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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ryuuikari said…
Name: Jikan Noroi (The Cursed Time)
Sealed appearance: Jikan Noroi takes the form of a regular katana with a silver trapezoid-shaped guard, white hilt-wrapping and a black sheathe.
Release command: Oversleep
Unlike other zanpakutō, Jikan Noroi does not immediately release into its shikai state after the command is said. It may take from anywhere between several seconds to over ten minutes for Jikan Noroi to release depending on how long the wielder has been in battle; the longer the wielder has been fighting the longer it takes for Jikan Noroi to release into its shikai state.

Shikai appearance: Its appearance does not change in shikai.

Shikai special abilities: Jikan Noroi is a generally melee type zanpakutō with a unique shikai technique.

Shikai technique(s):
Kojikoku (Late Time): When activated this technique delays the time before the effects of the wielder’s successfully landed attacks take place e.g. if the wielder punched or slashed an opponent in the stomach, the opponent wouldn’t take damage or even feel the punch/slash until, say, a minute later. The amount of time at which an attack’s effects are delayed depends on how much force was put into the attack e.g. a very light punch may be delayed by a few seconds but a super-heavy sword slash could be delayed several minutes. It can also be used in bankai.

Bankai name: Gense Noroi (Curse This World)
Bankai release: To activate bankai the wielder re-sheathes the blade and lets it levitate, hilt down, in front of them. Then the wielder initiates bankai at which the blade begins to violently collapse in on itself until it ceases to be seen; a few seconds later Gense Noroi phases, hilt first, from the air in front of the wielder.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Gense Noroi takes the form of a nodachi with a silver guard shaped like two adjacent mirrored parallelograms and white hilt-wrapping. The kanji “のろい” (“noroi”; it can mean either Curse or Slow) are etched deeply into the length of the blade. A series of three rusted, broken watches line the wielder’s blade arm and a digital watch fits around the wielder’s other wrist.

Bankai special abilities: Gense Noroi functions the same as it did in shikai, along with two bankai techniques.

Bankai technique(s):
Chien Jikoku (Delayed Time): Is basically identical to the Kojikoku technique except that the wielder can now finely control how long before their successfully landed attacks take effect.

Noroi-shitsu (Curse Room): Gense Noroi can generate vaguely spherical ‘rooms’ of translucent energy, of varying sizes, anywhere within the wielder’s observable vicinity. Anything or anyone (including the wielder) that enters the ‘room’ is immediately subjected to its drastically slowed spatial zone; meaning the velocity of whatever is inside is drastically reduced. Due to this effect persons caught inside Noroi-shitsu think at normal speeds while their body is stuck in its slowed state, a principle similar to (but not the same as) the effects of Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s superhuman drug. Upon exiting the ‘room’ the object/person/projectile resumes its previous velocity as if it had never been reduced. The ‘rooms’ are sustained for as long as the wielder can maintain, however they steadily consume spiritual energy the longer they are active with larger ‘rooms’ consuming more spiritual energy per second than smaller 'rooms'. For example it would be taxing to maintain a ‘room’, large enough to fit a human inside, for more than ten seconds.
Sinwalker7 commented…
Interusting...I can see how the shiki effact can be useful in dealing with a faster atau lebih powerful enemy...especially if they are over confident. Also the bankai powers also tampil this swords uniqness. And final I like how anda metion that this sword has a mind of it's own...that it uses it's powers depening on how long it's master has been fighting. This sword is just plan great! lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu 123456788765432 said…
Name: Zeromaru Plateado

Age: approx. the 2 years older than Unohana Retsu

Race: Visored

Affliction: Visoreds

height: 6ft 2in / 187.96cm

weight: 63.502931799964735kg / 140lbs

Profession: Unemployed

Previous partner: Kenpachi Kiganjō

Voice actor: Yuri Lowenthal (Sasuke Uchiha's voice pt 2)

Inner world: an endless black ocean at night.

Description: When part of soul society he was acknowledged as the second strongest only member of the gotei 13, second only to the head captain, the only reason he didn't become a captain is because he would have less time to spend with Yachiru (Unohana Retsu/Yachiru) and she would get angry. He has spiky turquoise hair and yellow eyes, a pale complexion an sharp canine teeth.

Zanpaktou name: Souruītā (soul eater)
release command: Devour their Reiryoku,
Bankai name: Subarashī souruītā (great soul eater)
description: two chokuto swords with black sheathes and hilts with the symbol for eleventh division on the butts.

shikai ability:
Tamashī no yaki tsukusu (soul devouring) the swords steal reiyoku from those they slash the deeper the cut the more reiyoku, they steal all of the opponents reiyoku when they kill them, the reiyoku becomes a permanent part of Zeromarus reiyoku.
shikai description: the blade's of the sword turn black

bankai abilities - Tamashī no yaki tsukusu and compression (compression type bankai like Ichigo's
bankai description: a pure white tanto length katana shaped weapon which's gaurd id shaped like a eight pointed star.

He and Arturo were once one person but when they died there soul split one they 'lived' together for a year becoming 'brothers' but while he went to soul society Arturo hollowfied, they met again when he gain shikai and Arturo became an arrancar learning they had the same zanpaktou just with different shapes and both had an inner hollow, (what Arturo uses for resecution and he uses for his hollow mask) because Arturo holowfied and they were technically one soul) they vowed to to fight against each other with the winner absorbing the loser.

Zanpaktou spirit: a huge black dragon (red eyes darkness dragon from yu gi oh gx)

Inner hollow: a pure white pheonix with a hollow hole through it's chest and eyes with black pupil and scelera and yellow iris.

Like this but a hole where the medallion is and eveything else completely white except the eyes.

 Name: Zeromaru Plateado Age: approx. the 2 years older than Unohana Retsu Race: Visored Affl
Sinwalker7 commented…
Good zanpakotu...but theirs a forum for charterers. And some of this guy don't like see charterers on this forum. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Ryuuikari commented…
One of those guys who doesn't like to see characters on this forum would be me haha :P and personally, in my humble opinion, the zanpakuto needs work... lebih dari setahun yang lalu
blackpanther666 commented…
I also dislike characters being diposting on here... the Zanpakuto, as Ryuu said, needs some work. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
alphonse33 commented…
i have to agree with the others though the character is interesting this is a forum for Zanpakuto not chararcters. nice character desain though lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu alphonse33 said…
ok here we go

in its sealed state Saishū-tekina sutoraiki takes the form similar to a tanto except it goes from the elbow to the hand. Hilt is a flame orange color.

Shikia: Saishū-tekina sutoraiki (final strike)
Release: flare

When released Saishū-tekina sutoraiki extends into a scimitar shaped weapon. it also is a flame style zanpakuto.

Abilities: Ichigeki (one blow) the zanpakuto bursts into flames and as the name applies it can defeat most hollows as well as gillian class Menos grandes in one blow. it can only be used 3 times in a fight before Saishū-tekina sutoraiki reverts to its sealed state.

Bankia not achieved
alphonse33 commented…
hey hoped anda all like this zanpakuto it was kind of a fast one i dii though i think there might be lebih so please add some komentar are ideas of your own for this zanpakuto lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu alphonse33 said…
Zanpakuto name: Dai hendo (cataclysm)

Release cmommand: encase them in despair

sealed state: in this form it looks like a extremely long zanpakuto. the hilt is a dark crimson red, and the hand guard is semi-circular.

Shikia: when released Dai hendo does not really change except form getting a dark crimson red glow around the blade. it is an acid style zanpakuto.

Jigoku no ame (hell rain): this ability causes acidic blood red rain to fall form a set point usually around the wielder and their opponent. this sort of a last resort move and not combat effective because the rain is stationary and does not exceed its twenty m radius.

San no nagare (acid flow): this ability allows the the wielder to shot streams of acid from the tip of Dai hendo. this can only be use five or six times before it becomes deadly to the wielder.

Bankia: Gekihen endingu (cataclysmic ending)
the Zanpakuto disappears and the wielder becomes enveloped in a acidic crimson red aura.
besides the first two abilities the only new change is the crimson red aura which is acidic to the touch.the first to abilities do increase slightly. the first the range increases five meters, and the second can now be used for at least 10 times before it becomes dangerous to the wielder. the bankia duration is seven minutes tops. also this zanpakuto used best used by hakudo style fighter.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu alphonse33 said…
Zanpakuto: Aku

Release: Light the Darkness

Sealed state:Takes the form of a katana though a few centimeters shorter than a regular katana. The hand guard is semicircular in shape and the hilt is grayish-white in color.

Shikia: Aku's blade turns completely transparent though it has a bluish tint.

Ability 1: automatically active even in sealed state. it stores kinetic energy in the blade with each swing. the wielder can release the stored energy at will.

Ability 2: automatically activated when shikia is activated. it stores light in the blade as long as there is a source of light. can't be released at will execpt by using the third ability.

Ability 3 Hareyakana danmaku (radiant barrage): fires lances of light from the tip of the sword. lasts for as long as there is light stored in the blade. the destructive power of this take varies with the amount of light there is in the area and the strength of source of light.

Bankai: Aku hoden hikari (Arcing lgiht) it is covered in hashed blue marks and takes the form of a medieval broadsword. the wielder gains wings comprised of light. it retains its 2 and 3 abilities.

New 1st ability: well in Bankai Aku hoden Hikari can bend light around the weilder turning him/her invisible for 2 minutes.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu blackpanther666 said…
Name: Tsukihime ('Moon Princess')

Release Command: Shine brightly, Tsukihime! (Koukouto migaki, Tsukihime!)

Bankai: Tennyo Getsuei Kisaki ('Heavenly nymph of the Moon-queen')

Sealed Form Appearance: A regular katana, measuring approximately 1.15 meters long. The blade is a metallic white, which resembles a mixture of shiny silver and a bright-white colour; the blade also a whitish glow, or shine, to it. The guard is a chrome silver, with black etchings and borders, which are cut lines into the metal of the guard. It is shaped as a regular circle, but has an empty space between the metal of the guard itself and the handle of the sword (or rather, the bit in between the handle and the blade). It looks like a half-circle of metal, around the handle of the sword, but with a circular gap between the two points (guard itself and sword-handle). The handle itself is the same colour of the blade, essentially, with a dark shade of blue.

Special ability: Cuts into the user's spirit energy, dispersing a small amount of it into the spiritual world around them. Disperses only a very small amount of spirit energy, equivalent to that of approximately 0.025 percent of their energy. This occurs when the blade of Tsukihime cuts into them. The downfall of this attack, is that the user has to focus their own reiatsu, in order to use the special ability of Tsukihime to cut their reiatsu. Otherwise, Tsukihime, in Shikai, cuts like a regular Zanpakuto would, drawing blood and cutting them.


Mikadzuki: ('New Moon') This ability is centered around the regeneration of the wielder's spirit energy. If they are exhausting vast amounts of their spiritual energy (especially they are fighting an opponent with massive spiritual energy/reiatsu), then this ability allows them to regenerate some of their spiritual energy back at a slow rate. This rate is probably about 0.05 spiritual energy regenerated every second. This also helps them reiatsu to resist the opponent's reiatsu for longer, unless the wielder [of Tsukihime] has equal reiatsu to the opponent, or greater reiatsu than the opponent.

Purinsesu: Dansu No Getsuei: ('Princess: Dance of the Moon') This is a sword style that is used for this particular ability, which can only be used by the wielder of Tsukihime. The sword style utilises a very spiritual-based fighting style, that resembles a dance almost. This style is very fluent and very hard to defend against.

Shikai appearance: No change.

Bankai Ability: The Bankai works around the same concept as the Shikai. There are several changes in the ability now, however. Instead of 'dispersing' the spirit energy of the opponent, it is now automatically absorbed by the wielder of this Bankai. Now, 0.050% would be dispersed, but is instead absorbed, easily working in conjunction with Mikadzuki, which is also usable in Bankai. After absorbing more than 5% of the opponent's spirit energy, the wielder no longer gets that benefit and their opponent's spirit energy is dispersed, by the same amount (0.05%) as before.

Dance of the Moon is still kept in Bankai, which slightly improves the agility and flexibility of the wielder, but only when in the light of the full moon, or an object resembling the moon and putting off the same mount and type of light.

Final Ability: Gekido Sonoshi No Tsuki (Rage of the Moon): The blade of the Zanpakuto turns blood-red and gives an additional ability, which works in conjunction with the main ability of Tennyo Getsuei Kisaki. The restrictions on absorbing the opponent's spirit energy are broken for the space of a minute, where as much spirit energy can absorbed during that time. After a minute, the normal restrictions apply and spirit energy will be dispersed again and not absorbed by the wielder. With this ability, spirit energy can be retained within the blade of the Zanpakuto and covers the blade with a soul-crushing aura, which lasts for as long the energy lasts within the Zanpakuto and will slowly be used by the wielder.
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Ryuuikari commented…
Where's the bankai I've been waiting (im)patiently for !! XDDD lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Senato commented…
I agree with Ryuu! Looking at the shikai and the quality of your sebelumnya zanpakuto, I get angsa bumps thinking of what the bankai would be like o.o lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
If only Ichigo had this Zanpakuto instead... membaca back on it now, I realise how decent this actually is. Ryuu saw it, too. If he was on fanpop still, then he would have been able to see my new one. XD lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakotu: Yato

Sealed: A katana with a blue handle. The guard is a circular with the words “Dragon” and “Warrior” on it. On the bottom of the handle ‘the butt of the sword’ is a dragon design.

Release command: “Roar, and reap their souls…the demon dragon…Yato.”

Shiki: Nothing changes, but the aura of the sword and master become visable.
Passive Powers: Unmated draw and cutting speed far be on a master swords man and enough power to match.

Attacks: Shibō dorō (Death draw) The master stands ready for a quick draw, with his sword hand ready at the handle. Once the master draws his blade he cuts his target at the same time. The force of the draw is so strong that it can be felt up to fifty yards away. And the draw’s speed is over 300 miles an hour.

Shibō dorō tape two. This is almost the same as the first tape, but instead of cutting a person it cuts their attack. If the enemy uses a energy base long rage attack “like a creo” . The master stands the same way and draws his blade, but after being drawn he uses it to direct the attack into the sheath in one move. The sword also returns to the sheath at the same time.

Shibō dorō tape three. This is done after tape two. And again it starts the same. Once the sword is drawn this time the sword is imbued with the power of the attack it “caught”. This increase the power of the draw by adding the draw and the attack caught. Which increases by however strong the attack was.

Bankai: Yamato (A eight headed dragon in Japanese mythology.) Now the aura around the master and sword take shape. The aura around the master forms into a samurai. The aura around the sword grows into and eight headed dragon “aka: Yamato”.

Attacks: Same as shiki plus this.

8 Shinjinbukai ryū no katto (Cut of the eight godly dragons) This is the strongest attack of the zanpakotu and is unstoppable once started. The master stands ready to draw. The dragon shaped aura behind him stands up straight with all of its heads ready to strike. Once the sword is drawn this time the aura dragon flies at the target almost instantly. The force of the attack is so strong it is said that ever used it could cut a hole in between the dimensions. This attack however is not perfected yet, so it can’t be used at full power. The only time it could be used is if the master could build enough spirit energy. But that could take hundreds if not thousands of years.

This just might be the most over power sword I made. Enjoy!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ryuuikari said…
Name: Kaesu Kaiten (Returning Rotation)
Sealed appearance: When sealed it takes the form of a regular kodachi with a thin cross guard, dark blue hilt-wrapping and a dark blue sheathe.
Shikai release: The wielder twirls Kaesu Kaiten between their fingers and then releases by the command “Orbit”.

Shikai appearance: In shikai Kaesu Kaiten turns into a sharply bladed chakram that has a 25cm diameter. The wielder now also wears a pair of blue and silver metal-clad gloves.

