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Characters in Twlight Town:
Hayner- 17 boxers (Roxas best friend)
Seifer- 19 briefs (Bully)
Raijin- 18 boxer-briefs (Bully)

They finally reached Twlight Town and Riku crashed the gummi ship trying to land. Everyone stared at Riku and berkata "What have anda done? Can't anda land?" Riku didn't reply back. They all started to walk out, but Roxas berkata "We are forgetting someone... aren't we?" They looked all around and Sora berkata "we forgot Cloud... Duh." When they went to see Cloud, he was struggling on trying to get the underwear off his head. Riku took him off the hook and Axel, pulled lebih on the...
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When anda woke up, anda found yourself with Tifa, awan and Reno.
That’s right, Tifa found anda after anda were assaulted at midnight while searching for a guest house.
Later, anda fell asleep in Cloud’s warm embrace and then woke up oleh the affectionate gestures of a certain red head.
You went along with them with them for quite some time and anda enjoyed their company, although the crazy Reno did get anda on your nerves sometimes. Even then anda had to admit that he was undeniably lovable.

It was that hari when awan was supposed to return after a long trip. Tifa was out for her deliveries, so you...
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