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Hi. I am elsafan1010. We all know the horror game FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's Security Breach), right? The main villain was Freddy. He'll be shrek instead, and the other scary robots are his family. Imagine our character. This character will be you! You're afraid.. Stop reading.. Because.. I.. I started to tremble.. The interesting part of the story is that anda will make some decisions. anda will change the story. The decisions anda make will lead anda to an end. If it's a bad ending, start over. If it's a good ending, you've won. Here we go.

"It's a cold night. You've run away from halaman awal for...
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This artikel is about the first shrek film. For the franchise, see shrek (franchise). For the judul character, see shrek (character). For other uses, see shrek (disambiguation).
Theatrical release poster
Directed by    
Andrew Adamson
Vicky Jenson
Produced by    
Aron Warner
John H. Williams
Jeffrey Katzenberg
Written by    
Ted Elliott
Terry Rossio
Joe Stillman
Roger S. H. Schulman
Based on    Shrek!
by William Steig
Starring    ...
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2."Ogre Hunters/Fairytale Deathcamp"
3."Donkey Meets Shrek"     
4."Eating Alone"     
5."Uninvited Guests"     
6."March of Farquaad"     
7."The Perfect King"     
8."Welcome to Duloc"     
9."Tournament Speech"     
10."What Kind of Quest"     
11."Dragon!/Fiona Awakens"     
12."One of a Kind Knight"     
13."Saving Donkey's Ass"     
14."Escape from the Dragon"     ...
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Yesterday afternoon I decided to watch the new shrek movie which is currently out in the USA but not out in Ireland atau the UK until selanjutnya month. The movie shrek Forever After is the 3rd prequel to the other 3 film about an ogre who rescues a princess from a api breathing dragon who turns out to be an ogre herself. shrek who is now a dotting dad to three ogre kids misses his old life as an ogre and wishes that he can go back to being a fearful ogre again. A new villain Rumpkensin gives shrek a contract to be an ogre for the day. But when shrek signs it he is sent back in time to where he was...
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Okey so I first saw shrek back in 2001, which is all about a green ogre who lives in a swamp and he befriends this talking donkey named well Donkey. Of course the two of them go on an adventure to rescue a princess who is AN OGRE I MAY ADD ,as she was under a spell to become an ogre whenever the sun goes down. Personally I like all of the shrek film but the 3rd one was funnier and the 2nd one why anda may ask because of Puss in Boots voiced oleh Antonio Bandreas.

Featuring an all bintang cast from funnymen Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Evertt (that man makes me laugh as the...
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Congratulations! You've completed your first night. But anda notice something, the door is closed! anda must stay here for five days. This is the detik day. Everything is normal in the morning, but late at night the statues come to life and turn into giants. So anda have to be careful>>! anda don't want to have breakfast today, but a hot drink might still be good! What will anda drink?

1- anda will drink a glass of hot linden teh and eat a pisang as a snack.

2- As a snack, anda will drink three cups of coffee and eat cokelat with cocoa.

If you're going to drink coffee and eat chocolate, congratulations!...
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