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here anda go! :D
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Enjoy! :D

What's that racket? What's that clatter?
We're under attack! It's a life atau death matter!
I was in a deep sleep kacang dream.
I heard what I believe to be a scream!
That wasn't me, that was Bada.
He, yo, I was just STARTLED!

But what is this light?
In the middle of the night?
You have it in your sight, it's behind me right?
What the heck is that?
What the heck-is that?!

Check out that mook, in the starry night sky.
Gimme a sec, to wipe the sleep from me eye.
You're showy and glowy and armed for combat!
What the heck is that?

Hey, wait! Does something seem quite wrong?
Oi, Joey's breaking out in song....
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penguin of madagascar
loathe at first sight
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