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warriors. kucing
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This Warriors (Novel Series) foto might contain tom, tomcat, kucing, kucing benar, kucing, and kitty.

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HAHAHA!!!!!!! SOO FUNNY!!!!!!
warrior kucing video
warriors video
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Rainwhisker bolted back up the bukit, hill to where Silvertail and the apprentices were standing. "What was she doing?" asked Honeypaw. "Being a mouse-brain." He replied shortly. Silvertail dipped her head. "We should head back. It looks like a big storm." Rainwhisker tilts his head to the sky. Dark clouds are rolling over the sky. "Yes, let's head back." he agreed. Smokepaw and Honeypaw rush ahead and Silvertail stared at Rainwhisker. "What's wrong?" she meowed. He looked away. "Nothing. Let's go." He ran ahead and followed after the apprentices. Silvertail looked over her shoulder. Right, I'm sure...
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Snowy woke up screaming as she felt kicking in her stomach. Her kits were coming! she scrambled out of her den, looking for a discreet place to have her kits. Snowy found one just a bit from her den. The snow was swirling all around her, making it hard to see, but when she looked down she could see her stomach bulging from her pups. she layed down in the snow and got comfortable. She wailed again as her kits pushed harder against her. she howled as her first pup started to emerge. it came out and the detik one started coming too. she brought the first one closer to her. then the detik and...
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this is a vid that i made about Scourge
warrior kucing video
warriors video
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1. Meow, Mew, Hiss can mean many words
2. Sola Can mean when a Leader is angry at someone atau is about to give orders

In Bramblestar's sarang, den a Few kucing gather up to see whats going on Jayfeather goes up see what wrong with Bramblestar. Bramblestar Opens his mouth to see Tooth thats about to come out, all the kucing stare in amazement Jayfeather grabs some pliers and trys to yank.

Jayfeather: Meow Meow.

Jayfeather tried to yank it about of his mouth is won't come out and then waves Bramblestar Around knocking some kucing off the ledge. The pilers failed to Jayfeaths goes to moutains with Bramblestar...
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Path of the Stars


Ravenstar- A sleek dark brown and white tabby tom with navy blue eyes and a scar on his flank.

Redwing- A pale ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Medicine Cat
Darkfur- A dark gray she-cat with yellow green eyes. Apprentice~ Oatpaw

Willowscar- A white she-cat with amber eyes. Apprentice~ Ratpaw
Tigerstripe- A dark ginger tom with black stripes and forest green eyes.
Falconclaw- A dark gray, black and brown flecked tom with blue eyes.
Onyxpelt- A silvery gray she-cat with amber eyes.
Owlmask- A brown tom with white points and tabby legs. ...
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Made oleh piratesailormiss on youtube. Hope anda like it! :) Hope anda enjoyed. Please komentar atau 'like'? It is much appreciated if anda do - I'd like feedback on my first vid.:) Thanks! -the full keterangan is on the actual youtube page-
warrior kucing video
warriors video
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