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Whatever anda do don't play Animal selai at 3am! oleh the way, this was not scripted so the acak serigala anda saw in the video... it actually happened! ;P
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The lost RainWing

It all started when the first dragon went missing. Her name was Lavender. No one knows what happened to her, ever her partner, Bright, had no idea what could have happened. A cari party went out looking for her under queen Glory's orders, but being RainWings, they had to stop for suntime. They came back with nothing, not even a scale. After that naga started to vanish, one oleh one every other month, until an egg was stolen from the hatchery. Then queen Glory got mad, real mad. Who would have the nerve to steal an egg, but then again her own egg was stolen, so...
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First of all, if anda think any of these trades are unfair, please don't leave a hate comment, please be polite and say it's unfair and I'll do what I can. So anyway.....

Hey jammers! So today I'll be talking about Animal selai and spiked collars. So many of anda want a spike kerah here, so I'll tell anda fair trades for each color, long and short.

Let's start with short

The claw machine and a short spiked wristband (no black) And add depending on the person
A berwarna merah muda, merah muda atau purple short collar

Beta wallpaper atau flooring, rhino helmet, and a lesser value color short wristband
A short jeruk, orange collar

A long...
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It was Night,
And an Arctic serigala named Sparkle Frozenrose
Was about to go to sleep.
Sparkle saw a strange Yellow glow out the window.
It disappeared after 2 seconds.
She thought she was dreaming, But she wasn't.
It was The Stalker, Magical Killereyes.
She has Bloody stars on her,
Creepy Glowing Yellow eyes,
And berwarna merah muda, merah muda and purple skin.
Sparkle opened the door to see what it is,
But she thought it was nothing.
Killereyes went through the door,
Sparkle screamed in terror when she saw Killereyes!
Killereyes was holding a sharp knife,
About to slice Sparkle's head off.
Sparkle had to lock her den,
It was her only...
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I've been hearing some rumors lately, anda know, AJ is being hacked. Lots of people aren't for sure yet though.
Lemme tell anda the story of what i thought had happened.

It was a normal day, every jammer was being regular.
some berkata 'trust me i wont say yes' and some berkata 'trade atau gift me i was ha' I knew what they meant. i never trusted people like that unless it was my buddy from skype atau kik. I went to my den, i was scared when i saw a note that berkata 'you forgot i was here... iv'e been watching you, and all the alphas...' i laughed a little, thinking it was some kind of prank from a buddy,...
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