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musik video oleh Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas performing This Is Me (From "Camp Rock"). © 2008 Walt disney Records
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Wake up
When will things be good enough for anda to see
All that we can be

I'm sick of
Playin' games and actin'
Like we never care
That we're never there

We pay attention
(Oh we pay attention)
For only seconds
(Yeah for only seconds)

Look at you
Look at me
There's never any us
Can't anda see
All we can become
We can shine
Like the sun
If we believe that 2 stars are brighter than one

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon... look at you
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon... look at me

The way anda feel is not just about anda atau me
It's the harmony

Just give in
(Give in)
'Cause together we'll be brighter than just any star
A work of art...
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Jason: Yeah man, this is where Connect 3... connected!

Caitlyn: Her mom is a great person. What's your mom like?
Barron: Uhh, she's like a mom.

Mitchie: [in canoe] I don't think we're doing this right.
Shane: What, anda don't like going in circles?

Shane: I learned my lesson! I showered in cold water! I looked at a tree! It’s been three hours, I need hair product.

Brown: I hate when I have to be uncool.

Jason: Guess who?
Shane: You're in the room, I can see you.
Jason: I can see anda too man!

Mitchie: Um... You're dreaming. You're a rock princess.

Shane: Than my usual stupid cookie cutter pop bintang stuff? Sorry to disappoint.

Shane: Hey, being a jerk is part of the rock bintang image.

Jason: Oh and can anda make me a bird house?
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Shane Gray:I don't want to waste my summer at some camp! I'm Shane Gray for crying out loud!

Jason:Oh, and can anda make me a birdhouse atau something?

Nate:Oh, and we told the press that you'll be recording a duet, with the winner of Final Jam.
Shane Gray:What?!
Nate:See ya.

Nate:Look man, right now you're that bad boy to the press, and the label has a problem with that, which means, we have a problem with that.
Jason:Actually, I don't really have a...
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Joe Jonas searches for the perfect lip gloss. Ella sets the record straight with Tess... and tests how many times lip gloss can be berkata in a video. Demi Lovato whines about it.
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