Shikai special abilities: Kaesu Kaiten is a melee-type zanpakutō and is used mainly for medium-to-long ranged combat, although it can also be used for close combat (functioning similar to a knuckleduster). Kaesu Kaiten can be thrown at opponents in excess of 100 metres. As soon as Kaesu Kaiten leaves the wielder’s hand and is more than 30cm away from the wielder it immediately begins rotating clockwise at over one million rpm; the chakram will always stay airborne regardless of what velocity it is travelling at. Also unlike a regular chakram, the wielder can manipulate Kaesu Kaiten’s trajectory and it always returns back to the wielder’s hand after being thrown (regardless of where the wielder or Kaesu Kaiten have moved to); both traits are due to Kaesu Kaiten’s pseudo-electromagnetic properties. When the wielder charges spiritual energy through the metal-clad gloves that they wear, the gloves exert extremely strong pseudo-electromagnetic forces; this pseudo-electromagnetism is a powerful attractive force that only attracts the metal Kaesu Kaiten is made from, allowing the wielder to manipulate Kaesu Kaiten’s flight path freely (the wielder can use one or both hands when doing this). The velocity at which Kaesu Kaiten travels after being thrown depends entirely on the wielder’s strength and throwing technique. It consumes more spiritual energy pulling back Kaesu Kaiten if the wielder throws it a large distance at a low velocity. The metal-clad gloves themselves are strong and durable enough to block a zanpakutō with ease; despite how sharp Kaesu Kaiten is, it will never cut through the metal-clad gloves.

Shikai technique(s):
Mie Kage (Triple Shadow): A technique that causes Kaesu Kaiten to split into three perfectly identical intangible clones after being thrown. When the real version of Kaesu Kaiten makes contact with something the other two intangible clones immediately disappear in a puff of smoke; if it misses the intangible clones re-merge back with the original.

Bankai name: Nijū Kaitenga (Double Rotation Fang)
Bankai release: The wielder spins Kaesu Kaiten on their index finger and then initiates bankai.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Nijū Kaitenga takes the form of stylized dual chakrams. Each chakram resembles its shikai form but each now has a single curved bladed ‘fang’ coming from the outside part of the blade; the left chakram has a dark blue edge and the right chakram has a light blue edge. The wielder still wears the slim-fit blue and silver metal-clad gloves as well as slim-fit blue and silver gauntlets on each arm.

Bankai special abilities: Nijū Kaitenga functions in exactly the same way as in shikai except that the wielder has two chakrams instead of one. When thrown the left chakram rotates clockwise and the right chakram rotates anti-clockwise; they both rotate at just over two million rpm. The wielder manipulates the left chakram with their left hand and the right chakram with their right hand. Like in shikai the metal-clad gloves and gauntlets are strong and durable enough to block even a released zanpakutō with ease.

Bankai technique(s):
Shūsoku Kage (Converging Shadow): It is basically a larger scale version of Mie Kage but instead of only making three clones, each chakram splits into thirty identical intangible clones of itself (making sixty visible chakrams in total). A few seconds after splitting, the intangible clones all converge in on the target from all directions. Immediately after making contact all the intangible clones disappear in a puff of smoke; if they miss the target, the intangible clones reform back into the original two chakrams.

Kakurega (Hidden Fang): This technique triples Nijū Kaitenga’s revolutions, to six million rpm. The increase in revolutions causes the air around the chakrams to form into a thin air blade with the roughly the same (if not a little less) slicing capabilities as the chakram itself; the air blade forms a 30cm radius around the chakram. This technique consumes a steady amount of spiritual energy while activated and lasts for as long as the wielder can maintain it. In addition, no other techniques can be used while Kakurega is in effect.

Kōgo no Nijūga (Alternating Double Fang): The wielder simultaneously throws both chakrams at the opponent, with one chakram aligning itself precisely three centimetres, directly above the other. The wielder can control the collective chakrams with either or both hands. Because each chakram spins in the exact opposite direction to the other when together, this technique instantly slices through its target and violently ricochets off of anything it can’t. After making contact with something the two rotating chakrams immediately separate.
Sinwalker7 commented…
oleh the way, great new zanpakotu. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ryuuikari said…
Got really bored so I made another...

Name: Taiikuka (Athlete)
Sealed appearance: Taiikuka takes the form of a regular kodachi with a small circular tsuba, grass-coloured hilt-wrapping and a grass-coloured sheathe.
Shikai release: The wielder re-sheathes the blade and then releases with the command “Play/Perform”.

Shikai appearance: In shikai Taiikuka’s appearance does not change however the wielder’s footwear is now replaced by sports shoes that heavily resemble link and their hands are covered by dark blue running gloves.

Shikai special abilities: Taiikuka incorporates sports into its abilities using its shikai technique. If Taiikuka’s blade is unsheathed at any point, shikai is automatically resealed.

Shikai technique(s):
Kyūgi (Ball Games): This technique is the core of its two sub-techniques. It enables the wielder to form glowing football-sized (soccer ball-sized) orbs of spiritual energy, called “Yūgi-kyū” (Game Sphere); the colour and properties of the Yūgi-kyū differ with the ‘release’ used.

Kyūgi, Shūkyūton (Ball Games, Football Release): The wielder creates a blue Yūgi-kyū at their feet and, using football skills, kicks the Yūgi-kyū at a target to inflict damage. The velocity of the kick can be increased by juggling the ball; the longer the wielder juggles the faster the velocity of the Yūgi-kyū when it is kicked. A blue Yūgi-kyū is densely compacted and delivers concussive damage (similar to Bala). Blue Yūgi-kyū can be formed and kicked in rapid succession.

Kyūgi, Kawasu Kyūton (Ball Games, Dodgeball Release): The wielder creates a red Yūgi-kyū in their hand(s) and, using dodgeball skills, throws the Yūgi-kyū at a target to inflict damage. A red Yūgi-kyū causes explosive damage on contact with an object; it can be formed and thrown in rapid succession. This release also enables the wielder to ‘catch’ and then dissipate others’ projectile-type attacks, only taking minimal damage in the process.

Bankai name: Yūgi Meijin (Sports Master)
Bankai release: The wielder forms a purple Yūgi-kyū and then, with the blade still sheathed, smacks it with Taiikuka whilst initiating bankai; this causes a massive explosive orb of purple spiritual energy to engulf the wielder and release bankai.
Bankai appearance: Yūgi Meijin takes the form of a 43” long black metal baseball bat with the kanji for Yūgi Meijin scribed on either side of the barrel (one in red and the other in blue). The wielder’s shihakushō becomes very form-fitting and they remain wearing the football boots and running gloves. If not being held, the baseball bat sticks centrally to the wielder’s back.

Bankai special abilities: Yūgi Meijin retains all its shikai abilities and now has additional bankai abilities.

Bankai technique(s):
Yūgizen (All Games): Yūgi Meijin incorporates all sports into its abilities and this technique is the core of all its ‘releases’ (sub-techniques). Thus Shūkyūton and Kawasu Kyūton are used through this technique in bankai.

Yūgizen, Yakyūton (All Games, Baseball Release): The wielder creates mini Yūgi-kyū (around the size of a baseball) and launches them at a target to inflict damage; the wielder can create either blue or red mini Yūgi-kyū and they can be generated in quick succession. In this release Yūgi Meijin’s bankai form can be used to the fullest as the wielder can deflect any projectile-based attack by smacking it with the baseball bat; any projectile struck by Yūgi Meijin is deflected at three times its original velocity.

Yūgizen, Yaki-mō Shūkyūton (All Games, Gridiron Football Release): While this release is active Yūgi Meijin forms shoulder pads, a jockstrap and hip, tail, thigh and knee pads underneath the wielder’s form-fitting shihakushō; a black football helmet, with the kanji for Yūgi Meijin scribed in light purple bisecting the helmet, forms over the wielder’s head. The wielder creates special purple Yūgi-kyū, which takes a prolate spheroid shape, and launches them at a target. Due to the shape of the purple Yūgi-kyū and the way it’s thrown it has extremely high penetrative capabilities; it explodes lightly on whatever it cannot penetrate. The wielder can create and throw the purple Yūgi-kyū in rapid succession. Also the wielder’s charge and body attacks gain drastically increased momentum and their overall defensive capabilities increase fivefold as a result of this release being active. Upon deactivation the wielder’s gridiron attire reverts to the normal bankai attire.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu topgun342 said…
With my efforts to come up with new zanpakutos for my character the space between the new zanpakutos are growing larger but are coming I assure you that. Any way this zanpakuto is fantastic but it may come across as overpowered but it isn't trust me.

Release command: unleash

zanpakuto name(shikai) kihaku rantan hou (soul lantern cannon)

Zanpakuto initiation: Sil has to place his zanpakuto down his back then say the release command. Sil then bends the handle of his zanpakuto over his left shoulder. Sil then say the zanpakuto's name.

Zanpakuto transformation:

Sil's zanpakuto then transforms into a cannon with a lantern levitating at the end of a chain reaching under the right hand and a gauntlet on the left hand with blades outlining the edges of the fingers on the gauntlet.

Zanpakuto abilities:

Kihaku can shoot light out of the cannon and the gauntlet

Sil can also dispense different weapons, clones and other objects made of light

Sil can also manipulate light, diffraction of light, color, shadows, creating illusions, and anything that light touches.

Subside abilities:

Kihaku rantan hou grows stronger with every hollow soul it collects from fallen hollows. Has to be in a certain range of fallen hollow

Kikaku rantan hou as a subside effect can point out hollows

Kihaku has the ability to heal Sil for a portion of the wound inflicted to Sil

Bankai: kihaku heikishou danmaku

soul arsenal barrage

Bankai abilities:

(Note)Weapon choose completely random based on situation and other factors: say: death's choice or specific weapon with element property

Control fallen souls allowing different weapon equips based on the soul collected regardless of hollow, arrancar, or soul reaper zanpakuto. This are not image of light but completely tangible projected souls.

(Side ability): can summon attributes of souls collected such as speed, strength, or anything else

Still same abilities as shikai such as manipulation of light or anything to do with light which includes darkness and illusions including all senses.

Create images of light that are tangible but can also be intangible and can relay information through the frequency of light and transmit information into brain waves.

(Note) manipulation of light has infinite possibilities and uses therefore this alternate form has infinite uses with most abilities unused or undiscovered just as hissori maindo/ kouzetzu does.

(Side Note) this is really just a taste of what exactly this zanpakuto can do.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu CommandoMario said…
Got a little bored, so I decided to make an opposite to my Kaiōsei.

Honōo no Kenshi (炎の剣士, Flame Swordsman)- Like most of the Zanpakutō,my Zanpakutō resembles a regular katana, but is longer than most. As a result, I have to carry my Zanpakutō on my back. In its sealed state, Honōo no Kenshi has a dark red hilt, and tsuba with a regular silver blade. The tsuba is rectangular on the outside edge with the kanji symbol for fire on the inside.

Honōo no Kenshi has one special ability that I can use while my Zanpakutō is in its sealed state:

Tokienzanken (闘気炎斬剣, Spirit Flame Blade)- My sealed Zanpakutō becomes engulfed in flames, increasing the amount of damage done with each strike. I can also swing my sword, launching a powerful blast of fire, which can also cause a high amount of damage.

Shikai- Honōo no Kenshi's release command is "Blaze." When released, the appearance is altered slightly. The blade widens slightly and becomes engulfed in flames.

Shikai Special Ability- As the name and release command suggest, my Zanpakutō gives me control over fire, and grants me three primary abilities with two techniques that become accessible via those techniques.

Hinotama (火の玉, Falling Star)- I point my Zanpakutō toward the sky and release some of my spirit energy. I then point my Zanpakutō at my target and a large meteor shower rains down on the target, causing significant damage to the surrounding area.

Honōo no Kabe (炎の壁, Flame Wall)- With a horizontal swing of my sword, I can erect a wall of flames, which can block oncoming attacks. From that comes an extension of the original technique called Kasai Domu (火災ドーム, Fire Dome) in which I can use my free hand to further extend the wall into a circle and then upward to form a dome to protect me from attacks coming from all directions.

Honōo Saji (炎サージ, Flame Surge)- By using this technique, my feet become surrounded by flames, which are used to increase my overall speed. That technique allows me to use Kasai Kōsei (火災攻勢, Fire Blitz) where I pierce the ground before becoming engulfed in a flaming aura. I then charge my enemy with increased speed, delivering a punishing blow to the opponent.

Bankai: Eien no Honōo no Kyōdaina Ryū (永遠の炎の巨大な龍, Great Dragon of the Eternal Flame)- It's a Bankai that is similar in appearance to that of Renji's "unrealized" Bankai, Hihiō Zabimaru. My sword becomes a long, slender dragon, which spirals around my body. My appearance also changes slightly. My eyes change from green to scarlet, and I gains a kind of shoulder armor on both sides made out of dragon bone. I have to be very cautious when I use it because the sheer power upon my Bankai's release could cause significant damage.

Bankai Special Ability- My Shikai abilities become enhanced. I also gain several new abilities, and my power takes an exponential increase. Should the need arise, I can also change my Zanpakutō from the dragon to a flaming broadsword, which will allow me to move much faster.

Shinku Hinote (深紅火の手, Crimson Fire)- The dragon appears high in the sky before opening its mouth, producing a tornado made of fire (known as a fire whirl), which spirals toward the battlefield before surrounding my opponent. Once that happens, I can simply snap my fingers, causing the tornado to collapse on itself before producing a large explosion of which only the strongest warriors will survive.

Jigoku Kasai (地獄火災, Infernal Fire)- On my command, the dragon opens his mouth and unleashes a torrential wave of fire that incinerates everything in its path.

Nichiyō Kami Shōkan (日曜神召喚, Summoning of the Sun God)- This is my ultimate ability. First, I point my free hand toward the sky, palm facing upward before I release my spirit energy into the sky. The dragon disappears and my Shikai form reappears in my hand and a massive dragon is summoned to the battlefield. This dragon is the manifestation of the Egyptian Sun God Ra. I also become surrounded by flames reaching temperatures nearing ten-thousand degrees. On my command, Ra flaps his wings, releasing a tremendous torrent of flames that will completely vaporize everything in its path, and the effects of this attack will linger for years after it's used. This attack is not without consequence, however, as I lose a good portion of my spirit energy when I use it.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakotu: Maindo, bodi, supiritto, shadoufō 1 ni naru (Mind, Body, Spirit, Shadow, Four become one)

Sealed: This zanpakotu takes the form of four katanas each with one fourth of a cross shaped guard, on each guard is the word that the sword corresponds with. Each blade and hand is a different color. The “Mind” sword has a green handle and the blade has a wind design on the blade. The “Body” sword has a brown handle and a grass design on the blade. The “Spirit” sword has a red handle with a flame design on the blade. And finally the “Shadow” sword has a blue handle with a watery design on the blade. All four swords are made in a way so the fit together to from one, but can be used separately.

Release command: “Four parts of the man, four parts of the heart, become one and strike!”

Shiki: Yottsu no bubun (Four parts) Nothing changes but the auras of the swords can be seen. Each aura’s color matches the swords handles.

Passive powers: Increased speed and strength.

Attacks: No spirit attacks. The swords are used mainly as physically weapons. But the strength the swords increase when two or more of them are put together.

BanKai: Maruichi (One whole) The bankai is active when the four swords are put together and have become one.

Powers: Makes the user faster and stronger then any normal limit.

Attacks: Shi-mai no katto o funsai! (Four piece shattering strike!) This attack hits the targets mind, body, soul, and shadow all at once. The full force of the attack is not only strong enough to kill the target but destroy their skills and their very being. What I mean by this is, even if the attack just grazes the target, the one hit by it will lose their strength, intelligence, will and everything else that makes them, them.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ryuuikari said…
Unfortunately I'll keep on posting blades until the day I leave Fanpop...

Name: Himekajiki (Flying Swordfish)
Sealed appearance: It takes the appearance of a katana with a heavily stylized bronze guard, shaped like two birds wings, deep blue hilt-wrapping and an ocean blue sheathe.
Release command: Swim

Shikai appearance: Its general appearance does not change but it grows into a nodachi with the blade itself being slightly longer than usual, however its sheathe remains katana-sized. The tip of the blade is visibly sharper than the rest of the blade.

Shikai special abilities: Himekajiki is a melee-type zanpakutō with no real special abilities. The tip of its blade is extremely sharp and very hard in comparison to the rest of the blade; the cutting edge is as dull as its back edge. It is this trait which gives Himekajiki its style; stabbing, penetrative sword thrusts. Himekajiki is exceedingly better at penetrating defences than other blades of its level, at the cost of reduced cutting capabilities.

Shikai technique(s):
Umi no Manto (Cloak of the Sea): By accumulating reiatsu around the tip of the blade in the form of a visible blue aura, the power of stabbing attacks is drastically augmented. It can also be used in bankai.

