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Lyrics to the song in Buffy's prophetic dream during the episode Hush (Season 4 Episode 10)

Can't even shout
Can't even cry
The gentlemen are coming by
Looking in windows
Knocking on doors
They need to take seven
And they might take yours
Can't call to mum
Can't say a word
You're gonna die screaming
But anda won't be heard

The song clues the Scooby gang in on what the gentlemen do:
They need to take seven
And they might take yours

Refers to the seven hearts they need to collect
You're gonna die screaming
But anda won't be heard

Refers the fact that the Gentlemen take away their voices
 Oh my, that's unsightly!
Oh my, that's unsightly!
I was browsing soapboxes one hari a few months yang lalu when I came across a drinking game set around the tampil Supernatural, written oleh Bealoser. This made me remember a time from high school when my best friend and I participated in a Buffy drinking game(bad girls, i know!). Our only criteria for taking a shot was when a vampire was slain atau we spotted a visible bra strap, the latter being fairly often considering that it was an episode from either season 2 atau season 3.

While browsing link, I realized that there were countless things in Buffy that could trigger a drink, so I started menulis down...
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 malaikat Buffy and Riley "The Yoko Factor"
Angel Buffy and Riley "The Yoko Factor"
As we all look back Season 4. Buffy fell in cinta with a commando guy who works for underground secert society called the "Intiative". Riley Finn a man who never had a girlfriend in his life until there was Buffy. There relationship was very hard for them in Seasons 4 and 5. Season 4 was about trust and care. When Riley found out about "Angel". He flipped out on Buffy. Like felt that was loosing her in that season. Buffy was trying to make Riley understand her feelings towards Angel.

Season 5 was the worst act yet for Briley. When Buffy first met the famous vampire name "Dracula".Riley was feeling...
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Sarah & Lindsay Sloane in grosse point where Sarah plays herself Lindsay:"I guess if anda wanted to have a one time lesbian experience anda would want it with Sarah Michelle Gellar"
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