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one pohon bukit, hill
cute moments
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Disclaimer: dont own anything, not oth atau nothing. dedicated to nem, cinta ya girly, anda are the bratty to my broody. the judul is totally inspired oleh another artikel here, i think oleh eka but its been so long that i cant exactly remember.

Chapter One – Counting

Peyton P0V

It has been two years, eight months, three weeks and two days since I was last in pohon Hill.

I’ve been counting.

There were many reasons why I left and cut contact with my friends, the main one being is I didn’t like the person I was becoming. I use to be strong and independent and I had found myself depending too much on...
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one pohon bukit, hill
cute moments
anti leyton
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A german fanfic, for all the people who cinta brucas and understand the german language

***Als Peyton endlich sarang, den Raum verlassen hatte mit sarang, den Worten: „Lucas du kriegst die CD noch und vielen Dank für sarang, den Sex“, sah Brooke Lucas ernst an.

„sie hat nur nen Witz gemacht“; sagte dieser schnell „ich habe dich angerufen.“

„Wenn du nicht gerade mit Peyton zusammen warst?“

„komm schon Brooke, du hast nicht mal zurück gerufen.“
„Jetzt weißt du mal wie ich mich fühle, hör zu ich weiß das es in letzer Zeit verdammt schwer für dich war, du hast Keith verloren...
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Here is the official daftar ;) thought up oleh the fans, for the fan ♥

“BL fans: delusional, yet still better than you.”

“BL fans: the Dan Scott’s of the fanbase, we DON’T DIE!”

“Anything anda can do BL fan can do better.”

“BLers are just effing fabulous. Deal with it.”

“BLers; simply the best. Yes, we’re better than all the rest.”

“BLers; bow at our feet, bitches.”

“BLers; droppin’ it hot since 2003.”

“BLers; no one in the corner have swagger like us.”

“BLers; it’s amazing how we’re the reason; people get fired-up so easily.”

“BLers; getting under your...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
Chapter Twelve


There is a line in one of my fathers books, it goes ‘being brave is not the absence of fear, it’s having the will do go forth in the presence of fear’ in which case I must be pretty brave because honestly I am scared. I wake up scared, I go through the hari scared and I eventually fall asleep still shaking with fear. I don’t know what to do, what is right atau wrong, where to look atau turn. I don’t know what to say, atau think, I am so lost in the indecision that every pindah I make racks me with fear.

Just walking upstairs makes me pertanyaan every pindah I’ve made but I...
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