded at this point, you're dumb enough to think i might actually own ncis and have the screen name "soccergal39." don bellisario is most definitely NOT sepakbola player. sorry to disappoint, buuttt nope :P


"Come on, z. Seriously? There's MORE?" Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo whined to his best friend and favorit partner, Ziva David.

"Yes, tony. anda promised!" Ziva countered.

"Yeah, anda know that ticked...
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posted by BarbaraCocaCola
There are they again, on a plane, this time to Miami. They are going to carry a witness to Washington DC. Ziva is trying to sleep. Yes, trying, with Tony oleh her side, bernyanyi 'Sinatra' all time, and membaca magazines about cars: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.
-Tony, please can anda sing a little bit lebih low?-Ziva says angry.
-Sorry, I can't listen you!...
Suddently something appears in Tony's mp4 "Low Battery".
-Oh,yes... Finnaly! Now I can sleep...
-You can sleep when we arrive to the hotel... Now anda must enjoy the travel, Zi..
She was going to say something but everytime he calls her 'Zi' she...
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Tony gets off the elevator and sees her. She still didn't look good. It's been a week after Samalia and she still is being withdrawn, akting like someone is going to pop out of no where and drag her back there. Back to all the pain and torture. Tony knows that that is imposible but even if it wasn't it wouldn't happen. He wouldn't let it. He would not loose her again. He sighs as he gets to his meja tulis, meja and sinks in his chair. They had just finished a case and now it was time for paperwork. To his surprise his computer made a dinging sound signaling that he hd a new instant message. He opened up...
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Disclaimer: I don't own ncis atau anything having to do with it except i watch it a lot and i own 4 seasons of DVDs. Enda story. Not a very happy ending ;( I also don't own the song, but i'm okay with that for right now.

Jason Derulo's queen Of Hearts inspired this, kinda. listen to it, it's my current Tiva song!----god that daftar is gettin long:). as i said, i don't own it. sad, but true.

*****5:00 Monday Mornin'********

Ziva stared at him. Constantly. Whether it be in a silly photograph from a crime scene, his face-book page (he'd requested her so many times she didn't have room for anything else....
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posted by maddy12
Hi! This is my first proper fanfiction.. umm.. and I hope anda all like it :)


He loved watching her sleep. To him, she was the most beautiful women in the entire world. The way the early morning sun flowed through the gap in the curtains onto her beautiful body, it was enough to take his breath away, he knew he was so lucky to have her. Her creamy karamel skin contrasted beautifully with the crisp, white tempat tidur sheets. She was truly stunning. Her cokelat brown hair spread around the pillow, rather like a halo. It was moments like this that would stay in his mind forever and he was quite happy...
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When I spend time with my sis heather she always gives me ideas not all good but anda know what this one was really good like so good that I had to write it so here I go
ziva’s pov (the italicized part is thoughts)

I should not be here

I should just be home

what was I thinking of course someone will recognize me I mean the probe giving the tore wont but that is besides the point

Abby will of course will ahhh I am so so incredibly stupid

And tony no I refuse to think of him and what he berkata when...
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At the sight of Tony she hurled herself into his arms. He gladly took he in and started shhing and rubbing her back when she started to cry again. He picked her up bridal style and walked to his tempat tidur laid her gently down and held her and he could've swore she was whispering "Tony, how could you?"

Ziva's pov

I woke up in his arms. The man I love. The man I won't dare tanggal because I am too afraid of what my father atau Gibbs will do to him. The man who risked his life saving me in Somalia. The man who I had just had a nightmare about dieing in my arms. I woke up in the arms of Special Agent Tony...
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Rating: K+
Words: 943
Summary: Set directly after the warehouse scene. Mainly thoughts about everything.

Radiation poisoning meets metaphor


Radiation poisoning. Radiation poisoning was bad. Really bad. Ziva thought so. In her mind Radiation let people think about their death. It let people think about other people’s death. It let people think about a specific person’s almost death. And that was the problem with radiation poisoning. That was the problem with bombs. That was the problem with everything that could kill people.

Come on, Ziva. His sentence echoed in her mind. Like a little...
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Two black silhouettes

Rating: K+
Words: 383
Summary: A short moment in Paris…

Two black silhouettes are lying in a cozy tempat tidur in the middle of the night. When one of them changes the position, the other one does so too. Like magnets they are bond together, they aren’t able to leave the other alone.
She opens her big brown eyes. Her hand is in his hand. Her lover. Her co-worker. Her soulmate. She walks on the balcony of the small of hotel room. Her lungs fill with cold, fresh air; it nearly brings her to tears. It’s still early morning and the sun begins to rise on the horizon. Only a short,...
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