Bankai name: Odori Sasu-yō Himekajiki (Stabbing Dance, Flying Swordfish)
Bankai release: The wielder ‘re-sheathes’ the undersized sheathe on to Himekajiki and then initiates bankai.
Bankai appearance: Odori Sasu-yō Himekajiki resembles the skeleton of a swordfish with the spine acting as the hilt (at the length of a nodachi hilt), the tail-bone acting as the pommel, the skull and fin-bones acting as the guard and the bill acting as the blade; the bill is shaped like a Japanese blade, rather than an actual swordfish bill, but is unrealistically long at around seven feet, with its tip being visibly sharper than the rest of the blade (like in shikai). The wielder now wears a long sea blue-coloured scarf that has minute fish-scale patterning on it, around their neck and two wing-shaped pieces on the side of their head.

Bankai special abilities: Odori Sasu-yō Himekajiki is still a melee-type zanpakutō and it retains its shikai abilities as well as gaining two bankai techniques. It is made of an extremely dense, hard bone-like substance that far exceeds the strength and hardness of regular metal making it nigh impossible to break. Due to the ungainly length of its blade Odori Sasu-yō Himekajiki is a difficult zanpakutō to wield in bankai.

Bankai technique(s):
Mugen Suiryoku (Infinite Thrust): Odori Sasu-yō Himekajiki charges spiritual energy throughout its blade then, with a fierce thrusting motion, it fires a dense, dark blue, blade tip-shaped energy projectile at a target. This technique can pierce most defences and has a penetrative power twice that of a bankai, Umi no Manto enhanced stab. It explodes on anything it cannot penetrate.

Gaitōtotanken (Cloak and Dagger): The wielder must first obscure the opponent’s vision so that the opponent cannot see the wielder; however the wielder must still be able to see the opponent. Odori Sasu-yō Himekajiki’s blade then glows with a dark hue and, with a violent thrust of the blade, stabs through space and time to be able to impale the opponent through their back. This is a difficult technique to perform and it also consumes a substantially large amount of spiritual energy.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu KaiqueB said…
Saw this thread and since i love bleach said "hey why not".
So here is my Zanpakuto, feel free to comment.

Name: Kami no Tsuki (Divine Moon)
Appearence: A straight bladed katana, with a black handle with white crescent symbols on both sides.
A Black circular tsuba.
Release command: Astound

Shikai Appearence: A scythe. The snaith is 1.5 meters long, and is a 3 dimensional cyliner. Completely black.On one end of the scythe their is a grayish-white ball with a 1 inch diameter. Even though small it is resistant and can be used for minor damage or smashing. It represents a full moon.
On the other end of the scythe their is a long curved blade. Measuring around 70 centimeters. The blade is silver, while the sharp edge is a lighter tone then the rest of the blade. Even though the weapon is meant for slicing and causing severe damage it can be swung for banging and inflicting external injuries using the non bladed side of the scythe or the white ball to inflict minor damage.

Shikai Ability #1: Shiro bō~tsu (White Daze):
This ability can be used either in the air or on solid ground. The wielder spins the scythe in front of him, and a white moon is formed. The moon projects a faded white almost gray light aimed at the enemy (almost like stage light). Once caught in the projected light the enemy looks at the moon and is dazed (paralyzed for 8 seconds), enough time for the wielder to use flash step and strike the enemy with no mercy. The moment the opponent looks at the moon after caught in the light he is caught in a trance and has no memory of what happened after having battle damage inflicted. He only remembers of the moon which was the last thing he saw and attracted his attention.
This attack can be dodged by flash step, especially by a shinigami with fast reflexes. The light amulated from the moon can be reflected and bounced off objects such as a blade, or a mirror. The light from the moon can be dodged but can also be blocked by a shield or kido barriers. Or by the Shun Shun Rikka´s Santen Kesshun. The moon also fades after 8 seconds, when the opponent is released from the daze.

Shikai Ability #2: Gōmon no mangetsu (Moon of Torture):
This ability can be used in the air or on solid ground. The wielder spins the scythe in front of him, and a blood red moon is formed. The moon projects itself in the location of the wielder. The red moon fades after 8 seconds. Once projected any battle damage be it from cuts, stabs, broken bones, open wounds, any internal and external damage on the opponent will be felt with 8x the pain. The effect of the pain will last throughout the entire battle until either the wielder calls of the ability, the opponent physically touches the scythe, the injuries are healed, or either the wielder or opponent(s) dies. The effect of the moon only works on past injuries during the battle and not on injuries created upon battle during the moons projection. The effect of the ability covers a certain radius, so it can affect more then one injured opponent at a time. The effect of the moon over the opponent only works if the opponent looks at the moon, once its projected or during its 8 second projection.

Shikai Ability #3: Tsuki no michikake , Hachi (Phases of the Moon, 8)
The user calls out the ability and then the number.The wielder makes 8 perfect copies of himself all having a scythe as a weapon. All the copies have the same physical strength and speed as the wielder.
Once any damage is taken be it from kido,physical attacks etc... the copy fades. The copies cannot use kido, as well as cannot use any of the shikai´s abilities. They can be used as a distraction, physical attackers or meat shields. They follow the orders of the wielder and can not be manipulated, as well as feel no pain or mercy. They do not speak. The user of the ability can call off the copies resulting in the destruction of all the copies, as he can not call off one individual copy, its all or nothing. The moment another shikai ability is used the copies also fade.

Bankai: Tsuki no keshin (Incarnation of the moon)
Appearence: The snaith of the scythe becomes larger measuring 1.7 meters. The blade itself also becomes longer measuring 90 centimeters. The snaith remains black, and the ball in the end of the snaith becomes larger with a diameter of 2 inches and changes color to snow white. The blade is sleek, and completely white with the sharp end being a darker tone then the rest of the blade.

Bankai Ability #1: Tsuki o zōyo (Bestowing moon)
The wielder points the scythe at the sky, and a white moon begins to form in between the fighters. A black dome forms, using the moon as the point of origin. The appearence is as if is night time while inside the dome. As long as the wielder remains inside the dome his strength, resistance to attacks and speed is 80% higher.
The moon and the dome act as a barrier keeping things out and mainting things in. Both are restistant but not unbreakable. The dome fades if the user steps out of the dome, is pushed out or is forced out the dome. If the moon in the center of the dome is destroyed so is the dome.

Bankai Ability #2: Wakare (Farewell):
This ability can be used in the air or on solid ground. The user spins the scythe in front of him and a white moon is projected. An illusion is formed and the opponent sees nothing but darkness and the moon. The appearence is as if you are in space, it feels like their is no air or gravity. You begin to distance yourself from the moon, until it can no longer be seen. You only go further and further into space, you begin to have trouble breathing and faint, only to awaken from the illusion.
The attack can not be evaded, or blocked. The effect will be successful as long as the opponent(s) look at the moon. You can be released or release yourself from the illusion by suffering physical pain. The ability can be forcibly overcome by releasing a large enough concentration of spiritual energy and reiatsu through the affected victim’s body (it doesn’t matter whether this is from the victim or an external source). It is used to torture the opponent or as a decoy.

Bankai Ability #3: Shiro-shi (White death):
The wielder raises the scythe pointing it to the air. Spirtual energy is released into the air in the form of a ray of light. A white ball appears and a moon begins to form. The moon must go through its natural phases and takes 8 minutes to reach its final phase (the full moon). As the moon forms it begins to store large amounts of spiritual energy. Once the full moon is formed the energy is released in the form of a high powered beam aiming at a single target, the explosion can spread at a distance of 8 city blocks. The origin of the explosion is determined by the target it is aimed at. This attack cannot be evaded unless the opponent is equal to the rank of a lieutenant. The attack is powerful enough that it can´t be blocked, unless of something of the same or more power clashes with it. The moon that is projected and is the source of the beam can be destroyed with an attack of the same destructive proportion, as well as the beam can be delayed if the user wishes it to be, or if the moon is attacked interrupting in its cycle for a few seconds-minutes varying on the power of the attack. If the user of the attack is knocked out in the 8 minute time limit, the moon that will release the attack fades. After this ability is used, the weapon returns to shikai state and can not return to bankai. The user can only enter bankai after 8 days, entering bankai by force under 8 days can result in severe damage to the user, leave them drained and weak or death.

P.S. if no one can tell i used the moon and its number of phases(8), as inspiration.
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Sinwalker7 commented…
Now this is one awesome zanpakotu lebih dari setahun yang lalu
KaiqueB commented…
Thank anda i tried XD. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakotu: 8-Pon no āmu (Eight arms)

Sealed: A set of four katanas.

Release command: “Fight like a demon…8-Pon no āmu!”

Shiki: The katanas turn into a ax, scythe, hook sword and spear. Also the soul reaper grows two arms that allow him to use all four weapons.

Powers: None, this zanpakotu is used mainly for up close battles.

Bankai: 8-Pon no āmu, sensō akuma! The master raises the weapons and calls Bankai. The master grows four more arms and gets a whip and a mace. With training one can use all the weapons at once and use his free hands to us kido spells.

This needs more detail, but I'm bored.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ryuuikari said…

Name: Shikyōkan (Death Empathy)
Sealed appearance: It takes the form of a slim, dark brown shikomizue. The top of the cane is orb-like and rounded.
Shikai release: The wielder slams the tip of the cane to the ground and releases by the command “Take the pain”.

Shikai appearance: Shikyōkan now takes the form of a 90cm long dark-coloured three-ringed wax-wood khakkhara that has a 60cm long blade protruding from the bottom.

Shikai special abilities: Shikyōkan is a Kidō-type zanpakutō with two shikai techniques.

Shikai technique(s):
Mujōna Kōreijutsu (Heartless Necromancy): The wielder stabs the tip of the blade into the ground and reanimates all corpses and dead beings within a ten mile radius; the wielder can summon the reanimated dead to their immediate vicinity. Anyone the wielder has killed is also reanimated. The reanimated dead are completely under the wielder’s control and manipulation however if left to their own devices they are no more than mindless savages; reanimated dead possess all abilities they had before dying. This technique can be used in bankai.

Itami Futago (Pain Twins): The wielder must first smear their own blood over the blade and then cut the victim with the blade; this causes a red symbol (a circle with three overlapping circles inside) to appear on the victim’s left pectoral. This causes all pain that the wielder would feel to transfer over to the victim; only pain is transferred and no other sensations. However the wielder still takes damage and can still die, they just don’t feel any pain. This technique is maintained by the wielder’s will and when the technique ends, the red symbol disappears too.

Bankai name: Kojin Jigokuō (Deceased King of Hell)
Bankai appearance: In bankai its appearance changes slightly, gaining an additional nine rings on the khakkhara giving a total of twelve rings.

Bankai special abilities: Kojin Jigokuō can use the same techniques as in shikai. Its Mujōna Kōreijutsu technique now works on all corpses and dead beings within a twenty-five mile radius.

Bankai technique(s):
Higai Futago (Damage Twins): The wielder must first smear their own blood over the blade and then cut the victim with the blade; this causes a black symbol (a circle with three overlapping circles inside) to appear on the victim’s right pectoral. This causes any damage that the wielder receives to also be reflected on the victim’s body. Only damage is reflected and no other sensations. This technique is maintained by the wielder’s will and when the technique ends, the black symbol disappears too.

Jigoku no Hontai Fukutsu (Indomitable Body of Hell): The wielder rapidly spins Kojin Jigokuō over their head causing red and black spiritual energy to fall from it and engulf the wielder’s body. This technique transforms the wielder’s regular body into an undead body; the undead form appears as a severely emaciated decayed skeletal version of the wielder with bits of skin hanging off bones etc. In this form the wielder feels no physical pain whatsoever and gains the ability of anatomical liberation i.e. if body parts are separated they will telekinetically reattach themselves at the wielder’s will. Since the wielder’s undead body is made mostly of spiritual energy, if a body part is destroyed it can be regenerated provided the wielder has sufficient spiritual energy. The technique will automatically end when the wielder has run out of sufficient spiritual energy, causing the remaining spiritual energy to reform the wielder’s body back to its state before entering the technique; this technique consumes a substantial amount of spiritual energy to perform and maintain. The wielder can be killed in their undead form using two methods: the first by removing Kojin Jigokuō from the wielder’s contact and then decapitating or vice-versa causing the wielder’s body to forcibly return back to its regular state whereupon the wielder will succumb to the injury; the second by engulfing the wielder’s entire body in an explosion-type attack that will wholly disintegrate the wielder’s body. Excluding Mujōna Kōreijutsu no other techniques can be used while this technique is in effect; the effects of Itami Futago and Higai Futago are cancelled when this technique is activated.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu grif16 said…
Name: Tenka (Heavenly Flash)

Sealed Appearance: It’s in the form of a tanto knife


Shikai release command: Strike without warning


Shikai appearance: Once released Tenka takes the form of two military rapiers with brown leather handles and gold hand guards with long slender blades for speedy strikes.


Shikai ability #1: the blade can detach from the hilt and can be flung or shot at high speed toward an opponent. Then at any point during the blade’s flight or once it impacts its target the owner can detonate it causing a powerful blast that could severely injure anyone caught in the blast radius and will cause even more damage if the blade is detonated while inside a targets body. After the blade leaves the hilt it is instantly regenerated so he can launch several follow up attacks.


Shikai ability #2: If during the fight the blade makes contact with the wielders enemy, the blade can snap off and leave the part that made contact embedded it the target, able to be detonated at any time. While the shard is smaller the detonation is not as powerful but this tactic is meant to cause internal damage and hinder an enemy greatly. The part of the blade that breaks off is also instantly regenerated.



Bankai: Reppu Shinka (Reaping Wind Flash)


Bankai appearance: While the wielder retains the shikai rapier he gains four razor sharp steel eagle wings that are made of rapier blades of varying sizes. The wings do not give the wielder the ability to fly but they can be used as shields and can be used as offensive weapons as well. While they look heavy the wings very light, allowing the owner to retain his speed for intense combat.


Bankai ability #1: The hand held swords retain their shikai ability but the detonation force is twice the strength. The wings can be produce hundreds of blades with a single flap and each blade can be detonated at the owners will


Bankai ability #2: The wielder completely cloaks himself with the wings creating an almost impenetrable shield and then detonates all the exterior blades creating and explosion a hundred times more powerful than a single blade explosion. This technique can only be used once because the explosion causes so much damage to the bankai.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu grif16 said…
This is the shikai blade form. There are 2 of them with both shikai and bankai
 This is the shikai blade form. There are 2 of them with both shikai and bankai
lebih dari setahun yang lalu grif16 said…
Name: Tachiume (Earth Severing Tree)


Sealed Form: it is an average sized katana with a leaf shaped guard and a green handle.


Shikai Release command: Plant your seeds


Shikai Appearance: the whole sword turns into a Bokken (Japanese wooden sword)


Shikai Ability: Since the sword is wooden it has no offensive or defensive capabilities. Directly after release the wielder stabs the tip into the ground and then the sword plants hundreds of seeds. Each seed instantly sprouts a constantly extending vine that is covered in thorns as hard as steel and sharp as blade. At the tip of each vine is a spear head shapped thorn used for impaling an enemy. The vines react to the motion of the sword and follow its wielders command.


Shikai Special Ability: Bakko (Wooden Fang); With a swing of the wooden sword one of the vines acts like a whip and launches all the thorns on it toward the enemy.


Bankai: Tengekiume (Heaven Striking Tree)


Bankai Appearance: The wielder touches the tip if the bokken to the ground, then it instantly sprouts roots and grows into a huge tree that grows till it almost touches the clouds. The roots of the tree travel and grow in all directions and from those roots more trees sprout up, the trees get smaller the further they get from the original. After the roots are done growing all land within 100 yards of the first tree is covered in lush vegetation and full leaved trees. The number of smaller trees numbers around 500 excluding the main tree. At the top of the main tree sits the owner of Tengekiume. He sits and watches the soldiers do battle with enemy. He can also command their troop movements via telekinesis.


Bankai Ability: Each tree is capable of spawning no more than 4 wooden soldiers at a time to fight for the owner. Each soldier has razor sharp claws and is capable of tearing through flesh with ease. However the soldiers are only as powerful as your average hollow but just as fast as someone able to use flash step. While individually a soldier is hardly a threat they always attack in great numbers to overwhelm their opponent. If a soldier is cut down within 15 seconds a new one is born and rejoins the battle. However; while the soldiers born from the smaller trees are weak, the first tree can spawn up to 10 wooden soldiers, each of which is just as strong if not stronger than a lieutenant soul reaper. While stronger they cannot go far from the first tree as it is their job to protect it because if it is destroyed the bankai will deactivate. Also so that the wielder is not useless he retains the ability to control vines that protrude from the ground and are controlled by the owners hand movements.

