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Alice- Alice Kingsleigh

The Mad Hatter- Tarrant Hightopp

The Red Queen- Iracebeth of Crims

The White Queen- Mirana of Marmoreal

The Knave of Hearts- Ilosovic Stayne

Tweedledee/Tweedledum- *The Same Names*

The White Rabbit- Nivens McTwisp

The Cheshire Cat- Chessur

The Caterpillar- Absolem

The March Hare- Thackery Earwicket

The Dormouse- Mallymkun

The Dodo- Uilleam

The Bloodhound- Bayard Hamar

The Jabberwock- The Jabberwocky

"Glossary of Underland Terms"

Bandersnatch- a creature under the control of the Red Queen

Brillig- 4 o'clock in the afternoon the time anda begin broiling things for dinner

Crims- the central...
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