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Chapter 8: Difficulties.
Renesmee looked over to see Emma hand in hand with Seth. He was smiling brightly at her as she leaned into his side. The last guest dwindled out and Alice shut the door, bouncing up and down. Renesmee leaned into Jacob, exhausted. She put her hand on his cheek.
“Me too Ness. I’m tired just like anda but I don’t think there through with anda yet” he murmured. Renesmee stretched up on her toes and wrapped her arms around him. He kissed her quietly for a moment, the heat of his lips penetrating her skin.
“Will anda two cut it out?” Her dad snapped irritably from...
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“Children of the Moon”


I was never really a superstitious person. I had a normal upbringing. I’d seen my share of horror films when I was a kid. But, never imagined in my wildest dreams any of the Hollywood fiction was real. I never bought into any of Billy Black’s stories about the Quileute legends down in La Push. Not until the time Jacob had shown me he could changed into a gigantic serigala right in front of my eyes. That image was ingrained in my memory forever. Bella had tried for a little while to keep her secret about being a vampire. That didn’t...
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