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Ryuuikari commented…
This is actually a pretty interesting zanpakuto. I do like how the wielder takes a back kursi instead of battling directly, it's a nice change from the usual. I particularly like the bankai's weakness, in the fact that destroying the main pohon forcibly deactivates the bankai. It balances the bankai (since the main pohon is such a huge target). Reminds me of one I made a while back. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
grif16 commented…
yea i just hate when i see those over powered zanpakuto. its been a long time since i diposting something here lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu grif16 said…
This is what a wooden soldier looks like
 This is what a wooden soldier looks like
Sinwalker7 commented…
I got to say anda got some really good ideas going...hope to see more. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
jUxtApOsEd2wIn commented…
Skyrim much? lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu grif16 said…
Name: Iteryusa (Frozen Flame Chain)


Sealed Form: It is a basic katana with no guard, a blue handle, and a small white ribbon that hangs from the end


Shikai Release Command: Cover this land in ice   


Shikai Appearance: The shikai takes the form of a white steel eldritch gauntlet. It covers the entire forearm and the hand


Shikai Ability: From the palm of the hand, the gauntlet creates a long whip made of blue fire that can be swung with incredible speed and force. The full extent of the whip is 100 feet but at that distance it becomes harder to control. Anything the blue flame touches instantly begins stealing the thermal energy from it and slowly freezing it. If the whip stays in contact with something for longer than 7 seconds (it doesn’t have to be all at once) the object or person will be frozen solid and shatter. All the heat the whip steels is stored in the gauntlet. The armored gauntlet can also be used to defend from incoming strikes


Shikai Technique #1: Benigeki (Crimson Strike): All the heat stolen by the whip is focused into a single punch that hits with tremendous force. The more heat that is stored in the gauntlet the stronger the strike will be


Shikai Technique #2: Shigeki (Violet Strike): A fraction of the heat stolen by the whip is focused into the palm of the hand and can be fired out multiple times at high speeds. Since the technique uses a set amount of thermal energy the blasts power cannot increase or decrease


Shikai Technique #3: Kingeki (Golden Strike): This technique can only be used once the gauntlet is so full it can no longer hold absorb anymore thermal energy. The wielder places his hand on the ground and instantly releases the energy into the ground causing a massive explosion, severely injuring anyone caught in the blast.


Bankai Name: Itekaku (Frozen Shell)

Bankai Appearance: There are now gauntlets on each arm and the wielder is cloaked in white and blue flame, which takes the form your basic Soul Reaper Shihakusho. Along with a pure white flame sleevless captains haori. The shihakusho does not act as body armor, it is simply a way to feed the power of the bankai.


Bankai Ability: Once the bankai is activated all heat within a 2 mile radius is instantly absorbed by the shihakusho from the ground and most life forms that don’t have enough spiritual pressure to resist the flash freeze. Since there is now a gauntlet on each arm the wielder can produce two whips. The more thermal energy that is stolen the more powerful the bankai becomes. The shihakusho also makes it so an enemy cannot stay in close proximity for an extended time or risk freezing.


Bankai weaknesses: The bankai requires constant heat absorption to feed the flames of the shihakusho or they will die out and the bankai will become weaker and less effective. The ideal time to activate the bankai is during the day where the sun can constantly provide thermal energy. However if it is activated at night the bankai can only retain its existence for about 5 minutes.


Bankai Techniques: The bankai retains all the shikai techniques but their power is greatly amplified
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakotu: Sutomuraida (Storm Rider)

Seal: A katana with a yellow handle and a octagon guard.

Release command: “Cry out and scar the Earth!”

Shiki: A six foot long pole with a round spear head on one end a two prongs on the other.

Passive powers: Control and create storms and lighting. Becomes stronger in stroms.

Attacks: Sandabureka, (Thunder Breaker), The master slams the pronged end into the ground/floor like a hammer white then releases a large blast of sound and lighting-like spirit energy. This attack can become stronger if the prongs were struck beforehand, thereby already setting them in motion. Put simply the more this attack is use the stronger it becomes…till about 5-6 hits.

Kaminari Sutoriku (Lightning Streak) The master flips the staff around so the spear end is facing forward. Then it shots out a jet of compressed lightning. This attack can become stronger by having a bolt of lightning hit the staff the firing it at the target. Lightning-like kido attacks will also charge the staff. This is best used at ranged combat.

Arashi Koru (Storm Call) The master flicks or strikes the pronged end of the staff and starts to spin it. The prong vibrate and start to form storm clouds over head, and soon a full storm appears. This must be done to call Bankai.

Bankai: Sutomuraida, Sanda-o (Storm Rider, Thunder King) The staff does not change but the master is now wearing steal armor that covers the cheat, back, arms, legs and head but the pieces are not connected.

Passive powers: The masters armor is charged with lightning and can repeal most physically attacks by a mere touch. However the charge weakness over time and needs to be charged again. This is done by calling lightning down and letting it hit the staff or the armor.

Attacks: Same as be for and the one fallowing.

Kaminari dai konran (Lightning Maelstrom) The master spins the staff over head and calls down as much lightning as possible. Then he slams the prong end into the ground releasing a exsplion of lighting and sound (This can be at one target or over a large area of about the same size as the storm over head, if the storm has been removed the this attack is only as powerful as Kaminari Sutoriku
lebih dari setahun yang lalu jUxtApOsEd2wIn said…
I've made this Zanpakuto years ago with a Shinigami. I started in the Fallout RP but was unable to continue due to personal reasons. I also, since then, forgot my login information on the account sumguy (screen name) and haven't used the associated email for years. So I'm re-posting with the hopes of rejoining. Check it out and give me the ok or ask questions or whatev. Let me know.

Zanpakuto – Hyouhen Tenshin – Shifting Shard
Release command: Kikatsu - Thirst [verb form – definitely different then the noun form, which would be katsuai]

Hyouhen Tenshin , once activated into shikai, turns into a dagger 1 ¾ foot in length. Its blade is an awkwardly shiny metal [think about the cop robot in Terminator 2 : ]. The blade appears to be liquid shifting and bending but if touched it would be just as solid as any blade. The hilt is rough, black, and glassy made out of obsidian rock. It is hollowed out and at the bottom is a red orb about 2 inches in diameter and is removable.

Shikai abilities.

Jinniku Sampai - Flesh Acidification – The slightest touch of the blade causes complete impalement and a hole 1.5 inches in diameter. The blade doesn’t actually extend nor does it use reitsu to cause the hole. Upon touch it releases a very potent acid that doesn’t seer or burn any other flesh outside of the 1.5-inch diameter [thus allowing bleeding to occur as normal]. The 1.5-inch diameter hole is fairly rapidly disintegrated into nothing within 5 seconds; these 5 seconds though would be excruciatingly painful. Slash attacks have the same effect across the entire cut so if an enemy is cut the entire length of his stomach, he will be severed in 2.

Kyousan Sashijou Kousoku - Biding Acid Bolt - Allows the wielder to absorb the acid into the wielder’s reitsu and use the acid as kido. With the acid inside wielder’s reitsu, he could shoot it out of his palms at will in the form of a platinum, metallic lightning bolt. If analyzed it would have similar properties of plasma matter however it will have a temperature of -346 degrees Fahrenheit - the same temperature of liquid nitrogen. If blocked by a sword it will freeze the sword causing MOST zanpakuto’s abilities to be sealed. Also, at negative 2OO degrees, steel can easily be shattered and as we all probably know, katana’s, swords, and almost every blade that was made after the bronze era is steel. Contact with skin causes the same 1.5-inch diameter hole as previous ability but no freeze because the acid is destroying the body during freeze time.

Shoueki – Blood Serum - While in Kyousan Sashijou Kousoku form, Hyouhen Tenshin does not deal any NOTICEABLE damage to the foe nor can it actually cut him. Instead, when it comes in contact with a person it absorbs his blood into the hollowed out hilt. It takes 15 complete seconds of contact or 1O cuts to absorb 1 pint of blood. The hilt can only hold 1 pint of blood. Once the hilt is at its limit the blood is then transformed into a potion that quadruples [x4] the wielder’s original speed and reitsu. Also, Hyouhen Tenshin is incapable of transforming into Bankai until the pint has been absorbed. 2 minutes after the pint has been absorbed the orb at the bottom of the hilt glows blood red signaling the potion is ready for consumption and bankai is possible.
*Note. The user’s blood can also be used and stored but the potion expires quickly so that 2-minute period is always required but the user can carry pints of previously extracted blood to make the process easier however the attempt to take your foes blood and leave him weaker is a great prospect!

Bankai name – Ekitaikinzoku – Liquid Metal

Ekitaikinzoku transforms into a whip with the same awkward liquid metal appearance as described for Hyouhen Tenshin and is at normal size of 12 ft. Upon touch however, the metal is actually malleable and feels closer to what it looks like – platinum goo. The hilt, still obsidian rock, is now about 4 feet long and 4 inches in diameter. The hilt’s primary function is defense leaving the wielder to have total control of the whip itself while still being able to defend. The orb at the hilt is glowing blood red and is still removable.

Ability 1 - Ekitaikinzoku is able to extend 12OO feet and retract down to 1 foot. The wielder can manipulate the whip part without movement from the hilt because of the combination of ability 2 and 3 of shikai state. When absorbing the acid into his reitsu, his reitsu then becomes the acid metal [user is no longer capable of any other kido from the point of ability 2 of shikai]. Also, the properties of the agent stored in the orb mixes with the blood [1/2 lb. per pint giving the user 3 lbs. of metal.] to create the serum. Once ingested, this potion turns the user’s blood into the acid thus making the whip an extension of the users body thus the user is able to move every inch of the whip at the same speed he can move.[Extension factors listed in ability 2]

Ability 2 - Ekitaikinzoku can convert any metal into the whip upon contact thus contributing to your blood and reitsu. The user must convert enough metal to sustain the blood and reitsu flowing through the whip upon extension [1 lb. per 2O ft. and as the whip retracts the extra energy is stored in the orb for further use or for Byouyomi shi Zettaireido. It takes 5 seconds per lb.].*Note. Any metal zanpakuto can also be absorbed.*Note. User cannot use his own reitsu to charge Ekitaikinzoku but he can use his blood giving him 2 lbs. or 4O feet initially [can’t use more than that because anything more would cause physical fatigue, fainting, and even more would cause death – of course the close to death factor does contribute possibly giving him more extension or the ability to fight hard to overcome blood loss without dying.]

Byouyomi shi Zettaireido – Countdown to Absolute Zero - The orb on the bottom of the hilt turns blue when enough metal is absorbed [2OO lbs. which is 16 minutes and 4O seconds of total absorption time when Ekitaikinzoku is at normal length. At normal length Ekitaikinzoku weighs 11 lbs. so extracting it from their only gives you 1O lbs. of stored energy]. When removed, the wielder can then absorb all of the metal into his body amplifying his current speed and reitsu [unless his reitsu level is below normal level at which case it amplifies the original reitsu level] by 1O. The wielder can from that point on [if he chooses] emit an explosion that is -46O degrees Fahrenheit [Pluto is only at -4OO], which is known as absolute zero because every known atom and thus every molecule can no longer continue moving. [Every atom and molecule moves and their speed depends on what matter state. Contrary to popular belief solids’ atoms move the fastest because they vibrate in place [except for plasma but this also will freeze]. At temperatures this low any and all solids and every form of matter freezes.] It also creates a shockwave equivalent to 3O megatons of T.N.T, which is the explosive force of a hydrogen nuclear fusion bomb, which will undoubtedly shatter all of the frozen matter [even the oxygen in the air]. An H-bomb’s blast radius is roughly 6OOOO ft., which is roughly equivalent to 11 miles. That would make the diameter of the explosion 22 miles.
*Note this is a self-destruction ability [the latter part] and will kill everything and everyone within described area including the user.
* The only way my Shinigami would use the latter part of this ability is if he was absolutely certain that there would be little to no collateral damage and there was no other options. I.E. if he was in the Aizen battle and all the other captains were down including Yamamoto assuming that my shinigami would hold out longer than Yamamoto.
Additional Zanpakuto information:

Q. Does the acid property of the blade that causes the hole still remain when in Bankai
.A. No. The property of the acid in Shikai state destroys flesh but once transformed into Bankai the property of the acid changes to break down metal. The change is caused once the potion is consumed in Shoueki form. Once the acid fuses with my blood it is then no longer physically harmful, however the whip is malleable but also metal so I could focus my reitsu [which the whip is] into a hardened tip, edge, hard flat surface, or pretty much anything else I want making the weapon devastatingly deadly.

Q. In Bankai are you still capable of using Kyousan Sashijou Kousoku? If so, would it have the same properties as the whip [no longer harmful and focused on breaking down metal]?
A. Yes it is still usable. It does have the property to breakdown flesh but not metal.. Speed and overall destructive capabilities are at a higher potential upon drinking the potion due to the reitsu increase and the freezing properties are still there as well. Once in bankai however, the ability consumes the stored metal because the stored metal is his reitsu. The usage depends of course upon how much energy is put into it as well as speed and damage.

Here's a reference to gauge the power:
1/4 lb. is equivalent in strength and speed to a low level kido under 1O.
1/2 lb. 1O-2O
1 lb. 2O-3O
2 lb. 3O-4O
4 lb. 4O-5O
8 lb. 5O-6O
16 lb. 6O-7O
24 lb. 7O-8O
32 lb. 8O-9O
4O lb. 9O-1OO
Anything over 5O lbs. is stronger than level 1OO kido. For every additional 2O lbs. after that it doubles the previous level making this ability, when using enough stored reitsu, infinitely powerful. Of course its limitations are dependent upon how much metal is absorbed. Considering it takes 16 minutes and 4O seconds [2OO lbs.] of total absorption time to charge up Byouyomi shi Zettaireido, I don't see it practical to use more than 5O lbs. at a time because that would then mean you would have to compensate for the metal loss in order to reach Byouyomi shi Zettaireido which amplifies the users current reitsu and speed by 1O thus making it his ultimate form. Also, in this form, using Kyousan Sashijou Kousoku will have 1O times the kido potential. I.E. 1/4 lb. of metal would produce a kido 1O times stronger than a level 1-1O kido. 4O lbs. would be 1O times stronger than a level 9O-1OO kido!!!!
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Jester15 said…
Here's my zanpakuto.

zanpakuto name: Mizu Tora (Water Tiger)
release command: Demizu za Tsuchi (Flood the Earth)

description: When Mizu Tora is in its released form it, at first, it looks like a small, hand-sized rod with two sharp spikes one at both ends. Both spikes are as long as the hilt(rod), but this form is what I like to call its docked form. One of the spikes (either one) becomes the end of a water whip, this is what I like to call its undocked form. The length of the water whip's initial length is 3 yards(9 ft.). The color of the two spikes is grey, and the tips of the spikes are black. The spikes also have 2 black, ring stripes and 4 black, pointed stripes. The hilt is blue with black tiger stripes.

bankai name: Mizu Tenma (Water Demon)

description: In bankai, Mizu Tenma is two katars(hand blades) both have 3 blades located between the the knuckles. It also has bladed boots which have 3 blades as well. The blades on the boot measure 18 in. and the katar blades measure 2 ft. in length. Also two pauldrons each has a 6 in. spike and a sleek chest-plate. On the back of the chest-plate is a water whip tail with a spike on the end. The blades are similar katana blades.

shikai abilities:

Mizu Saifon (Water Siphon): What ever the whip hits if it has moisture and it's inanimate, then the water is absorbed by the spike that is still docked. This increases the range of the whip, but in order to increase its range the whip has to re-dock. Also, once the water level inside of Mizu Tora is high enough, then Mizu Tora can take on the form of any other hilted weapon.

Mizu Zouka (Water Increase): If Mizu Tora hits a water source of water directly it can increase the amount of water. Also if it hits blood the same thing happens.

Mizu Shihai (Water Control): If Mizu Tora hits water, then it can control it. If it hits blood the same thing happens, however it's according to the body part it hit what it controls. If it hits an arm then it can control that arm, or if it's leg then it can control that leg and so on. However if Mizu Tora hits the head or the chest/abdomen.

bankai abilities:

Absolute control over any liquid: Mizu Tenma's control ability far surpasses Mizu Tora's, because it can control any liquid. Also, it doesn't need to hit the liquid in order to control it, however it isn't able to control blood of the living. Also, the radius of its control is 1 mile. Also ,for water, Mizu Tenma can increase the liquid till it's scalding hot.

