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posted by GDragon612
I can`t no lebih breathe
my wings are broken.
I feel the lonelineless inside me
my jantung is bleeding
it breakes into million pieces
like a mirror
they cut in my skin.

anda told me
don`t forget me beautiful lady
and I say
I will never let anda gone
holding you
loving you
a feather flies around

I feel your warm hand on my neck
ciuman anda my malaikat boy
don`t fly away

written oleh swagkathi

on december the 18th Kim jonghyun is gone
he let a big hole in our hearts
we will loving anda forever and don`t forget anda

💝Rest in peace Jonghyun💝

posted by darkskys16
Is it really Ok to cry? Do people just say that to make anda feel better?
If you're like me anda would think it is. Just because you're crying doesn't mean your sad, it could mean many other things. There is a saying that I found one day, and when I cry I look at it.

People cry, not because they're weak. Its because they've been strong too long!

If anda are membaca this, and need a friend that won't judge anda for who anda are, friend me. Just shoot me a message and i will listen to anything anda need to get off your chest, ranting, complaining, atau something anda just need to tell someone. Don't just keep it inside!