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anda need to cinta her
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Me: Maby I can stop her. . . . .*Pulles out blaster pistol*
Fluttershy: No don't. . . . .
Me: I cinta anda Fluttershy *shoots at the changling queen*
Changling Queen: * Stops my blaster bolts before they hit her and pushes them back at me*
Me: *gets hit oleh three of the bolts and falls over* Big mistake. . . .*turns on lighsabers charges after changling queen and gets pushed against a piller* Aaahhh. . . . . . . . . . .
Fluttershy: Nnnnoooo! Liam?! Liam?! Please don't leave me. . . *starts crying*
Shinning Armor & Cadence: *hug and defeat the changlings*
Twilight: Fluttershy. . . . He's gone.
Fluttershy: Please, please wake up. . . . I. . . . I cinta you. *puts head on my chest* I hear his jantung beating, listen!
Everyone: *Hears my jantung beating*
Me: *Heart beats normaly* Uuuhhhh. . . . What'd I miss?
Fluttershy: *kisses me on the head* Yay.
Me: Seriously what'd I miss
Shinning Armor: We defeated the queen.
Me: Well done Captian, *gets up* well done.
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Yes. We are just doing this for the ticket
season 1
my little pony friendship is magic
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my little pony friendship is magic