Enhanced Mizu Zouka: In addition to increasing the water amount of visible water it can also increase the amount of water in clouds and in the atmosphere.

Mizu Katanas (Water Blades): This allows its wielder to turn any inanimate object it cuts into water.

To tell you the truth this isn't the first zanpakuto I've made, in fact it's my latest.
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jUxtApOsEd2wIn commented…
Curious... What if the liquid has no water in it? Not all liquids are comprised of H2O molecules. In fact, 'liquid' is only a matter state that is used to define a material with certain and specific characteristics. Also, if your zanpakuto were to be able to control liquids then it wouldn't be able to control vaporized water (clouds atau H2O in the air) because this would be gas not liquid... It seems to me your zanpakuto can control all forms of water which would make sense. Your zanpakuto keterangan is quite vague and it seems like it's a "1up" blade. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
jUxtApOsEd2wIn commented…
Also... What if an object has some properties of liquid but isn't actually a liquid... like jello for example... atau pudding... yogurt... etc? Those things have H2O molecules but what if something was similar to puding but had no H2O molecules? Better yet... Suppose the wielder was 1 mile away from the sun and was able to remain living, would the wielder be able to control the sun?... atau what about Jupiter... yeah... There's no H2O on either areas and neither is actually a liquid but there is many properties of liquids.... see... many questions.... lebih dari setahun yang lalu
jUxtApOsEd2wIn commented…
My response is too long so I started another thread. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu jUxtApOsEd2wIn said…
If only zanpakutos were real then we could show them haha. I'm guessing you mean story application. Now I get that the wielder can control all forms of water and bankai can control all liquids and you've specified limitations. The reason why I brought up Jupiter and the sun is because Jupiter's surface is condensed gas which, as one travels deeper into it, eventually it would seem as though one was wading through pudding. It does however rain on that planet but not water. The rain is condensed hydrogen and helium mixed with neon so it would be liquid. I brought up the sun because the sun was plasma matter. Which yes, is quite different than liquid and is actually more similar to gas only with free roaming electrons which make the material positively or negatively charged. Point being though is that the sun's gravity is so high and there is so much condensed matter on it that the plasma is more similar to liquid than gas because it's so condensed and would, again, make a pudding texture. You indicated that dry areas are your zanpakuto's weakness. Jupiter is only dry in the fact that it has no water but in reality, it does rain there so it's technically not dry. The sun is... well... hot. Not technically dry or moist... just really hot and super energized. I guess the next and only following question, even though I think I'm beating a dead horse at this point, is: what about solids that have liquid properties? I think we covered that with pudding because that's exactly what is going on there but to be more specific what about lava? Lava is technically super-heated, liquefied metal but still has like a pudding texture. The thing about pudding though is it moves only because of our planets gravity, not because it has the property of liquid that causes the molecules to separate to fill the container that it's in. Lava does have this property though because it's melted metal. So I guess the question is, does your zanpakuto effect melted solids? All materials have a liquid, solid, and gas form and can be charged to become plasma.... I don't know this might be nitpicking at this point because suppose numerous situations happen where, one zanpakuto melts objects around it because it's so hot. Then your zanpakuto controls the liquid thing then my shinigami's kido ability that is given to him from his zanpakuto causes the object to freeze again... there's a lot going on there but all relevant.
Jester15 commented…
I forgot to mention on the weakness part that though even water molecules are able to be controlled however that is basically useless if in an area hot enough to evaporate liquids quickly (such as the sun atau an active gunung berapi and etc.). So basically super heated places are another weakness, because it severely limits its liquid control(though magma is a type of liquid it is much harder to control then any other liquid). lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
Also don't forget Mizu Tenma's most dangerous attack "Mizu Katanas" which turns any inanimate object (minus clothes that are being worn oleh an animate object) into water. Also robots are not immune to this unless they have an unlimited rang of motion. And i forgot to mention this when i typed the ability than the hand blades can extend and retract like Mizu Tora, however it is severely limited compared to Mizu Tora's near unlimited range and Mizu Tenma"s extending rang is even shorter than Mizu Tora's starting length of 9ft. and Mizu Tenma's maximum extension range is only 6ft. Also it can only extend when the user concentrates on extending it. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
also would anda like me to type up another zanpakuto lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Jester15 said…
Here is my next zanpakuto.

zanpakuto name: Gaikotsu (Skeleton)
release command: Kigen Mou (Rise Again)

description: Gaikotsu is unlike most zanpakuto, because it is an eternal shikai zanpakuto however it needs its release command to tap in to its full power. Gaikotsu is a short sword made out of bone. The blade measures out at 20in., the hilt is 12in. The blade's shape is an elongated square pyramid.

bankai name: Kagirinai Gaikotsu (Eternal Skeleton)

description: Kagirinai Gaikotsu has 2 forms, the first is skeletal armor with a bladed staff. Both ends of the staff look like large, sharp spines, it is 10ft. tall. The helmet is a beast skull with 2 saber teeth on the outside of the eyes. The second form is something i like to call Junsui Bankai (true bankai) which turns the user into the manifestation of Gaikotsu. In this form he is called Hakyoku Gaikotsu (Cataclysm Skeleton). Hakyoku Gaikotsu is a large bipedal, primal, black, beastial skeleton standing at 10ft. tall. The back of its skull is elongated and it has 15in. saber fangs. Also, the length of its arms is 7ft. and it has long, sharp skeleton fingers each around 3ft. long. And it has legs that are made for high speed and jumping. It also has a long, razor sharp bone tail.

shikai abilities:

Gaikotsu Suraisu (Skeleton Slice): Gaikotsu doesn't cut skin it passes through it, what it cuts is the skeletal system.

Limited Gaikotsu Shihai (Skeleton Control): Gaikotsu has the ability to control even the smallest molecule of bone in the newer layers of sediment.

Gaikotsu Konsutorakuto (Skeleton Construct): Gaikotsu can create objects out of bones and bone fragments. This can also allow me to create spirit energy amplifiers and attack. The names are Gaikotsu Gekido (Skeleton Rage) uses bones as spirit energy amplifier to create an energy cannon. Next is Gaikotsu Aduachi (Skeleton Vengeance) which uses bone fragments in the ground to create a spirit energy pathway, anything in the pathway will hit by a bone spire.

bankai abilities:

Kagirinai Gaikotsu Suraisu (Eternal Skeleton Slice): Kagirinai Gaikotsu only cuts bones like its shikai, however when it cuts it also causes the bone to heal rapidly, but the bone won't heal till it is one bone. Instead, when it heals it is as i it was two separate bones. However, this is dangerous for the victim because the, now separate, bones has no nerves, tendon, or muscel connecting them. Also Kagirinai Gaikotsu can extend similar to Zabimaru.

Enhanced Gaikotsu Shihai (Skeleton Control): Unlike the shikai, Kagirinai Gaikotsu can control any bone molecule in the ground no matter how far down or deteriorated. And can create near anything, except creatures.

Enhanced Reishi Attacks: This gives the wielder enhanced spirit attacks, namely Gaikotsu Gekido, which in this case is called Kagirinai Gaikotsu Gekido, and Gaikotsu Aduachi, which in this case is called Kagirinai Gaikotsu Aduachi.

junsui bakai (true bankai) abilities:
I made this because i wanted to to give the zanpakuto a hidden level beyond bankai.

Hakyoku Gaikotsu (Cataclysm Skeleton)

Immense Physical Abilities: Hakyoku Gaikotsu's strength is on par, if not stronger, than the combine strength of Kenpachi Zaraki and Sajin Komamura. Its normal speed is on pair with Yuruichi max speed.

Hakyoku Spirit Attack: Hakyoku Gaikotsu can use a Gekido far stronger than the the others it is called Hakyoku Gekido and it forms it in its hand and is strong enough to create a crater the size of Sōkyoku Hill. It can also use an Aduachi unlike any other, it becomes a giant energy cannon from its mouth. Its power is strong enough to level the entire Seireitei if the user uses its full power.

Skeletizing Cut: Any inanimate object it cuts turns into bone that it can control.

weakness: junsui bankai can only remain activefor 1 minute at max.

Please comment
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jUxtApOsEd2wIn commented…
Shikai ability is too OP haha. The controller, if he had enough physical strength and/or speed he could literally rip someones skeleton out of their body - atau simply smash berkata individual against a dinding numerous times. The ability doesn't indicate any prerequisites like your zanpakuto needing to touch the person who's bones are about to be controlled. anda could also simply crush the bones from a distance. Some could say Hyouhen Tenshin's first ability Jiniku Sampai is o.p. because simple slices could decapitate but what makes it not op is that, in order for my shinigami to get stronger AND be able to advance into Bankai... lebih dari setahun yang lalu
jUxtApOsEd2wIn commented…
He's required to deactivate Jiniku Sampai making his weapon completely ineffective until in Bankai. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
if the bone is still inside a living body, it can't be controlled. But anda gotta admit this zanpakuto is dangerous (and slightly creepy) lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu jUxtApOsEd2wIn said…
Sure. I put soooo much into mine that they literally take hours... that I don't have. I become obsessed and neglect my responsibilities lol. Have you read the one I posted yet? I'd love to answer questions about mine too.
Jester15 commented…
not yet but i am about to lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
just read your Hyouhen Tenshin, awsome abilities, what do anda think of my Gaikotsu. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
jUxtApOsEd2wIn commented…
The biggest weakness in Hyouhen Tenshin is the amount of time required and the amount needed to achieve the boosts. Although that is an issue, once he's gained about 50 lbs. of metal he would be unstoppable because, although I didn't mention it in the description, the absorption time is a set time for one piece of metal because that's how long it would take for that metal to dissolve and not how long it takes for the whip to absorb it. What that means is the whip can be extended to touch multiple points at once so although it takes over 15 menit from one source, it would take 5 menit from 3 sources... and so divided, this could be accomplished incredibly fast. Of course though he would need enough metal originally to expand from sumber to sumber while still being able to attack. That's also why the hilt is 4 feet long and so wide. My shinigami could literally defend for 5 menit while his powers are growing stronger. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu jUxtApOsEd2wIn said…
I do think that battle location would be the biggest factor as I stated before because obviously the more metal that's around is good for mine and the more liquid around is better for yours. City fight mine forest fight yours... Central park NY = Byouyomi shi Zettaireido... Self destruct everyone looses lol. No really unless there was a way to contain it, my shinigami would never use that ability unless of course to power himself up which is the ultimate goal since he can do it continuously.
Jester15 commented…
ah, and what do anda think Hyouhen Tenshin and Mizu Tora could do together? lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
Also, what do anda think Of my Gaikotsu? lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu jUxtApOsEd2wIn said…
By the way I just remembered something. This might be the deciding factor of which zanpakuto is overall better in my opinion. Yours can extend further that Hyouhen Tenshin but, as yours gets larger, it becomes harder to control making mine superior simply due to the fact that the whip is the users blood and reitsu making it an extension of his own body. Therefor he can move it as fast as he himself moves and initiate attacks from any part of it without minipulation from the hilt.
Jester15 commented…
yes but this only applies with shikai, in Bankai the roles switch. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
Because my bankai becomes lebih of an extension of my self and because it's lebih close rang combat, it can react faster then Mizu Tora. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
jUxtApOsEd2wIn commented…
I guess then Hyouhen Tenshin is inferior to Mizu Tora but Ekitaikinzoku is superior to your Bankai. So your shikai is better due to range and my Bankai is better for the same reason ;) Both are great it's difficult to say which is better. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu jUxtApOsEd2wIn said…
I haven't read Gaikotsu yet. When I do though I'll comment on it. I will probably read it tomorrow at work and comment when I get home. Right now I'm relaxing, internet surfing and watching random videos. I think I'm going to settle in and watch more bleach here soon. I just re started the series after about 2 years of not watching it. I watched up to... I think like 280 before though. I have the whole series now. I'm in the second season. It's pretty cool watching it again after not watching it for so long. It's definitely the only anime series I've ever watched again lol. I've showed people other series but not completely start over and keep going with one.
Jester15 commented…
k, and i know the feeling, after not watching something for a while and wanting to watch it again, I think its best to start over lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu jUxtApOsEd2wIn said…
I want to start a RP but there isn't a lot of active people on here anymore.
Jester15 commented…
if anda couldn't tell, yes i am intrested, oh and oleh the way the post bellow lol lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu jUxtApOsEd2wIn said…
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^­^^^­^ Look above this post^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Anyone... Do it... now.. .... then comment if interested.... Or comment if not interested.... Either way.....

Do it
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Jester15 said…
Here is another zanpakuto,

zanpakuto name: Nenshou Ya (Burning Arrow)
release command: Yakedo Hyakuji (Burn Everything)

description: When Nenshou Ya is released it becomes an arrow, with a black arrowhead and 3 red feathers. The arrowhead's 2 lower points have wavy form, like a flame. The length of the arrowhead is 5in., and the arrow's(including the arrowhead) length is 33in. When active, the arrowhead's color changes to white with an orange outline and the red feathers turn into flames.

bankai name: Nenshou Yajuu (Combustion Beast)

description: Nenshou Yajuu's form has drastically changed from its shikai form. It takes on the form of a giant armored dragon beast with a reishi orb in the middle of its chest, this is where the user is located and where he/she controls it. It is dark red with a white chest and stomach, it also has blue eyes. It is about a full Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō head taller than Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō.

shikai abilities:

Nenshou Sesshoku (Burning Touch): While in use, Nensou Ya's arrowhead becomes white with an orange glow, and its feathers become fire. Anything inanimate catches fire, and the fire created by Nenshou Ya can also be controlled by Nenshou Ya. When Nenshou Ya Hits an animate object It causes 2nd degree burns, however if it hit more vulnerable skin, it will leave 3rd degree burns.

Nenshou Rasen (Burning Spiral): Nenshou Ya concentrates its heat and flames at the tip of the arrowhead int the form of a small sphere. Then, it release two high heat flames that spiral around each other.

Nenshou Funsha (Burning Jet): All of the heat in Nenshou Ya's arrowhead is concentrated at the tip. Then, the feather turn into fire that acts as a a jet engine and controls it direction. The wielder then throws it and it flies through the air at an incredible speed. When it hits it incinerates inanimate objects an severely burns animate objects. Sometimes, if focused, it can incinerate animate objects as well, but usually even without focus it will set its targets, animate or otherwise, will catch on fire.

bankia abilities:

Nenshou Tsume (Combustion Claw): Anything that gets hit by Nenshou Yajuu's Claw will either set a blaze from heat far greater than Nenshou Ya's or get 3rd degree burns.

Nenshou Kiba (Combustion Fang): When Nenshou Yajuu bites something, it will catch on fire with orange flames.

Nenshou Gekido (Combustion Rage): This is more of a powerful mode than anything else, this turns Nenshou Yajuu white with vertical, red trimming around the edges of its body. What this means is thatNenshou Yajuu's body is hot enough to produces some of the hottest flames. This form can stay for 1 minute. This also gives it its most powerful attack, Nenshou Rouzeki (Combustion Outrage). This attack focuses every ounce of heat in its body into the back of its mouth. Then it fires a colossal pyroclast cannon from its mouth, anything in its path with reitsu lower than a fifth seat, would be incinerated everything else, would have severe burns. It can be stopped with attack equal in magnitude. Afterwords, it returns to shikai form and unable to return t bankai until the next day.

Any questions or if you want me to type up another zanpakuto, just comment.
last edited lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Ryuuikari commented…
So anda have a 200metre tall flaming dragon for a bankai ? I guess it's not OP (considering the way its powers have been explained) but I dunno how to feel about it. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
not flaming, when i berkata produce i meant that when it hits some thing it makes whatever it hit bust into flames, though most things, like Yamamoto's bankai, are almost instantly incinerated. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
Also on how Nenshou Yajuu looks thinkof something similar to a Godzilla-like creature with armor-plated scales and bigger and edgier. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Rolexkingz1 said…
Zanpakuto Name: Arashi (Storm)
Zanpakuto Type: Elemental – Lightning
Zanpakuto Command: Rage

Upon activating Shikai, the wielder is struck by a bolt of lightning from the sky (does no harm) and a smoke cloud appears around the user. When the cloud disappears, the wielder holds two blue swords which are curved upwards and take the shape of a lightning bolt.

