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cinta segi tiga, segitiga between Sarah, Ethan, and Sarah.
sarah and ethan
sarah and jesse
ethan and sarah
jesse and sarah
sarah: ethan atau jesse
cinta segi tiga, segitiga
gotta be somebody
my babysitter's a vampire
my babysitter's a vampire season 1
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Post This On your profil If anda cinta Bethan!
'Have I ever crossed your mind?', Benny
'No', Ethan
'Do anda like me?', Benny
"Do anda want me?', Benny
'No', Ethan
'Would anda cry if I left?', Benny
'No', Ethan
'Would anda live for me?', Benny
'No', Ethan
'Would anda do anything for me?', Benny
'No', Ethan
'Choose me atau your life?', Benny
'My Life', Ethan
Benny stood there with tears in his eyes
'Everything was a "NO!" I can't believe you!', Benny turn arond to run away When Ethan grab him and pulled Benny back to him
'The reason anda never crossed my mind is because You're always on my mind The reason Why I don't...
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Source: google gambar
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It was a dark and stormy night and it was the first time since he was a young child that Ethan morgan felt as if he were... alone. But truth of the matter, he really wasn't; in a literal sense. Ethan was just thrown into a thorny semak, bush outside the Whitechapel cemetery; he was bruised, bloody, and beaten; a dark figure watching at the "work" he had just done, the person didn't want to kill Ethan... but he wanted him to suffer.

Ethan tried to pindah but he couldn't. He was in pain, but at the same time numb. He tried to scream for one of his friends, but nothing came out. Ethan was thinking, "Sarah,...
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Just thought I'd post it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet! It looks super awesome, can't wait :D
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