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posted by tooch
Mischa Barton

D.O.B: 24 January, 1986
Home town: New York
Star sign: Aquarius

Mischa Barton's main claim to fame may be starring in the teen drama tampil The OC, but don't think for a menit she isn't a serious actress. In her 23 years, the london born, New York raised bintang has had the training and career most actors only dream about.

Mischa comes from humble beginnings, starting out in New York theatre in 1994 where she trained with some of the countries most esteemed writers and directors. From stage to screen Mischa then went on to work alongside some of the biggest actors of the time including...
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posted by mollyx365
Mischa: I'm not one of these people really into the latest fetishes like yoga atau the Kabbalah. I can't imagine anything worse than wearing a trendy red bracelet around my arm and running around saying, 'I'm at peace with myself.'

Mischa: I do intelligent roles. I don't want to be labeled as doing silly movies. I'm lebih mature than kids my age because I'm constantly surrounded oleh adults.

Mischa: I like playing dark, offbeat, quirky characters.

Mischa: I cinta to draw people's faces. I do that all the time.

Mischa: It kind of irritates me that I'm seen as this pretty face. People also say I'm too...
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