Note: This Zanpakuto releases blue lightning.

Shikai Abilities:
• Lightning Cutter – The user holds his Zanpakutos infront of him in an 'X' formation and grinds them on each other, releasing a bolt of lightning in that direction in the form of an 'X'.

• Lightning Armor – Shrouds the user in a lightning armor, increasing speed and damage.

• Lightning Strike – The user raises both his Zanpakuto to the sky and unleashes a wave of lightning into the air and then strikes his enemy as a single bolt of lightning.

• Lightning Bullets – Unleashes a wave of small electric attacks from a distance.

This Zanpakuto has two versions of it's Bankai, similiar to Byakuya Kuchiki's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

Bankai 1 Name: Taifū no me (Eye of the Storm)

Upon activating Bankai, the wielder is struck by a bolt of lightning from the sky (does no harm) and a smoke cloud appears around the user. When the cloud disappears, the wielder holds two swords which are similiar to Shunsui's Katen Kyokutsu in his Shikai except blue and larger. These swords are constantly emitting electricity so that if it cuts an enemy they suffer additional damage from the shock.

The Zanpakuto retains all of the moves from Shikai

• Twin Fangs of Lightning – Jumps in the air and shrouds both swords in immense lightning and stabs his opponent.

• Lightning Storm – The user creates a storm, the skies are filled with black clouds that constantly strike lightning upon the intended target.

Note: All lightning attacks are unable to pass through earth.

Bankai 2 Name: Rairyū no ikari (Anger of the Lightning Dragon)

Upon activating Bankai, the wielder is struck by a bolt of lightning from the sky (does no harm) and a smoke cloud appears around the user. Dark clouds begin to cluster in the sky which block the sun, these clouds randomly strike lightning upon the earth. After the smoke disappears, the user would have taken the form of their Zanpakuto spirit, a wingless blue dragon (still capable of flight) that towers over 100 feet with glowing blue eyes and a mouth that's constantly emitting electricity.

The Bankai is capable of using all the moves that does not involve swords.

Although it may seem invincible, due to its large size it makes the Bankai vulnerable, although it is quick. Also, the Bankai is vulnerable to fire techniques and it's lightning are still unable to pass through earth.
Jester15 commented…
anda got the bankai 2 thing from my Gaikotsu's Juinsui bankai didn't you. : ) lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Rolexkingz1 commented…
Honestly I didn't, haha! :D I've had this for about 5 years xD. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
* So do lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Rolexkingz1 said…
Zanpakuto Name: Sandankai (Three Stages)
Zanpakuto Type: Melee
Zanpakuto Command: Judge

Shikai Abilities:
Upon releasing Shikai, the user says "Judge, Sandankai, Stage One/Two/Three"
This Zanpakuto is a melee type which is capable of accomodating the basic three types of fighting, Close Range, Long Range and Brute Force.

• Stage One (Close Range) – A small midnight black sword which is approximately the size of a Wakizashi, it has a curved tip and white outlines
• Stage Two (Long Range) – The user sheathes their Zanpakuto and then releases it, a dozen shurikens then float in the air. The shurikens have a midnight black colour with white outlines.

• Stage Three (Brute Force) – A giant axe (approximately around the size of 12 feet) in the shape of a semi-circle with a midnight black colour and white outlines.

Bankai Name: Kodona Sandankai (Advanced Three Stages)

Bankai Abilities:

• Stage One (Close Range) – Two midnight black swords (approximately the size of a katana) with a curved tip and white outlines. The user also gains a black version of a Knight's armour.
• Stage Two (Long Range) – The user sheathes their Zanpakuto and then releases it, three dozen shurikens then float in the air. The shurikens have a midnight black colour with white outlines.
• Stage Three (Brute Force) – A giant axe (approximately 24-32 feet large) in the shape of a semi-circle with a midnight black colour and white outlines.

Sorry the Bankai isn't too impressive =|
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Rolexkingz1 said…
Zanpakuto Name: Shadōdansu (Shadow Dance)
Zanpakuto Type: Elemental - Shadow
Zanpakuto Command: Fade into the night

Constant Ability: Able to hide or dwell inside shadows.

Upon activating Shikai, darkness surrounds the katana and turns it into a long, thin black sword (Ichigo's Sword in Bankai). The realm the user is in is then plunged into darkness, no light can be found.

Shikai Abilities:
• Shadow Imitation – If Shinsuke stabs an enemy’s shadow, the damage is reflected on their actual body.

• Shadow Army – The wielder creates an army of shadow creatures (have the body shape of regular men but no distinct features, they are fully composed of darkness itself i.e. - no eyes, no nose, no mouth, just body composure of men.) which are impossible to be killed unless the wielder's reiatsu is unable to sustain them any longer.

• Darkness Wave – Creates an arc of darkness that attacks an opponent.

• Sword Imitation – When the wielder has plunged the world into darkness, they are capable of creating a huge sword formed from the shadows to slash his opponent from anywhere.

Bankai Name: Kage monāku kōtei (Shadow Monarch Emperor)

Bankai Abilities:
Upon activating Bankai, a large darkness humanoid covers the wielder. This humanoid is over 100 feet tall and is composed of the uncontrolled reiatsu of the wielder in the form of darkness. The humanoid may be slow but it focuses on raw power, it also has a sword composed of uncontrolled darkness that stretches to over 30 feet. (Example: Itachi's Susano'o and it's sword), the Humanoid is capable of using the Shikai moves.

NB: When I say 'uncontrolled darkness' think of Madara's Perfect Susano'o with the chakra being unstabilised.

• Shadow Monarch – Shinsuke trades the humanoid for a more focused power, this form makes up for the speed his Humanoid lacks. This power comes in the form of uncontrolled darkness creating a smaller version of the humanoid on him that barely goes over his own height and covers his entire body. He gains two blades capable of absorbing the darkness from the area which increases the power of his attacks. He is capable of using his Shikai moves in this form.

If it seems OP to you, that's because this is the Zanpakuto of the Captain-Commander in my fanfiction so I had to add a degree of 'OPness' in there.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Rolexkingz1 said…
Zanpakuto Name: Kurage no Gurea (Medusa’s Glare)
Zanpakuto Type: Kido
Zanpakuto Command: Open your eyes

Above the hilt of the Zanpakuto is an open eye that glows green, this eye is held together by a black, diamond-shaped outline. Above the diamond-shaped outline is the sword itself which is about the size of a Katana and looks like a regular Zanpakuto, black with white edges.

Shikai Abilities:
• If an enemy looks at the eye they’re frozen (Stone).
• The wielder is capable of releasing a beam of green light that freezes anyone it catches (turned to stone).

Bankai: Not Yet Achieved
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ryuuikari said…
This is the most overpowered blade I've created; it's on the same level of overpoweredness as Zanka no Tachi. But I think I deserve an overpowered blade now and again hehe.

Name: Tenkage (Heaven Shadow)
Sealed appearance: It takes the form of regular katana with a bronze elliptical guard and jade green hilt-wrapping. It has a green sheathe.
Release command: Explode the heaven and earth

Shikai appearance: Tenkage takes the form of a 1.4 metre long szabla; the blade itself is 1.1 metres long. The large foible is double edged and the martle is extremely pronounced. The hilt and guard remain the same as its sealed form however.

Shikai special abilities: Tenkage is used mainly in melee combat but also has the limited ability to control gravity. Using its gravitational techniques expends a lot of spiritual energy so the wielder must have a substantially large amount of reiryoku to be able to use Tenkage’s power to the fullest. When gravity is manipulated Tenkage’s blade is the epicentre. Tenkage’s blade glows white when using its gravitational abilities. The two techniques can be used in both shikai and bankai.

Shikai technique(s):
Jūryoku Kenin (Gravity Tow): Tenkage intensifies its own attractive forces to allow it to pull objects or targets towards it; objects with a heavier mass require more effort (and spiritual energy) to pull. Tenkage must recharge for a minimum of three seconds before they are able to use this or another technique again; pulling in heavier objects causes a longer recharge time.

Jūryoku Kyozetsu (Gravity Repulse): Tenkage intensifies its repulsive forces to repel objects or targets; it is capable of repulsing objects weighing over twenty tonnes (fifty tonnes in bankai), although this would require a lot of effort and would consume a fair amount of the wielder’s spiritual energy. Tenkage must recharge for a minimum of seven seconds before being able to use this or another technique, depending on how much force is put into the technique.

Bankai name: Zennō Tenkage (Almighty Heaven Shadow)
Bankai release: The wielder holds Tenkage with both hands with the tip of the blade pointing towards the sky and initiates bankai. Immediately upon release, Zennō Tenkage lets off a powerful concussive shockwave of reiatsu.
Bankai appearance: Zennō Tenkage’s blade becomes black and the edge gains a jade green colour. The wielder’s hands are covered by skin-tight blue metal-clad gloves and a white chakram floats above the wielder’s head; they all glow whenever Zennō Tenkage uses its abilities. The wielder’s shihakushō gains a mainly white colour scheme with hints of gold.

Bankai special abilities: Its abilities are the same as in shikai albeit stronger, thus it expends even more spiritual energy to utilise fully. The wielder can manipulate gravity using their hands and/or blade; when gravity is manipulated either the blade or the metal-clad gloves can be the epicentre. Due to Zennō Tenkage’s immense gravitational powers, whenever its powers are in use small bits of debris begin to orbit the gravitational epicentre and the chakram begins to glow white.

Bankai technique(s):
Tentai Ugoki (Celestial Motion): A technique that combines the attractive gravitational forces of Jūryoku Kenin with the repulsive gravitational forces Jūryoku Kyozetsu to enable high speed movement that far eclipses that of even shunpo. However the technique makes turning very difficult, any finesse or fine movements nigh impossible and uses up a sizeable portion of the wielder’s spiritual energy, especially if used continuously for extended periods of time (anything longer than ten seconds). Unlike all the other techniques there is no recharge time after its use, although other techniques cannot be used while this technique is being used.

Ryōshi Sōzō: Kuro Ana (Quantum Creation: Black Hole): The wielder drastically intensifies gravity at a point, creating a singularity. The resulting black hole has a radius of a metre, has extremely powerful suction and anything that gets sucked in will be torn to pieces. The black hole sustains itself for several seconds before harmlessly collapsing in on itself. This version of the technique consumes a large portion of the wielder’s spiritual energy and Zennō Tenkage must recharge for two minutes before being able to use this or other techniques again.

Ryōshi Sōzō: Shiro Ana (Quantum Creation: White Hole): The wielder drastically bends gravity at a point, creating a singularity. The resulting white hole has a radius of a metre, has extremely powerful repulsion, is extremely bright and anything that gets close will be violently repulsed by cosmically strong forces. The white hole sustains itself for several seconds before repulsively exploding violently (thus ending itself). This version of the technique consumes more spiritual energy than Kuro Ana and Zennō Tenkage must recharge for three minutes before being able to use this or other techniques again.

Zennō no Tōbatsu (Subjugation of the Almighty): The wielder holds Zennō Tenkage with both hands then slams the tip of the blade into the ground. This intensifies the gravity within a two hundred metre radius of the wielder. Gravity can be intensified to up to thirteen times the gravity of the vicinity but the level of intensity depends on the amount of spiritual energy used. Because of the sharp increase of gravity most opponents buckle under their own weight and are left immobile; others may even be crushed by their own weight. Anyone in the wielder’s vicinity will be affected regardless of affiliation. The wielder is left unaffected by the change in gravity. The effect of this technique lasts as long as the wielder can maintain it or until the blade is removed from the ground; as such this technique uses quite a substantial amount of spiritual energy to use and maintain. Other techniques can be used while this is in effect, however their power is greatly reduced and the recharge time of each one is doubled.

Uchū no Hantei (Judgement of the Universe): Zennō Tenkage’s most powerful technique, the wielder holds Zennō Tenkage, tip facing the sky, and then points it at the target. At that a myriad of massive comets and meteors rain down destructively on the target’s area; it has an initial attack radius of a hundred metres. The attack totally obliterates the area it hits leaving gigantic gaping craters. Because of the sheer magnitude of the attack it is extremely hard to aim precisely. Zennō Tenkage is left unable to perform any techniques for at minimum of ten minutes afterwards. This technique expends incredibly vast amount of spiritual energy and using it twice within a short space of time has extremely adverse effects on both the wielder and Zennō Tenkage.
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Jester15 commented…
do anda think alny of my zanpakuto are OP? lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
what about my new zanpakuto do anda think it is OP? lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Ryuuikari commented…
I'm glad anda are perceptive KaiqueB hahaha, it was indeed inspired oleh Pein from Naruto. But, in my defence, there is not much anda can do with only basic gravitational powers hehe; which is why it is able to do so much in bankai. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Jester15 said…
Here is another one of my zanpakuto.

zanpakuto name: Kagami (Mirror)
release command: Hireki (Reveal)

description: When released, Kagami becomes a large broadsword that stands at 8ft., the hilt at 2ft., and the blade at 6ft. The blade is shaped like a rupee gem (from the game series Legend of Zelda in case you didn't know). The width of the widest area of the blade is 2ft. wide. The blade is highly reflective mirror and durable enough for combat, and, just like any blade, has sharp edges.

bankai name: Youkai Kagami Meiro (Phantom Mirror Maze)

description: In bankai form, Youkai Kagami Meiro is, as the name suggests, a large maze of mirrors each one looks like Kagami's mirror and there is fog covering the ground. Also, around the perimeter of the maze is a dome of mirrors, and at the top of the dome has a hole that allows light in but there is a reishi to. Other than that, the area is dark. The radius of this bankai is half a mile. The bankai is undone only if the wielder is hit by an attack.

shikai abilities:

Sesshoku Fukusei (Mirage Duplicate): Kagami Is the most dangerous illusion type zanpakuto and here is one reason why. This ability allows Kagami to make a mirage copy of whoever is in its reflection, however Kagami can only make 1 copy per person. The copy appears to have the exact same strength and abilities as the original, but, in reality, it is a illusion so powerful hat not only the five senses believe its real, but every part of the body, down to DNA, believe its real. In other words, when the illusion cuts you, your body believes it and damages itself. Other zanpakuto are also affected by this ability. You can escape this powerful ability by cracking Kagami's mirror, but spirit energy attack don't work against Kagami because if a spirit energy attack hits Kagami, then the reishi composing the attack is dispersed, thus nullifying the attack.

Hizashi Hansha (Sunlight Reflection): When Kagami reflects sunlight , this ability can be activated. This ability causes those who are hit by sunlight that is reflected by Kagami's mirror experience a temporary but severe case of Vertigo. The amount of time this lasts varies depending on the sun's location. When the sun begins to rise, it will last 1 min., when the sun is farther up in the sky, but not at its highest point, it lasts for 3 min., when the sun is at its highest point it lasts 5 min. Now when it starts to descend, it goes back to 3 min. and finally, when it sets it, one again, lasts 1 min.

Tsukikage Hansha (Moonlight Reflection): When Kagami reflects moonlight, this ability can be activated. This ability causes those who are hit by moonlight that is reflected by Kagami's mirror to experience temporary but extreme case of delusions that can make a friend appear top be foe and vice versa. The duration of these delusions varies depending on the phase of the moon. If a crescent moon, it lasts
1 min., if a half moon, it lasts 2.5 min., if a 3 quarter moon, it lasts 4 min, and if a full moon, it lasts 5 min.

bankai abilities:

Youkai Fukusei (Phantom Duplicate): This ability is basically a stronger version of Sesshoku Fukusei. All of Youkai Kagami Meiro's mirrors, that have reflections of someone in them, can create a mirage copy, and after one is destroy the mirror that generated it has a 30 second cool down and then, if it still has that person's reflection, it can generate another mirage copy.

Enhanced Hansha Abilities: The power of Youka Kagami Meiro's Hansha abilities are far stronger than Kagami's, becuase, as long as your in the Hansha abilities light, the effects won't wear off, unless the person hit by it is shielded or knocked out. Also, Youkai Kagami Meiro has a new hansha ability, it is called Youkai Hansha (Phantom Reflection). Once activated, if a spirit attack is used and is in a mirror's reflection, the mirror ca fire the same attack at twice the power.

Seirei Kagami (Spirit Mirror): This ability allows the wielder's kido to travel through the mirrors to the user's target.

