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posted by jemifanlover908
He one berkata we'd be together forever and always,but I guess that was just another lie.You wanna know what happened?Okay,I'll tell anda what happened.
I was on my way halaman awal from work on a Saturday night.I went into my house and heard moaning.I went upstairs to my bedroom to find my boyfriend ,Joe,and my bestfriend having sex.So,here I am at my bestfriend and ex-boyfriend's wedding.
My thoughts were interuppted when the priest berkata "Do anda Selena Marie Gomez take Joseph Adam Jonas to be your husband.""I do," Selena said."DO anda Joseph Adam Jonas take Selena Marie Jonas?" "No.' Joe replyed."Sorry Selena ,but I cinta Demi," He said. Joe ran over to me and kissed me passionaly.Since that hari Joe and I have been happily married.
posted by DemiJones
" What did I do to deserve such hatred from my suppose fans? Please tell me so I can do something to rebuild their faith." Joe berkata out loud to whoever was listening up there as tears streamed down his face in silent tribute to his jantung hurting with pain.

He felt one pair on arms go around his shoulders and someone else running their hands down his back, Thank God for Kevin and Nick as he really needed someone to comfort him and since the number #1 person was halfway around the world right now they were the 2nd people he wanted to see right now.

"Dude, why do anda torture yourself oleh reading...
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Why is life so hard?all it does is cause anda pain.You might be wondering why I'm saying this.I'll tell anda why.My parents died and to puncak, atas that I'm an only child which means I have no one to look up to when sad.So,here I am in front of my mom's friend's house.
anda might be wondering what my name is so, I'll tell you.My name is Demi.I knocked on the door to my mom's friend's house.The door opened and a very handsome man walked out."You must be Demetria Lovato.I'm Mr.Jonas.""Yes I'm Demetria ,but please call me Demi atau Dems,"I said. "Well,Demi come inside and meet my wife and children,"He replyed.We...
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posted by DemiJones
Title: What a Wonderful Life
Pairing: Jemi
Summary: Joe reminisces about how his life just keeps getting wonderful each year.
Author's Note: I don't own anybody but Rosalinda Anne and Alexander William. I dedicate this story to the person who came up with some of the details of my story, A_Wa. Hope she likes it.

Joe Jonas couldn't believe how much his life has changed over the years but his life had changed only for the better. It has started to get wonderful when after three years of denying that he only loved Demi Lovato as a best friend and honorary sister, he had finally got sick of denying...
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posted by jonash12341
I could hear her breathing becoming harsh and I knew she was struggling to say something more.
"Its your life, live it"
Her hand then slid from around my neck and I heard her drop possibly dead to the floor. I reached out to her but I felt a hand on my shoulder.
And for that moment I felt, for once in my life, that everything was going to be okay.

I woke up gasping for air and sweating very heavily from that nightmare I just had woken up from. It was not yet daylight and after checking the time on my phone, I nearly screamed in my bantal knowing it was just half past two. In fifteen hours...
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posted by jonash12341
Living the life
Hello my mane is Demetria Devonne Lovato but for now anda can call me Demi. I have almost everything life has to offer. I’m rich, a princess, beauty, clothes etc. So what maybe be missing from my perfect life? Love. The cinta of my life died in a car accident on what was supposed to be our weeding day. It was an arranged marriage but that didn’t mean I didn’t cinta him. I’m 19 now and will be going on to 20 soon. My mom has been pressuring me to marry so that I can become queen but after Cody, I just couldn’t bring myself to it. My best friend Selena has been there for...
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