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Ask Ausiello (Nov 25)


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ksbass said:
Question: Two weeks without any tips for my favorite show is way too long for me. What can you tell me that I don’t know about the remaining Gossip Girl episodes before the super-long three-month hiatus. And I already know Bart is coming back, so give me something new. —Sylvie
Ausiello: In next week’s eppy, it’s Thanksgiving Day! If you’re Serena, you’re especially thankful this year because you’ve had two not-so-bad-looking dudes pining after you. This Monday, she makes her choice and leaves her reject by the curb, literally.

Question: You’ve been really slacking on the Gossip Girl scoop, any exciting news? – JLa
Ausiello: Also in next Monday’s episode, someone finds out they’re pregnant. That’s considered “exciting news,” right?

Question: I need Gossip Girl info. —Jude
Ausiello: Hey, Jude, here’s what I got: You know the letter from Serena’s dad that Lily has been hiding? It’s going to fall into the wrong hands. (Hint: Said wrong hands belong to *a****n.)
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