A Song About Your favorit Beatle
This song is about The Beatles fans who are madly in love w/their favorite Beatle:       Mad About U 1st Verse: I'm mad about u U're mad about me, babe Like couple of fools running wild, aren't we? Pushing the day in2 the nighttime Somewhere b/t the 2, we start 2 see Chorus: Mad about u (I'm mad about u) Lost in ur eyes (Reason aside) Mad about love (Mad about u) U & I 2nd Verse: Something about u right here beside me ...
40 Years Since John Lennon Died
Did you know that it's been 40 years since John Lennon was shot & killed by Mark David Chapman on 12/8/80? It's true.  Where were you when John Lennon died? Sweet Lady P.S. Please Reply
Important D8s 2 Remember
2morrow is the anniversary of Davy Jones' untimely death.   On Sat.,3/7/20, please set your clock & watch 4ward 1 hour b/c Daylight Savings Time(DST) Begins Sun., 3/8/20 (Mickey Dolenz's Birthday).   Sweet Lady   P.S. Please Reply
That Means A Lot
[Chorus 1] A friend says that your love won't mean a lot And you know that your love is all you've got At times things are so fine, and at times they're not But when she says she loves you, that means a lot [Chorus 2] A friend says that a love is never true But you know this can't apply to you A touch can mean so much when it's all you've got And when she says she loves you, that means a lot [Verse] Love can be deep inside Love can be suicide Can't...
Truly 1st Verse: When I'm all alone w/u, we do things that lovers do Tell me, is this not true? When I look in2 ur eyes I'm convinced that u're mine or is this just in my mind? U feel like my everything (Everything, everything) When u're near, my aura beams (Aura beams, aura beams) My eyes tell everything (Everything, everything) Don't know the joy u bring Just 2 be around u Bridge1: So crazy 'bout u Wanna get away w/u La di da di doo Feel the...