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I know there r many pairings shipping bashing. But I just want 2 point out 1 thing. As u can c, 98% of the zelda community supports zelink(im one of them :D) There is many zelink moments throughout the games. Link and Zelda clearly have a crush on each other in the cartoons. In the manga, Zelda kisses Link when they were chidren(in oot) and Link called her cute. When they were adults, Link cares for Zelda and worries for her. Theres A LOT MORE, but im 2 lazy to write them all here. I'll just let other people to back this up. Btw, Shigeru Miyamoto(the game creator of Zelda) and Eiji Aonuma(works beside Shigeru Miyamoto to create the LoZ) supports the couple!

Here's the link for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time manga

Child saga:

Adult saga:

PS. anda dont need 2 download it, just click on the picture.

See 4 yourself! 8D
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A lesson in musik theory: learn to tulis a piece of musik that sounds like it's come straight from the Legend of Zelda franchise!
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