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This michael jackson foto contains gaun seragam lengkap, berpakaian lengkap seragam, baret hijau, pasukan khusus, tentara elit, green baret, prajurit elit, dress blues, gaun putih, and blues gaun. There might also be anggota orkes, bandsman, pakaian lapangan, pertempuran gaun, pakaian luar, overclothes, and pakaian.

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 Michael and Mickey
Michael and Mickey
Michael is a lot like this disney characters to me. Another thing me and mike have in common. We both cinta disney and we can relate to disney characters.

Michael anda are like:
Cinderella atau cinderella's prince: you're the only one who would catch my eye at the ball. The only one who I would want to dance with at the ball. A dream really is a wish my jantung makes when I'm asleep. I dream of me and anda dancing gracefully on the dance floor at the ball. It's so real to me. When I dance with anda (in my heart, that is) I say (or sing) to myself, "so this is love" and it is. It is love. Please, Michael....
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