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HAHAHAHHAAHAH no this bloke is pathetic!
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 Broken As if anda didn't do it.. YEAH!
Broken As if you didn't do it.. YEAH!
Oh o wowawowawowh oh o wowawowawowh i know anda cinta me, i know anda care just shout whenever and i'll be there. anda want my cinta anda want jantung and we anit never ever everr be apart now we in item complcated where just friends what are anda saying theres anthor that looked into my eyes my first cinta broke my jantung for the first time and i berkata baby baby baby ooo baby baby baby noo baby baby baby ooo i thought youd always be mine minee and for anda i would of done whatever and i cant belive that were not together and i just play cool alltho im losing anda i oleh anda anything i oleh anda any ring and im in peaces baby fix me and just shake me till anda wake me from this bad dream and im going down down down and i just can't belive my firt cinta isnt around and im like baby baby baby ooo baby baby baby noo baby baby baby ooo
 I lost mine and i want anda to have it!<3
I lost mine and i want you to have it!<3
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i really cinta this video <3
justin beiber
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 hot pic of Justin Beiber
hot pic of Justin Beiber
If anda go on youtube and type '3 tahun old girl crying over Justin Beiber' anda can see a video of a little girl crying over Justin. She keeps crying and her mom cannot get her to stop crying. She believes that Justin Beiber feels the same way. Later, the video becomes and hit. The little girl goes on this tampil and she is backstage with her family unaware of what is about to happen. Justin Beiber is in another backstage room! The host of the tampil enters the room and is small talking with the little girl. All of a sudden, his cell phone rings and he says to the little girl, "It's for you.". The...
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This wasn't made out of hate. Why hate on someone just because hes successful? Not his fault!
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