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Answer: its called opinions my dear :P ♥
Answer: Tony Head!!!!
Answer: Anthony Head
Answer: Anthony Head :)
Answer: Mine Taylor and also Jensen ackles
Answer: Tony Head is sooooooooooo lovely <3
Answer: only male one is Rob Knepper
Answer: my cute anak anjing, anjing Tony Head
Answer: Rob Knepper
Answer: I found a great one:
Answer: Tony Head´s are beautiful
Answer: *slobbers*
Answer: Anthony Head is the cutest person I´ve ever seen,...
Answer: taylor lautner :)
Answer: I don't feel biased when I say, nobody has lebih br...
Answer: Tony Head is the most attractive ever!!
Answer: what I think??: TAKE YOUR kemeja OFF!!!!!!!!!!!
Answer: cheekbone-attack
Answer: I cinta Hugh!!!!!
Answer: cinta the style! :D
Answer: Tony Head is always cute <3
Answer: Robert Knepper in Heroes, superpower: Terrakinesis
Answer: Jodi is my dinding
Answer: my baby ♡__♡
Answer: my cinta
Answer: Alex O'Loughlin so so hot.
Answer: so handsome to me! <333
Answer: Knepper Teddy
Answer: Rob Knepper ciuman Marie Avgeropoulos
Answer: my sexy Robert on the Bel Ami poster.What beautiful...
Answer: I only have one actor ever since I was 5 years old....
Answer: Oh do anda have an itch darling? Here let me scratch...
Answer: when does he not? adorable Tony on set of Buffy
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: kind of his hat ^^
Answer: cinta my creepy creep <3
Answer: How could I choose only one? His best villain is pr...
Answer: "I WILL get that squirrel!!" cute Knepper <3
Answer: a piece of Knepper someone?
Answer: *Jealous* XD
Answer: Who else...? ;-)
Answer: Hiddelston and his gorgeous green eyes! *-*
Answer: he's lebih than just a crush.I cinta my gorgeous jubah...
Answer: eenie,meenie,miney,moe,which one of my British hott...
Answer: my Cam
Answer: RDJ and his highly visible tie xD
Answer: jaket + hair + eyes
Answer: RDJude
Answer: John *_*
Answer: Try to guess who ;)...
Answer: Shia LaBeouf model the Latest in Cow Couture :D
Answer: no other pics there
Answer: luv his stubble - face ... lebih than cleanshaved! *...
Answer: ya know... I jus luv that blue bow tie! ^^
Answer: Non happy eyes. O_O <3
Answer: justin chatwin looks great here ;)
Answer: berwarna merah muda, merah muda stairs. =3
Answer: My Taylor Daniel Lautner! xoxo's
Answer: stunning
Answer: my sexy boy
Answer: my baby in b&w...can't breathe.I feel dizzy,like I'...
Answer: Tony Head and his daughters Emily and bunga aster, daisy
Answer: jared leto
Answer: my beautiful baby <3
Answer: King Tony Head as Uther Pendragon for sure!
Answer: Rob will be 54 in slightly lebih than a week
Answer: Cam
Answer: it makes me melt ...
Answer: To be completely honest, I wouldn't. I mean I lo...
Answer: my gorgeous American born hottie,Paul Walker in the...
Answer: Bomer swoon worthy atau what?
Answer: taylor
Answer: I cinta this one: my wallpaper
Answer: my baby looking sooo hot in both pics<3
Answer: Alex, so sexy
Answer: exactly ^^
Answer: Can anda get lebih beautiful?
Answer: ❤Jake T. Austin❤
Answer: Robbie
Answer: cinta the colours
Answer: ben whishaw in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Answer: adorable RK <333
Answer: How sweeet they r
Answer: I cinta Cult
Answer: Cam so sexy in black
Answer: And God said: “Let there be perfection" XD
Answer: My malaikat with his breathtaking eyes btw: Where are...
Answer: awesome fluffy blonde Knepper
Answer: John Barrowman and David Tennant XD
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: Captain Jack Harkness with a hand gun..LOL
Answer: my baru saja favourite
Answer: edited: found a better vid. best interview i´ve s...
Answer: I so cinta the little boy in Downey when he turns aw...
Answer: *.* dear man, anda just can't do that all the time t...
Answer: epic Jared
Answer: BEST pertanyaan EVER!!! JLOK, Knepper's co-star in P...
Answer: Zach Quinto
Answer: Here :)