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 chibi Tails wallpaper
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Video made oleh AnimatedJames on YouTube,
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posted by mekkall
shadow:your going with me
*tails pops out*
*shadow captures mekkall bintang and tails*
at shadows lair...
mekkall:lightning is that you
lightning:yeah dark is here too
tails:why arnt anda guys all roped up
dark:were slaves
*dark unties them*
heidi:your not obeying my orders
(heidi is the evil side of mekkall)
mekkall:heidi stop
to be continued...
what will happen next
will mekkall die
will heidi slain
my xbox live gamer tag is pokemon153
find out selanjutnya time
bye have a great day
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posted by mekkall
Mekkall: *gets up* ugh
Dark: *hits heidi*
Heidi: *dodges*
Mekkall: GRRR!! Everybody get back NOW!
Dark and lightning: *back away*
Mekkall: I'm gonna get anda once and for all!! *turns final form*
Heidi: haha whatever anda say
Mekkall: *dashes towards Heidi and slams him into the ground*
Heidi: *punches mekkall hard*
Mekkall: *spits blood and hits Heidi*
Heidi: *falls down*
Mekkall GRRR!!!!! *goes past and turns true final form*
Heidi: *gets up and throws mekkall in the air*
Mekkall: *fly's down and destroys heidi*
Star: NO!!!
mekkall: *stores Heidi in his soul and falls down from limit*
Lezzall: *runs to mekkall and hugs him* daddy
Mekkall: I'm r-r-right here son
Twilight: *cries*
Mekkall: *slowly closes eyes*
Dark: *looks down*
Lighting: he will return.... One day
Mekkall: *little light forms*
The End
posted by mekkall
type:fly and speed
relationships:dating star
special:creates a ball of fire
mood:super friendly(unless anda mess with star)
friends:everyone except scourge and evil people
story:a fighter to save star
goal:to save bintang and meet his brother miles
fighting level:1,000,000
tails brother
another two tailed fox
looks like tails but blue
ignore the dots
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