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iu has always been known to be on the slim side, but recently, netizens noted that the singer is looking too skinny, possibly even to the point of being unhealthy.

An artikel titled 'IU's body keeps diminishing' shows pictures of the singer at an August 18 VIP cuplikan for soon-to-premiere 'The queen of Crime.'

Many netizens left scathing komentar on these pictures, bashing IU's thin frame, particularly how skinny her arms look

puncak, atas komentar read, "Seriously too skinny without any volume lool," "No hips," "Omg~she's got no character as it is as a celeb but she just looks like a sick person because she's too skinny and without any curves..just look at her arms," "little kiddie body~~~~" "I guess she misses anchovies so much that she's slowly becoming one," "Even women don't like bodies like that," and more.

What do anda think? Are they being too harsh?

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In addition to criticizing iu for allegedly using a lolita concept for her newest album Chat-shire, netizens are also attacking artis who have defended the singer.
While netizens continue to attack the LOEN Entertainment singer, artis such as Heo Ji Woong, Jin Joong Kwon, and Yoon Jong Shin have come to her defense.

However, using screenshots and kutipan from past broadcasts, netizens have targeted several of these celebrities, and accused them of being fan of the lolita concept. Translations of the post and all the screenshots can be found below:

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Singer IU‘s representatives revealed that they will be taking legal action against the person behind maliciously edited foto of her that are circulating online.

On November 1, IU’s management company Loen Entertainment said, “We have screen captures of the post, and we are investigating the social media accounts who are sharing the post and the original poster.”

The post in pertanyaan was shared on facebook on October 31 with the caption, “IU’s shocking concept.”

In the photos, IU’s legs have been edited to look like she is only wearing black underwear and stockings. The original...
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