If you guys have any questions or if you want me to type up a specific zanpakuto just comment, ok.
Ryuuikari commented…
Yes, this is a very OP zanpakuto. Simple reason: it could crush my zanpakuto (the one above) using its shikai alone hahaha. Even Yamamoto and Aizen wouldn't stand a chance. Not to say it's a bad zanpakuto, after all some zanpakuto will always be lebih powerful than others. To make this better I'd say anda need to add lebih drawbacks to your techniques; make them strong but not unbeatable. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
well shikai's hansha abilities can be blocked simply oleh either closing your eyes atau shielding them and i did make this zanpakuto to be the strongest illusion type zanpakuto and i forgot to mention that shikai's Fukusei can be weakend oleh a large amount of reiatsu lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
ok there are only three of my zanpakuto on that page so shouldn't be a problem. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Rolexkingz1 said…
This is probably the most OP Zanpakuto I've made.

Zanpakuto Name: Have not decided on a name (sorry, will edit later)
Zanpakuto Type: Kido
Zanpakuto Command: Rip

Shikai Abilities:
Upon activating Shikai, Junshiro’s blade dissolves, leaving him without a sword. The wielder The gains a dozen invisible arms that are able to stretch up to 200 feet.
• All 12 of these invisible arms wield a black katana-sized Zanpakuto with white edges that are able to cut through reishi. (Example: A Shinigami blasts a fire wave at the wielder, one of the arms extend a sword forward which cuts the attack, causing it to go around the user).
This Zanpakuto often deceives his enemies that his Zanpakuto takes the form of an invisible reishi shield.

Bankai Name: Have not decided on a name (sorry, will edit later.
Bankai Abilities:
The wielder is forced to return from Shikai and then say Bankai and the sword dissolves the same way it does in Shikai. The wielder gains 48 invisible arms that are able to stretch up to 1,000 feet. The swords these arms wield are still capable of cutting through reishi.

Sorry about the Bankai, not too impressive but still OP. This Zanpakuto belongs to one of the main antagonists in my fanfiction so I had to make it like.. Aizen-level =P
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Jester15 commented…
hey do anda think any of mine are OP? lebih dari setahun yang lalu
KaiqueB commented…
Didnt find this blade so OP <_<. Maybe its because the abilities wouldnt effect my zanpakuto so harshly lol. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Ryuuikari commented…
KaiqueB, where is your zanpakuto ? lebih dari setahun yang lalu
KaiqueB commented…
page 251 xD lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Bleach0123 said…

Sealed form: A regular katana. It's hilt resembles the Gates of Hell.

Shikai: Kerbex
Doesn't change form.

Ability #1 Kakaru kasai:
When Kerbex cuts something/body, the cut will start to burn and fire will be ignited from the wound. The fire will continue to spread until the whole target is engulfed in the flames.

Ability #2 Gōrudenchēn:
A technique that binds/pulls the target in with the chains and shackles of Hell by wrapping them/attaching the chain into the target's body. Can also be used to pull/catch objects. The chains come out from the hilt.

In Bankai mode, the chains come out of the Gates of Hell.

Ability #3 Hakka suru:
Used in conjunction with Gōrudenchēn. This ability lights the chains on fire while electrocuting the target.

In Bankai mode, the chains come out of the Gates of Hell.

Bankai: Hanketsu
Retains all abilities listed above (used in different way)

Form: The blade disappears into light, leaving the hilt and handle. The hilt (resembles the Gates of Hell) shifts forward and disconnects from the handle. It then grows bigger and transforms into the Gates of Hell at the same time. The gates will open at the user's will/if the ability requires it to do so.

Ability #4 Jigoku no mon:
A forceful opening on the Gates of Hell. The gate can also be used as a defensive wall.

Ability #5 Fumetsu no shimobe:
A guardian of Hell (like the ones in Hell Chapter) crawls out from the gates and fights the wielder's opponent/opponents.

Ability #6 Chēn no Suibotsu Ken:
2 walls made of indestructible chains that are parallel to each other erupt from the ground, surrounds the opponent, binds them tightly while shocking them and burning them in a blazing inferno with the forever consuming flames of Hell. It then pulls them down into the gates of Hell which fades out from the ground. Unlike regular gates, this gate lies flat on the ground, allowing the chains to pull the opponent in. The chains can also drain the opponent(s)'s reiatsu and adds it to the wielder's reiatsu.
Ryuuikari commented…
Was this blade supposed to be overpowered ? Also the hilt and the handle are the same thing. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
KaiqueB commented…
So OP <_<..... lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Jester15 said…
Here is the first and pobably the most powerful zanpauto I have ever made.

zanpakuto/bankai name: Oni Toraiado (Demon Triad)
release command: Watashi ni Karera no Tamashī o Motte Kuru (Bring Me Their Souls)

description: Unlike most other zanpakuto, this zanpakuto is an eternal shikai release type. However, its power is surpressed, but it still has large amounts of power as does its wielder, however the wielder has enough control to supress most of its power but not enough to completely seal it. This is why it still requires a release command, to unlock its full and terrifying power, for example its fully released shikai power is comparable to bankai. In both Bankai and Shikai, it looks like a sword with three blades instead of one. The guard is 12 in. long and 3 in. wide. The two outer blades height is 2.5 ft, the base length is 3 inches, and the thickness is 2 inches. The blade in the center is 3 ft. tall, the base length is 4 inches, and the thickness is 2 inches. the space between the outer blades and the blade in the center is 1 inch long on both sides. When bankai is used, the wielder takes on the form of Oni Toraiado which looks like a large, winged demon with three long, sharp horns. Two of the horn are located at both sides of the wielder's head and extend forward then curls upward. The other horn is located at the top of the forehead, it is straight and extends forward in an upward diagonal. In both shikai state and bankai state, the blades are chain blades. The bankai form's color for the demon body is red.

bankai and shikai abilities:

Youso Toraiado (Element Triad): Oni Toraiado has the power of three elements, which are fire, ice, and lightning. Each element is in one of the blades; the outer right blade has ice, the outer left blade has lightning, the central blade has fire. This ability is also a passive ability, when it's in bankai, because of this also giving the user an invisible elemental reishi field surrounding his/her body. This causes any physical attack to not only fail, but cause one of three things to happen to the attacker; severe burns, freezing and frostbite, or electrocution. Most spirit attack can't make it though this field either. This also also allows its user to use an attack called Toraiado Cero, when released, this charges 3 seprate blasts 1 blue, 1 red, and 1 yellow then it merges into on blast. Also, each attack can result in things catching fire, ice forming, or electrocution.

Toraiado Dageki (Triad Strike): While in shikai, the blades extend their chain form for a multi-range attack that has their respective element flowing through them. While in bankai, the blades extend and expand to look like 3 serpents and act accordingly which can tunnel, turn, and bite. Each blade acts like its alive.

Toraiado Kuruma (Triad Wheel): While in shikai, Oni Toraiado's hilt and guard seperate into three and can be thrown like a shuriken and can also spin on the ground. The same thing happens in bankai form, however, once one of the three blade is in the ground, the other two can be shot out then the third blade causes the rest of the sword to spin creating a duel element vortex.

If you have any questions or have a zanpakuto request, just comment.
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Ryuuikari commented…
Uh huh... definitely overpowered, and since anda already stated it would be I can understand the power of it's techniques. But "eternal bankai release type" ? What ? anda realise that would be impossible right ? A zanpakuto doesn't just become a constant release type oleh itself. The wielder determines whether a zanpakuto becomes a constant release type. And even then it's extremely rare for that to occur. Also bankai isn't immediately achieved, so at most it could only be a constant release shikai type. But then the fact that it has an unreleased form makes your zanpakuto seem lebih akin to an Arrancar's Resurreccion rather than a Shinigami's zanpakuto. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
blackpanther666 commented…
I was referring to the komentar above that, where anda berkata that its Shikai was comparable to a Bankai... that's a hard one, because there are a few Bankais and I'm willing to bet that it wouldn't beat Zanka No Tachi. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
true butlike i berkata the power is comparable to bankai but also there are some bankai that can beat it namely Zanka No Tachi. However, once Oni Toraiado is in bankai mode, then the battle begins to shift, because almost all of Zanka No Tachi's attacks are physical attack, which can cannot harm Oni Toraiado atau it's wielder because of the elemental reishi field. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Brokuify said…

[Nightmare Princess/ Naitome hime]
[Awaken to show our enemies the true meaning of fear!( push palm from tip to hilt then pull away)]
[Yami hime/ Princess of darkness(not sure if translations are correct or not)((Bring hilt upwards so blade tip is towards the ground, let go, then pierce the blade with hand, turn hand sideways and swipe outwards, cause the blade and sword to dissolve]
=description - Regular looking Zanpakuto with a red and black handle

[When the Blade cuts someone, they see hallucinations of something they fear, and it can send and energy blast that, if it hits, cause temporary blindness]
= Handle and guard are both pure black, blade is long thin and made of a black shadowy flame

[Can manipulate cloak to be used as shield, blade can also replicate another zanpakuto that has been seen, not a bankai though, and use a weaker "dark" version of it's attack, and can discard the blade in order to use Yami hime's one true attack...the Dark Cero, which, when fired cannot be heard]
=desciption - Shadowy cloak worn with a shadow blade with no hilt or guard, it just protrudes through hand looking like it's held
lebih dari setahun yang lalu blackpanther666 said…
I think I should make another Zanpakuto at some point.
Jester15 commented…
hey do anda think any of my zanpakuto are OP? I have three zanpakuto on the sebelumnya page a well. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
blackpanther666 commented…
I haven't read them yet. I'll get around to it. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Ryuuikari commented…
Please do. PLEASE. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
blackpanther666 commented…
Am doing so now, actually. I figured it was about time. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu blackpanther666 said…
Name: Renkinjutsu ('Alchemy')

Release Command: For every action there is a reaction, reconstruct matter and that of the spiritual essence.

Bankai: Renkinjutsu No Gakuri ('Principle of Alchemy')

Sealed Form Appearance: Unlike normal Zanpakuto, this appears as a script... basically, a piece of parchment/papyrus (whatever you want to call it) with writing on it. These are the principles of Alchemy, however, the Zanpakuto's spirit energy isn't just within this documentation, it is also present in a wooden staff, with a gnarled knot at the top and a red stone attached.

Shikai Special Ability: The user can manipulate spiritual energy and carbon-based matter into weapons and other objects, providing they follow the rules of alchemy, which are stated in Bankai. However, in Shikai, there are reiatsu restrictions - once below 50% power, any objects created only have a one minute life-time and are not permanent. Below 25% power, objects cannot be created at all, as it is too much of a strain on the wielder's body.

Shikai Appearance: The transcript and staff are modified - the staff stays mostly the same, except that it has become made from metal, instead of wood. The red stone is still held in the top of the staff, but is now an elaborate display and looks much more fluent and specialised. The transcript disappears completely and manifests into a metallic arm, composed from titanium.

Bankai Special Ability: Alchemy is known as the transformation of matter into other forms of that matter, basically taking one object (or multiple) and transforming it into something else. However, to transform something into another object, or form of matter, energy must be sacrificed from another object. This applies to anything made up of matter, particularly carbon (however, the transformation of human bodies is too complex and will not be allowed by the Zanpakutou's spirit) and, because this is the Bleach universe, this also applies to spirit energy and this is where the manipulation of a spiritual being's energy is allowed, however there are rules that must be followed, which are dictated by that of the Zanpakuto spirit:

1. Energy cannot be transferred from another spiritual being's body to the wielder... if this is attempted, the Zanpakutou's spirit withdraws their energy and Shikai is deactivated.

2. This cannot be used to cause direct harm to any spiritual being... (same consequences apply here)

3. The two principles of thermodynamics must be followed: energy cannot be destroyed, nor created, only transferred, or transformed; energy is given off in the form of heat and adds to the disorder of the world, basically adding extra heat energy into the atmosphere, or the roof of the Spirit World.

Bondingu Tanso ('Carbon Bonding') This allows the wielder to carbon bond any object of their choosing, which even can allow them bond carbon into covalent bonds, the type of bonds that are present within diamond and are the strongest type of chemical bonding known (diamond is the hardest substance). For instance, the wielder of this Zanpakuto can create (at the cost of another object/form of matter) large numbers of diamond-based objects, i.e. sharp objects that could be used as stabbing weapons. This requires spiritual energy, as most objects in the Soul Society are not just made up of carbon, but also spiritual energy.

Renkinjutsu No Gakuri ('Principle of Alchemy') The wielder can manipulate spiritual-based objects, sacrificing another object and it's energy to do so. They can manipulate spirit energy into a large variety of weapons, either solid, energy, or a mixture of both.

Bankai Appearance: No change.

N.b. Carbon is the most common substance within life - everything 'matter' is made up of a large percentage of carbon.
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Ryuuikari commented…
Was this inspired oleh FMA oleh any chance ? I enjoyed this blade, the amount of potential uses it has is huge. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
blackpanther666 commented…
^ There's no fooling you, is there... LOL. Yes, it was sort of inspired from FMA, but mostly because of the information I learned while watching it and the information I learned during chemistry and physics during my long-past school years. Mostly, it was Tsukihime that inspired this one, as I've been thinking of different ways to utilise spirit energy from a blade. Eventually, I'm gonna figure a very dangerous one and keep it for that selanjutnya Arc of Resurgence. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Ryuuikari commented…
Heehee XDDD man I cinta science... so science-y stuff always resonates well with me XD dangerous ?? Lord help anyone that has to battle this mystery blade !! lebih dari setahun yang lalu
blackpanther666 commented…
I'm thinking of it now... just trying to decide which idea to go with. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ryuuikari said…
Inspired by Shunsui's Katen Kyōkotsu. Enjoy.

Name: Aogamen Kyōko (Blue Screen, Crazy Kid)
Sealed appearance: It has a typical appearance of a Japanese tachi, complete with a circular guard and blue hilt-wrapping. Its sheathe is also blue.
Shikai release: The wielder points the blade at their opponent whilst reciting the command, “Finish him/her/it!” (depends on the gender of the opponent).

Shikai appearance: In shikai it takes the appearance of a Chinese dao with a dark blue tassel hanging from the base of the hilt. On the wielder’s sword arm, a slim-fitting dark blue metal wrist gauntlet forms over their wrist; it has a futuristic digital design with a single circular ‘screen’ in the centre and a clear gauge on the side.

Shikai special abilities: Aogamen Kyōko has the special ability to incorporate video game physics into reality. Anyone that steps in the boundaries of Aogamen Kyōko’s reiatsu is forced to play by its video game rules, thus becoming a ‘player’, including the wielder. Anyone under the power of Aogamen Kyōko receives a clear gauge on their sword arm.

Shikai technique(s):
Rensa Shiai (Chain Game): This core technique restricts players of the game to only be able to perform their specific shikai/schrift techniques once they have achieved a hit combo score of at least 10; upon usage of said shikai/schrift technique, the player must achieve another 10-hit combo to use a shikai/schrift technique again. When a player successfully lands consecutive hits on their opponent(s), in quick succession, their hit combo score increases; the wielder’s score appears on the screen of the wrist gauntlet.

• Chō-rensa: Hijin Senkō (Super Chain: Flying Blade Flash): If the wielder gets a combo of at least 10 hits, this special technique becomes available for use. The wielder makes three slashing movements (in the shape of an asterisk ‘*’) and, at the instant of each slash, it absorbs and condenses the wielder’s spiritual energy releasing three sky blue arc-shaped energy waves at the target. It is a powerful technique with great force.

Hasensō Rensa (Blade War Chain): The focus of this game is for players to achieve as high a hit combo as possible. Each successful consecutive hit a player lands does progressively more damage (i.e. the 2nd consecutive hit does slightly more damage than the 1st hit, the 3rd consecutive hit does slightly more damage than the 2nd consecutive hit and so on). A combo ends if the player’s attack is blocked or if the player takes too long to land a consecutive hit (anything longer than 2 seconds counts as too long).

• Chūdan Rensa (Chain Interruption): A combo breaker technique. If the person can interrupt their opponent’s combo with an attack of their own, their attack receives increased damage equal to the damage they would have received from the opponent’s next hit. E.g. if the opponent was currently on a hit combo score of 10 and the person broke their combo with a sword slash, the person’s attack would do damage equal to a hit combo of 11.

Kiai Rensa (Fighting Spirit Chain): As players rack up combos, the clear gauge on their arm (the side of the wrist gauntlet for the wielder) begins to fill with a red substance. When full, the player gains the ability to release their bankai, Resurrección or Vollständig.

