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Do anda even Care?

Hi there, my name's Amelia Rose the Hedgehog, but my friends call me Amy Rose. I'm here to say that I'm also having a very depressing time right now because once again my love, my hero and my idol; Sonic the Hedgehog…Every hari since my blue hero saved me from Metal Sonic and Eggman. I was near Little Planet where my tarot cards berkata that I would meet my true cinta there at Never Lake, I was only 8 years old the time and I was very eager to see if my tarot cards were right. I remember it like it was only yesterday…

I was at the lake looking at Little Planet chained to the...
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posted by silverstruelove
Amy's Pov: i was looking for sonic to give him this bracelet made for him. Just then, i heard him laughing with Sally. I listened to what they were saying.
Sonic's POV: sals and i were on our tanggal when she brought up amy. She started to say," sonic when are going to tell her that you're mine?" I answered," soon. man i hate her, she follows me around man i wish she was dead." We laughed, just then amy came out of no where.
Amy's POV: when i heard him say that i felt my jantung break. I went to to tell him what i thought about him. I said," sonic how could you? I have always cinta anda and this...
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posted by hunter2450
THREE HOURS LATER AT THE MOBIUS CARE CENTER 5:30PM.Amy glares at sonic "do anda have ANY idea what you've just done?you've diberikan me your condition,and it's incurable!it's over sonic!"
sonic stutters "B-But-But i didn't..."
amy screams "GET OUT!Get out of my hospital room,out of my house,and OUT OF MY LIFE!"
sonic hangs his head and walks out of the room and i stop sonic from leaving "hold it!"
amy screams "YOU GET OUT!"
i scream at her "SHUT UP!"
"i went you're house to make sense of this madness you're place was all smashed destroyed so i went to the construction site and borrow some newspapers."...
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Amy and Sonic are together and they got in a fight cause Amy wants a baby but Sonic is not ready.Will Sonic be ready in a few weeks?"Tails what will i do, i want Amy just not the baby.""i would make one with Cream to complete my life happily..""ok."Amy was at her house looking at porn."There so lucky they get fucked hard" berkata Amy.Sonic was surprised what she was watching.He had a bulb appear in his pants."Amy!"Amy turned around quickly."Sonic!"She slammed the laptop."Amy i saw what anda were watching.""oh, um."She was hiding a pack of condoms."Amy anda don'T have to keep it a secret, i've made my choice, it is a yes.Amy took out the pack of condoms.3 hours later."OH SONIC!!!!" she moaned loudly."im going to com!!" sonic yelled so did Amy.And they com
inside each other.9 months later Amy had a baby named sunshine.THE END
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