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posted by BrightSparkle
Aria: Ezra wait! Just let me talk for a second, please. And I don’t wanna argue atau try to convince anda of anything that…I know it’s over, I know that! But, I just…I can’t stand that idea of anda walking around and hating me.

Ezra: Hate you? The only person I hate right now is myself, for asking to much of you. Seeing anda out there tonight out on the dance floor having fun with guys your own age, not sneaking around, holing up with me in my apartment, to watch video and eat one of the three things I could actually cook. Because, I can’t take anda to the movies, I can’t take anda out...
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She was sad she didn’t want to go back to rosewood and quite frankly the idea scared the crap out of her she had vowed never to go back ever once the A thing was over she just wanted out … but when she found out that her parents were trying to woke it out and had moved back to rosewood she couldn’t resist … well that and the fact that they had mentioned that it was because of her old English teacher, and her baby daddy but her parents didn’t know that part atau about the baby oh well
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posted by FUNGIRLS
a short one shot just to keep me busy while my brother was at a parte not event sure what it will be about right now hum oh well here goes nothing disclaimer I don’t own pretty little liars
slightly AU they don’t know about Aria & Ezra yet, and they don’t take Emily home, she not drunk
She needed reassurance that he was hers, she had never been the jealous type but with him it was different. So she followed him to his car even though she knew that it was a very dangerous idea. She really liked Summon she knew that she would never...
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