Bankai name: Bōgamen Kyōsenshu (Violence Screen, Crazy Player)
Bankai release: Once the gauge is full, the wielder extends their sword arm forward, blade in hand, and initiates bankai.
Bankai appearance: Bōgamen Kyōsenshu retains its shikai form but the blade is lengthened. The wrist gauntlet now covers up to just below the wielder’s shoulder, still allowing a full range of movement, and the filled gauge now runs along the forearm section.

Bankai special abilities: Bōgamen Kyōsenshu possesses the same abilities as in shikai, but now possesses more techniques. For all players involved, the duration of bankai/Resurrección/Vollständig rests solely on how filled the gauge is; during bankai/Resurrección/Vollständig the gauge gradually empties and, once the gauge is completely empty, bankai/Resurrección/Vollständig is forcibly resealed. This emptying process normally takes anywhere between 3-7 minutes but can be slowed by racking up high hit combos, thus allowing bankai/Resurrección/Vollständig to be maintained for longer.

Bankai technique(s):
Rensa Shiai (Chain Game): This core technique functions the same as in shikai but also prevents specific bankai, Resurrección and Vollständig techniques from being used until the player receives a hit combo score of at least 20; upon usage of said technique, the player must achieve another 20-hit combo to use a bankai, Resurrección or Vollständig technique again.

• Muteki Rensa (Invincible Chain): If a player gets a combo of at least 30 hits, this technique instantly activates, making the player completely impervious to physical damage for seven seconds. After the technique ends, the player must achieve another 30-hit combo to activate again.

• Chō-rensa: Ryūseijin Senkō (Super Chain: Meteor Blade Flash): If the wielder gets a combo of at least 20 hits, this technique becomes available for use. The wielder makes a multitude of slashing movements and, at the instant of each slash, it absorbs and condenses the wielder’s spiritual energy releasing arc-shaped energy waves at the target; the energy waves are dark blue with a sky blue outline. It is a very powerful technique with great force.

Chō Idō: Yobun Seimei (Secret Move: Extra Life): By landing the killing blow through a victim’s Saketsu and Hakusui (or equivalent) the player gains an ‘extra life’. This actually manifests as the player being able to survive and then instantly heal from hits that should be fatal e.g. getting your heart destroyed, but instantly regenerating your heart afterwards. Only one ‘extra life’ can be stored at one time. When an ‘extra life’ has been gained, a black heart-shaped stamp appears on the player’s left pectoral; the black stamp remains even after bankai is resealed or if the wielder dies and will only disappear once the ‘extra life’ has been used up.
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blackpanther666 commented…
Very interesting. I cinta the video game side to it, especially the idea of consecutive hit combos - reminds me of Tekken, jalan, street Fighter and Mortal Kombat... which, I'm sure, could very well have been your inspirations. Were they, oleh any chance? Lol. If the wielder had exceptional shunpo, they would be even lebih dangerous... just imagine Yoruichi with this blade, atau Shunsui... it would be all over, rover. I do have to say, that last ability is sort of overpowered in a very inconspicuous way... I noticed it, nonetheless... wouldn't one being stored at a time sort of even it out a bit? Or, maybe, the opponent, while under the domain of Rensa Shiai, could also get the same bonus? Just a thought. Anyway, I enjoyed this one... it's one of those awesome blades anda don't see very often... awesome, because of the intriguing idea behind it. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Ryuuikari commented…
Hahaha they were XD That would be amazing seeing someone like that with this blade. I would cinta to see this vs Katen Kyokotsu. Hmm upon reflection, it is, isn't it hehehe. Overpowering inconspicuously one blade at a time XDD I like that idea actually, I was struggling with ways to make some of the techniques applicable to everyone under the blade's domain (just like Katen Kyokotsu). Thanks BP ^^ lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu blackpanther666 said…
Name: Hakkou Reiki ('Radiation Aura')

Release Command: Jet out (Funsha auto)

Bankai: Tagenshi Reiki ('Poly-Atomic Aura')

Sealed Form Appearance: This is a normal Japanese-style, except it is a broadsword in this regular form, with relatively few special features - the special features it does have are a fluffy tuft of twine at the end of the handle, plus, it also features a red blade and a pure-silver and steel hybrid metal for the guard, which is a small circular piece between the blade and handle, with nothing conspicuous about it.

Shikai Special Ability: This blade has one special ability, along with the learned abilities of the Zanpakuto itself. It projects an aura of radioactive particles outwards, which affects the opponent in a number of ways:

1. The opponent's spirit energy decreases by 0.05 percent every minute.

2. After five minutes, their skin begins to burn and form keloids.

3. After ten minutes, they begin to suffer symptoms that are more serious - their eyes begin to blur, they rapidly begin to experience nausea and their agility begins to slow, along with delayed reactions and impaired depth perception.

4. After fifteen minutes, they can no longer moved after being exposed to Hakkou Reiki.

5. The radiation affects an area of 200 meters and affects anyone, except for the user. This is not an ally-friendly weapon.

However, this Shikai takes much more spirit energy to sustain than the average Zanpakuto and the user will tire out after prolonged use. The radiation does not affect the wielder, as it is made from the spirit energy of the wielder and Zanpakuto combined.

Kakuba Kuhatsu ('Nuclear Explosion') True to the name, this ability releases a massive explosion, comparitively as powerful as a nuclear warhead.

Shikai Appearance: Similar to Sealed Form. Still a broadsword, but has widened, lengthened, gained a serrated edge and the blade puts off an orange-red aura. Instead of a tassel, the broadsword sports a black chain, measuring approx. 45 centimeters, with a scythe-like blade attached, which can be used as a weapon in times of need.

Bankai Special Ability: Similar to Shikai, but with upgraded effects. The blade can radiate several different types of auras, depending on the wishes of the wielder and these are released by using a release command during Bankai, the release command being 'change'. These auras can affect the opponent, the wielder, or both, depending on which is used. The main, and generally most-used, ability of the blade, is the radiation, which operates under similar principles:

1. The opponent's spirit energy decreases by 0.2 percent every minute.

2. After five minutes, their skin begins to burn and form keloids.

3. After ten minutes, they begin to suffer symptoms that are more serious - their eyes begin to blur, they rapidly begin to experience nausea and their agility begins to slow, along with delayed reactions and impaired depth perception.

4. After fifteen minutes, they can no longer moved after being exposed to Tagenshi Reiki.

5. The radiation affects an area of 500 meters and affects anyone, except for the user. This is not an ally-friendly weapon.

The other auras that can be used vary between bonuses for the wielder and other devastating effects for the opponent. These are:

1. Speed Aura

2. Strength Aura

3. Burn Aura (Where intense temperatures are projected from the blade and follow the same general format, as with radiation, but are specific to this particular Aura)

4. Freeze Aura (Same rules apply as with above and Radiation Aura)

5. Toxic Aura (Same as above)

Gensuibaku ('Hydrogen Bomb') This ability is similar to Kakuba Kuhatsu, but causes an even larger explosion.

Bankai Appearance: Similar to Shikai, but with a longer chain and a larger scythe-like blade attached to it. The aura surrounding the blade changes colour, depending on which Aura is being used at the time.
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Ryuuikari commented…
Great blade man. The Walking Wasteland zanpakuto; this is definitely for the lone serigala only. I've gotta know, could someone like Kenpachi repel the particles with a large enough burst of reiatsu ? Also how long does the wielder have before they get tired ? Final one, is this the dangerous zanpakuto atau are anda saving it ??? lebih dari setahun yang lalu
blackpanther666 commented…
Thanks man. Yea, haha. Yes, if they had a large enough reiatsu they could repel the particles for a while... it would basically be a stalemate between the two levels of reiatsu, until there was one clear victor, but it would entirely depend on whether the user's reiatsu gives out first, atau the opponent's does. They would have between 5-15 minutes, depending on how much spirit energy they have and how powerful they are. No, this isn't it. It's still not a cool enough idea... I'm waiting until I come up with the brilliant, innovative idea, that will destroy everything. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu blackpanther666 said…
I'm still waiting on the idea for the dangerous one... I just haven't thought of anything brilliant enough, or cool enough to be considered dangerous in sort of manner... I want to create a very inconspicuously dangerous power, that it would take a bit of thinking about to understand.
Jester15 commented…
sounds interesting, I'd like to see what anda come up with. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
blackpanther666 commented…
Well, considering how busy I am, I'm afraid anda may be waiting for a little while yet. I do have one that I've come up with, but it is simply a boring melee blade. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Jester15 commented…
thats ok, and besides, melee types can be really dangerous. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
blackpanther666 commented…
Lol. It ended up being lebih dangerous than I originally intended, anyway. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Jester15 said…
Here is yet another one of my zanpakuto, and yes, if you hadn't noticed, i have a lot of free time on my hands.

zanpakuto name: Densetsu no Kishi (Knight of Legend)
release command: Anata no Teki o Uchi Makasu (Vanquish Your Foes)

description: When released, Densetsu no Kishi takes on the form of a rather large medieval knight's sword, the width of the blade is 8 in., and it is 4 ft. in length and is 2 in. thick in the middle, the total length of this zanpakuto is 5 ft. The blade's color is silver with a blue tinting, or light blue silver, which makes the blade appear to be made of sky blue crystal. The guard is 1 foot long and is 3 in. wide and has a blue gem where the blade is held.

bankai name: Densetsu no Eiyū (Hero of Legend)

description: This bankai is similar to Ichigo's, in the sense that it is a small bankai, it keeps the general form it had in shikai except smaller. For instance, the blade is now 3 ft. long, 3 in. wide, and the middle is 1.5 in. thick, and the guard is 5 in. long and 2 in. wide. The total length of this bankai is 4ft. The blade's color has changed form blueish silver to gold, and the gem is now gone. Also the wielder gets a tattered cape that connects over the right shoulder and drapes over the left shoulder, it is colored red on the inside and black on the outside, and it is

shikai abilities:

Warenai Ken (Unbreakable Sword): As the name suggests, the sword's blade can not be broken, no matter what happens this sword can't be broken, because wielders own spirit pressure refines and reinforces it. Which makes this zanpakuto a very powerful melee-type zanpakuto. Also, this ability is a passive ability.

Nōryoku no Kōjō (Ability Enhancement): Once again as the name suggests, these abilities improve certain physical abilities. There are two techniques, the first is called Saigo no Teikō (Last Stand) and the second one is called Hisshi no Jūden (Desperate Charge). Here is what they can do, Saigo no Teikō causes Densetsu no Kishi's blade to glow blue (blue is the color of this shikai's spirit pressure), this means that the strength and power of both the zanpakuto and its wielder has been doubled, increasing the durablity of the wielder as well. Hisshi no Jūden can cause the strength and power to be cut in half, this allows the speed for both the zanpakuto and its wielder to be doubled. Now, here are the draw backs, first, both techniques only last for five minutes, second, after the five minute time limit, both techniques case extreme fatigue and sore muscles, third, if both techniques are used together, then it can cause temporary paralysis from exhaustion. However, the wielder can escape this draw back by activating bankai before the time limit is up.

Maō Tokkō (Demon King Slayer): This attack creates a spirit slash by slashing the air with the blade. This attack can be used in succession causing a barrage of spirit energy slashes. This attack can also be use at close range or long range. This attack has a precise effect, meaning there is no random damage to the surrounding area, only thing hit by this will show damage, this also means its power does not run wild, but instead it's power is focused, which means getting hit by it can be quite dangerous.

bankai abilities:

Enhanced Warenai Ken (Unbreakable Sword): This is, as the name suggests, an enhanced version Warenai Ken. Like before, the blade still can't be broken, but with an added twist, the blade can now absorb spirit attacks (can only hold in 1 attack at a time). This cause the power of the zanpakuto to sky-rocket, its power is similar to that of Ichigo's final hollow form only slightly stronger , however this power only remains for five strikes. After that, the power goes back down to its original level, until it absorbs another spirit attack.

Enhanced Nōryoku no Kōjō (Ability Enhancement): Again, like the name suggests, these are stronger versions of this zanpakuto's two enhancement abilities. Their increase effects and duration a doubled and without the fatigue but it still can't be used repetitively.

Spirit Techniques: Densetsu no Eiyū, unlike it's shikai form, has two spirit attacks, first is an enhanced Maō Tokkō, a.k.a Kogane no Maō Tokkō (Golden Demon King Slayer), which is much more power than the first and it has a golden coloration. The second one is usable only with this bankai, this attack is called Eiyū no Tamashī (Heroic Soul). What this technique does is, at first, the blade to radiate with golden spiritual pressure, and the user's own body also begins to radiate with the same spiritual pressure, and after that, the spiritual pressure surrounding the blade grows and takes on the form of a giant blade (it's a little bit bigger than Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō's sword), but even though it takes on the form of a gigantic blade, it's still just as light as the blade's actual size.

If you guys have any questions, just comment.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu cloudfaroon said…
Shikai:Hano-oji (flame prince)
burn them in your holy fire
Description: takes the form a long staff with crescent moon like blades curving in towards the staff. On the curve of each blade is a spike covered in fire.
Bankai: Kurohano Akumamaru (black flame demon circle)
Top half of user's shinigami uniform is burned off revealing black chains running around the chest. attached the chains on the back is a giant spiked ring with a handle running through the diameter. Linked to the handle are two chains on each side with a sickle attached to each one. Can be placed end to end to create a rod, enabling the ring to be used as a weapon.
Shikai abilites: with every strike of the blades, Hano-oji absorbs reitsu in the form of heat, giving the opponent a feeling of prolonged cold. And with each strike the opponent's weapon or body becomes colder as the battle progresses.
-Mikadzuki Kisai (crescent flames) with a swing of the staff, a stream of fire in the shape of a crescent moon streaks towards the opponent. slightly depletes absorbed reistu.
-Fenikkusuburesu (phoenix breath) user is enveloped in white flames, and healed of all injuries. this ability saps all heat absorbed from the battle to be used.
-Doragon no renshō (dragon's streak) Points weapon at enemy and releases all absorbed reitsu into a lightning fast blast, quicker than flash step.

Bankai special abilty: same as shikai, but Immediately absorbs all heat reisu within a 10 kilometer status, unless wearing a special ring provided by user. As the fight prolongs, the spikes on the giant ring light on blue fire one by one, for a total of 12 spikes. eventually flames will turn black, which means blade is ready for Saishū-tekina gēto: Jigoku no mon. sickles have the same attacks as shikai except, reitsu is depleted at 1/100th of the amount. Ring has attacks based on gates, and can be used to trap opponents in said dimension.

-Dai ichi geto:Fenikkusu no jigen (First gate: dimension of the phoenix) when flames are blue, spin ring clockwise to summon a giant bird that attacks the opponent in a great explosion.
-Dai ni geto: Nanimonai no jigen (second gate: dimension of nothing) once flames turn purple, opens a dimension where black smoke causes blindness, and deafness on contact.
-Saishū-tekina gēto: Jigoku no mon (Final gate: gates of hell) ring transforms into the gates of hell. Once opened, chains wrap around the opponent, immobilizing him. A kushinada's blade impales the opponent and drags him through the gate to hell. This attack physically drains the user's reitsu and must sleep for a long time to recover.

I got this idea out of the blue. the gates are all new. the bankai was originally supposed to just make a portal inside the ring, but my imagination evolved. The user's name is Misaki Kashimoto of squad four. His back story is that he dislikes attention and thus everyone in the soul society believes he just has a regular adouchi except for one member from each squad who also have secretive zanpakuto. When in battle, he erects a kido barrier that appears as whatever the current landscape is. Once bankai is activated he has to have help to hold the kido together.

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Ryuuikari commented…
lol this reminds me so much of a blade I made a while yang lalu to take the piss... link lebih dari setahun yang lalu
cloudfaroon commented…
I'm just glad I found a site where I could share this. I thought this guy up a tahun ago, and even did a quick sketch of the zanpakuto spirit. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Ryuuikari commented…
I remember when I found this site all those years ago... ahhh those were the days ! lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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a little lebih backstory to my character. he is from a secret shinigami squad called the secret 13, which consists of one member from each of the gotei 13, who are very good at keeping their abilities a secret from the rest of the gotei 13. misaki is a kido expert and the group's healer. he is always sure to keep on member of the s13 near to keep is barrier up during his fight. i am considering doing the other s13 member's zanpakuto but that is for another day. as of right now misaki is currently battling a wandenreich member in full volstandigg in his first gate. lebih dari setahun yang lalu