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While Axel wedgied Roxas, they hooked his color brief. Then they went to sleep. Now it was about 8 a.m. and Riku woke up. First thing he sighted was Sora being on the floor still sleeping in the wedgie that he is in. Riku was laughing since he could see the picture of the papou buah-buahan enlarged. Then he saw Roxas on a hook. And was surprised that he wore briefs. He noticed that Roxas was still awake and talked to him.

"Hey Roxas, must of been a good wedgie anda got?" Roxas reply "It was fun while doing it to Sora, but once Axel and awan tackled me, wedgied me and hook me on a hook. It wasn't...
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hey all, after completing one of my stories on StoryWriter titled Kingdom Hearts: Endgame, i thought i'd daftar all of the Named Victims that were both snapped off and on screen during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Death oleh Snap
Bear with me as it is going to be a long daftar that includes all the canon 2018 MCU snap deaths as well as the snap deaths that occurred during Kingdom Hearts: Death oleh Snap so as anda can imagine there is a very long daftar of named victims ahead so i hope anda enjoy.
Abby Park
Agustin Madrigal
Alador Blight
Alberto Scorfano
Amity Blight
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